The Songwriter In Me.

I came across this questions from the Independent Music Advice group.

*What is your personal definition of success in the music Industry?

*Where would you be happy to reach?

I know the word “Success” is relative because your definition of success is obviously different from my definition. I am still trying to answer these two questions in all honesty.

As I attained one level of accomplishment in my music career, I find that there is still room for more. Because of this, No matter the heights attained now, there is still a greater space yet again, if I don’t get to that height for whatever reason, I will always cherish the freedom to write,without hindrance, and be forever grateful for the natural flow of creating music to touch lives.


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Blank and Proud!

Here is my heart as blank as blank itself

Will you scribble letters to last a lifetime of bliss

Or will the pen in your hands remind me of the pains to come?

Here is my mind please don’t confuse my thought

For after you’re gone

A million bucks  won’t be enough

On the blank cheque left on the tab.


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In response to  the One word prompt Blank

Mundane Monday



Mundane Monday is all about seeing beauty in seemingly insignificant or mundane things around us. I saw this collection in a shop in Jerusalem months back . I was quite fascinated by the different arrays of Toy Men.

They look quite handsome in their different outfit, don’t you think? 😀



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Monday In the Mix.

Welcome to an exciting Monday, a great week of Superb accomplishments- Living,Loving, Laughing and Giving no matter how big or small.

No matter how everything turns out today,and even this week. Remember God got your back.

keep calm




Have a blessed week ahead.

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Random Musing #34.

It’s about 10 midnight,and just thinking and writing down a piece of my mind, I came across something from one of life coaches-Jeff Goins.


Greatness requires self-awareness.

Grreatness thrive in a challenging environment

Greatness requires intrinsic motivation.

In conclusion, you don’t have to be special to feel great, you sure need to work hard at it.


Pause and Think

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This resonated with me, I had to share with y’all !

Oluwakemi Toluwalase


I was constantly looking for change in my life by viewing everything with the same mindset. I was caught in the battle between the reality I perceived and the reality I exist in.

Most times this is how we handle our situations.

We spend most of our time on things we don’t want to adjust when things begin to shift and move in different directions just because our attention has been struck for long,

Now we may be living and breathing but we are constantly reaching to past hurts, past disappointments, and past circumstances despite how things are constantly changing.

Recently I noticed the pattern in my life – situations continue to arise over and over again even after I believe they have been resolved.

I was reacting to my current life situations with past events still playing in my mind every day. I was not trusting now because I had…

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Kindness breeds Gratitude ;Kindness Challenge #3

Kindness Energy is the act and art of showing empathy,generosity to oneself, and others around. Showing love and receiving it at the same time. I think ever since the kindness challenge it is helping me to be much more conscious of the Kind Energy around and within.


About three weeks ago my Mother-in -law had surgery  and as a result of that she has had to be recuperated in my house, despite the fact my husband is not her first child,He is no3 in the siblings line up, but the responsibility of nursing his Mum back to full health has been thrust to us. You can read about it here.Kindness Challenge 1- Self-kindness.

Been conscious of the virtue of kindness, This week my Neighbours came to say thank you for a kind gesture towards their daughter a few weeks back. We had to declutter the house and get rid of a few things that were no longer needed, as a result of that I had to dispose of all my sewing machines and other sewing accessories because I had not used them in about 3 years , it was taking up so much space.

I had this young girl of about 16years of age who wasn’t doing too well academically, and I decided to mentor her, and when her parents said she wanted to learn the art of tailoring/fashion designing, I was able to give her a headstart. She enrolled somewhere around the neighbourhood and was already doing fine.

In the process of decluttering, I called her to give some machines worth thousands of naira, she was not the only one, two other women got one sewing machine each and some fashion catalogues and sewing accessories.

Fast forward to this week, the girls parent visited my house for the first time and just to show their appreciations,they started praying for me , and my children , my entire family.It felt good to hear their heartfelt prayers, which reminded me of the passage in the book of Job 29:11-17.

I see kindness Energy exudes all around me over and over again, learning to be appreciative of little things, and also going the extra mile to just put a smile on somebody else,is such a beautiful feeling.

I draw a great lesson on kindness and kind energy from Heb 6:10

God is not unjust;he will not forget your work and the love you have shown him as you have helped his people and continue to them.


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Random Musing #32.

05-26-2016 14-18-32

My meditation in the early hours of yesterday took me to Psalms 121-125.

As I got Psalm 124, Now, I have read this chapter over and over again.  I read it again yesterday morning and the 8th verse just kept recurring

Our help is in the name of the Lord

My help is the name of the Lord, not in my husband’s name

My help is in the name of the Lord, not in my friends’ name

My help is in the name of the Lord,not in the economy, or in the president of my Country.

My help is in the name of the Lord, What is/are the name(s) of the Lord?

Do you know the name of the Lord? Can you share some of them?


Pause and Think

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