Hello, from the other side.

happybithdayobaHello, blogosphere it’s me again. It’s been ages I know.

I have been busy doing life at different spaces and levels.

But you are always on my mind

I will catch up with you soon

But for now.



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What color are you grateful for? DAY 3.

It’s the DAY 3, of gratitude challenge. Today’s Challenge is about color. I am a lover of all colors sparkling and bright. But one color stands out for me; Purple! 

Yayy! I am so in love with the color purple, because of the royalness that it depicts. propheticpurplepurple-2


So what color or colors are you grateful for?

Thanks for stopping by.

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The Pictures breaking me!

I had found this amazing photographer who happened to be the younger brother of a dear friend, on Instagram. I just imagined what it would be like to have him to do my album photoshoot.

Then on one occasion I was invited to come perform for a group of women fighting against rape and domestic violence, and this photographer was also invited to cover the event, he did a great job. I knew he would be the one to do my shoot. After the event at the British Council in Lagos, I called my friend and told her I wanted her to help me to talk to her brother.

Well, maybe she did, I wouldn’t know , so I called another friend, by now you may be wondering why I am calling friends and not the person himself- I was trying to use  friendship platform to reduce cost, At the end of the day I had to take the Bull by the horn!

I called the photographer himself and we discussed, the date was fixed, and OMG! I was so excited about it, the photo shoot for my third album, it’s all coming together.

On the day of the shoot, I had woken up quite early, it was as if I was an important appointment, and yes it was very important for me. There was a slight change in the timing but, we still made it. I went with husbandman and my second son.

We got to the venue, a very Porsche studio in Lekki, after going through all the costume I brought, Abu, the photographer, and bossman ,called on his guys to start putting things in order for the shoot while we waited for the Make-up artist who was yet to show up, as it, this time, it was around 4pm and the sons of men were now hungry, we stepped out into a restaurant to grab a bite, and got back to the studio.

I was astonished when I saw a dark-skinned young man, tall coming towards me,he was introduced to as the makeup artist. for real? A man, apparently that was the first time I would see a Man as a makeup artist, I had seen a couple of them on Videofashion,but to have one standing right in my face.

As he was about to start decorating my face I asked him to let us pray, I’m sure he was taken aback, Pray? Just because of Makeup? Yes! pray. I prayed for about 60 seconds and he was on.As he made me up, we engaged in discussion,as I wanted to find out more about him. I found out he is a creative art major in one of the prestigious college of technology in Lagos. He finished the makeup and it was time to get into the business of the day- The shoot proper!

“Take a comfortable position, chin up smile,and the sound of the camera shutter,clicking away per second, he must have taken a zillion shots, then I had to take another shot with the guitar,now that one was quite tedious, because he wanted me to sing and play the guitar at the same time, he wanted me in my natural state, and I just wanted to pose.

After several attempts, the guitar episode ended and I was to change to another costume, on and on we went, and then the final shot by the pool.

By the next day, He sent me two pictures and OMG! I was blown away by what I saw,it was absolutely beautiful before I could respond to him I saw what he wrote on his Instagram page about me and the photo session I couldn’t help the chills and the tears as it flowed down my eyes.


some of the comments made by the photographer that got me tearing up, 


I decided to put up the picture on my facebook wall,and that was it. The comments have just been pouring in like crazy! excuse my language. Little did I know that there will be so much response, not just any response, in those feedbacks, I have able to clearly hear God’s thoughts towards me.


I have never had such reactions in all my “social media” life and even though I am much of someone who pay particular attention to the social media frenzies, This one has been overwhelming and it like a sign for me. I am just too grateful to God.


I am beautiful, saith the Lord.


An incident occurred yesterday which confirmed to me, that the photo sessions and everything taking place at the moment in my life, God is involved. I was at a women’s conference on Saturday( a story for another post), and yesterday evening I felt a nudge in my spirit to write an appreciation note via text, to the convener of the conference. I was struggling with doing it, but I am learning gradually to respond to the nudging of the Holy Spirit without debate.

