Khadijah is well…

The joy and excitement of her conception couldn’t be contained for the newlyweds’ lovebirds.

It’s the proof of their undying love for one another.

The birth of that precious baby girl in the wee hours of the morning got the whole family extended celebrating all week long.

That blue-eyed, pinky little girl with such great smile with such a promising future- so they thought.

The event that unfolded afterwards would shatter every ray of aspiration for the child, especially for the parents.

Why should it be us?

Why should it be Khadijah?

will she be able to lead a normal life?

Many questions, yet no answer.

Sixteen years down the line, the big hole in her heart has left a void almost impossible to fill.

Hey, it looks as if help is here

From borders least expected

Help from a strange land,

strange culture and differing beliefs

What awaits this beautiful personality behind enemy lines

Is an assurance of a wonderful future after all

Maybe she will get a second chance at life

To live her sweet sixteen fantasies.

The reality is here

That girl with a deep perforated heart is doing very well now



Incomprehensively Inscrutable.

Unstoppable Enigmatic personality

wrapped in the tapestry of life’s unfolding

The manifold mystery of the holder of the Universe

layered in this earthen vessel……

You dare to explain me?

I bet you can’t

I am……incomprehensively Inscrutable.sun and moon




Angels Song.

I heard it first

Twas while I slept

I heard it again

Could it be a dream

Woke with a song

In my head

and resonates in my heart

The thought brought me peace

They said Angels sang to me

So I awake to sing

sing the peaceful ……ANGELS SONG.



IMG_20160404_074551  In response to Ronvan -write-weekly-haiku-challenge SING AND PEACE.

(c) OBA@Thekingsoracle2018.

Baby Steps…Silhouette.

My darling little baby

Innocent little mind

gradually grasping life’s tiny details

Becoming aware of his environment

The light went out suddenly

I noticed his fears of the dark

under the flash of a torch

surprised to see his shadow

the beautiful image

Yes his first silhouette

The silhouette of his self-aware

cast directly upon the walls

directly upon my heart.

baby step silhouette

(c) OBA@Thekingsoracle2018.

In response to the Daily promptSilhouette

Life’s rhythmic interludes.

Hello, blogger world.

I know it’s been like forever, but we are back!

The last one year or so had been filled with so many rhythmic interludes in my life. But I am excited to be back here to gradually get my writing groove back and catch up with all my blogger friends.  I hope to share some of those rhythmic interludes in the days ahead.


Until then,

It feels good to be here again

Se dada le wa?

Translated: Trust you’re doing well.

(c) OBA@Thekingsoracle2018.