So I sent a text, a long one indeed, and just a few seconds later,The woman  responded and told me, about how she had seen my picture on facebook earlier yesterday,and the Spirit of God asked her to tell me,” You are beautiful” That was no coincidence at all , It was God ordained .

I became more aware of myself, and the beauty of the Lord that overwhelm me inside and outside.  Thank you, Lord, for loving me and for making me aware that your thoughts towards me,goes beyond what my mind can fathom.

He is thinking great thoughts about you as well!



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Photos by :@abusalamiphotography . You can also read more of the comment.


Ask and you shall receive-Personal

AI made a booking several weeks ago to have a photoshoot session as part of the last stage of production for my album project. Which I have been working on for sometimes now. I was given an appointment for the second week in July , which means this week.

Before or after booking the appointment for the photo sessions, I had a nudge to put a call through to one of my friends who happened to be a  fashionpreneur and a style consultant. She had styled me on one or two occasion way back. So I called her around June but she was out of town, and she told me she would be around the first week in July.

Of course, I had forgotten about our discussion until late last night, when I was trying to figure out my costumes and accessories for the shoot. Immediately I sent her a message that she told me she would be in town about this time. She didn’t reply the message so I didn’t bother.

It was this morning,that she finally replied that she had been working on the house since she returned and she’s been busy and all that and all that. I wanted her to style for this particular shoot,but as at today ,I thought it was too late to ask her to style me with some of her African design which flows well with my brand.

What do I do o? I ask myself, “should I go ahead and ask or should I just forget about it and make do with what I already have.” I summoned courage, the worst she can tell me is No! that is better than not attempting at all. And what if she says Yes, I wouldn’t know until I ask.

I send another text  to respond to her reply and told her I wanted her to sponsor the photoshoot with some of her signature design. Her immediate response blew my mind she said ,Yes that they were closing down the clothing line and moving on to greater heights, and as a result of the closure ,all the clothes have been in sales, and there are just  a few left.

She said I can come to the boutique and pick whatever I like of the rack, really? I ask, and she said yes again.  “Can I come right away”? ,I asked and she told me another yes.

Off I went to Allen Avenue, where the boutique is located and I met with the manager,and told her to call the madam. She did and my friend to her to attend to me ,I should pick any style I like.

Long story short, I was changing from one style to another looking for the perfect fit,and the end of the day, I was had about 3 different dresses- African fabric meet

king for the perfect fit,and the end of the day, I was had about 3 different dresses- African fabric meet uber style for my photo shoot – Free of charge! I didn’t pay a dime. If I was to pay I would have spent about 30-35,000 naira on those dresses.

What is the moral of this story?

Sometimes when you have a nudging to ask someone for help or assistance, you are scared or afraid of been turned down,and because of that, you never get to ask again. That happens to me.

The scriptures says,

Ask and it shall be given you, seek and you will find;knock and the door will be opened to you. For everyone who asks receives……

For everyone who ask , receives! How profound is that? another passage of the Bible tells us that the reason we don’t have is because we are not asking,and when we do ask we ask for the wrong reasons.

Like I said earlier, I had that impression to ask her about a month ago, and when I found out she was out of the country I forgot about it. Until  Last night/ this morning when I had that same impression. At first, I didn’t know how to ask her outrightly to give me some of her designs. So I ask if she could sponsor the shoot by styling me.  She gladly supported without stress.



Trying out one of the outfits in my lobby-SIMPLE &CUTE AFRICAN DESIGN.




Lessons Learnt:  Don’t  limit your possibilities with a closed mouth.

Don’t be afraid of what people might think or say when you ask for help or assistance.



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It’s all coming together.

It’s all coming together

like a jigsaw puzzle

The bits and pieces

It’s  making sense gradually

It’s all coming together

The birth pangs and pains

of a virgin in labour

The pain of restlessness

when there is so much

yet so little expressed

The frustrations of a weary writer

The teary eyes of melodious harpist

so much of blood ,sweat and heat

but it all coming together

Though it hardwork

But it pays off

when you don’t give up

Sometimes you feel flat and dry

but then ,the gush of adrenalin

And you never want to stop

The river of creativity flowing

It’s all coming together

Through persistence and much resilience

Dont hang up now

Before you  know it

when you look back

from the otherside of purpose

You will realize

That it all came together….. afterall!

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Photo of the day!


A couple of weeks back I stumbled on an old cd collection, containing pictures of my early years starting off  as a professional musician. The cd actually contained the behind the scenes of my first music video way back 2002.

It brought back a great feeling of my journey from then and now  in career and ministry at the same time. Almost 14years after, a lot of things have changed but the mandate remains…..Making a divine statement with an African signature!

#Throwback #Stillinthegame #beingaboutmyfather’business #beingOBA #aintnostopping#pressingontolayhold


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We ! – A dose of TLC.

05-20-2016 20-57-30.PNG

Come Lay with me

Just lay

with nothing to say

Let’s soak it all in

Take a deep breath

Watch the blue sky

Forget the other side

Come lay with me

Side by side


Let the sound of the wind blowing

Be  music to our souls  playing

The melodies connecting

As two heart rhythmically flowing

Our hearts beating as drums within


As we lay side by side

hand in hand

With our backs to the ground

Looking up to the sky

As we watch  the angels

Write our love song in melodious tunes.


That’s our story

There goes our story

Which the world can’t define

Two hearts beating as one

With no spoken words

But  a lot of speaking

Loud in silence.


Two are better than one because they have a good return for their labour.

Above all love each other deeply……


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Again! I Choose You.

I seat in the bathroom, one of my favorite space to get out of my skin and be in sync with me.

There I sat and  I looked straight in the mirror.

There you are once again with that beautiful smile.

Did I ever tell you that your smile brightens me?

I look into the mirror and right into your eyes

Your dark brown eyes tell me the stories of your life

They shine through the experiences you’ve had

Your eyes tell me there are more adventure and conquests ahead.

So once again I choose you, to continue the adventure

You are my heart and my strength

You represent my vision

You arrange direct and orchestrate my songs

You are  an embodiment of my thoughts

You are my language , well articulated with clarity

You walk my walk, talk my talk

You do my dance, and how I love our dance.

You tell my truth

You tell my stories on a daily basis

Through the fears and many doubts

The anxieties and uncertainties of life

You remind me of who  I am

And what I am here for

You call me fearless

The Nubian  with a fearless heart

Even in my fearfulness

You remind me of me!

Thank you for being me!

Again, and again, I choose YOU.

When Diligence is tested!

The greatest need of ability is responsibility- Myles Munroe.

Every human being ,came to this earth realm pregnant with potential each one of us have a tremendous capacity to analyze,compare,produce,but the ability is useless until it is programmed and demands are made on it.

I have had series of the moment when I am been called upon to do some things impromptu, such moment was that of my recent travel with the Mr to the Holy land.

Though I was not on the handbill as one of the performing artists,there was an opening that was available,and when the convener of the tour came up to me, I was able to rise to the occasion and I ministered all through the morning sessions save one. On one of the mornings, There was no musical instrument to complement the singing because we had just moved from Nazareth to Jerusalem, the night before.

With no instruments,and almost cracked voice I had to take those morning sessions, For some musicians, that will be a “no’ since there was no backup music or vocals, but I have been trained on how to minister to the audience with or without the basic instruments.

The impact of that was more on my already cracked vocals,that I had to take a day off, but in the end, it paid off.

I learnt through that experience that,

*You should always be prepared, you never know when there will be a demand on your ability.

*Just because you are not in the limelight, does not mean you are not relevant to the cause. Do that little task with the greatness in you.

*Never allow others success hinder you from taking steps forward.

*Someone is watching you who is capable of blessing you.



Pro 22:29

See a man diligent in his work, he shall stand before kings,he shall not stand before mean men.


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My weekend rendezvous.


The weekend was quite an interesting one,Celebrated with a dear friend turned 40. She had a small get together for friends and family.

I went to give her support and show some love. Some of my escapades on motion. 😀

That moment when you’re feeling so fly #supermom#ilovemystyle. 😀


My friend Fabulous at 40.
Striking a pose after Church.
A merry heart

A merry heart is like Medicine…..

Rejoice and be glad this week…deliberately and Intentionally.

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