Distorted Vision,Restricted Movement.

I just needed to revisit this post from my archive. Very apt for the moment in time.

OBA- TheKingsoracle.

IMG-20150810-WA0004Every man was born with the potential to live an extraordinary life. That life can only be realised when you become clear about what your life’s vision is all about. when you become aware of God’s purpose and vision for your life,then and only then,will you begin to experience CHANGE. 

Why am I not living the extraordinary life? Do  I really know my life’s purpose? Is there a vision for my life? These could some of the questions you have been asking yourself. In as much as I do not consider myself as one who knows all the answers,I have found myself asking these same questions over and over again. In the quest to know exactly why I was placed on this side of eternity, I have discovered that there are so many reasons, but I am going to emphasis on one or two with this post.

Many times in…

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#Sisterpower-The Birthing Stool.

celebrating womanhood

I am a strong advocate for the woman with respect to coming to the fullness of everything about her. Celebrating her grace and virtues, honoring and saluting all forms of courage displayed by the special breed-Woman!

I had the opportunity to be at  a conference over the weekend, I had seen the advert for the conference on the social media, so I went ahead to register because the convener and one of the speakers for the event happened to be women that I had started gravitating towards.

The day came, and I was dressed in white with a touch of gold,that was the dress code for the conference- I got into the hall and it felt so pure and heavenly with the sea of women in their white apparels in different styles, the interior decor of the hall and the sparkling lights in sync with the atmosphere was so surreal.

I began to experience the unusual as soon as I walked in, the first speaker was already on stage and before she went on into her discuss, she blew the shofar, that  was a significant moment for me.

One after the other all the speakers took turns and made deposits into other women as God gave them utterances. However at the turn of the third speaker,there was a shift,and that shift was indescribable, at some point while she was speaking she told us -the audience to face the other person and just speak words to one another.

The lady sitting next to me was trying to avoid the eye contact, as the speaker told us to look into each other eyes and speak life, As I tried to look into her eyes she’ll turn and look elsewhere and look back at me again, it’s not easy looking into the eyes of a stranger,because at that point in time that was all we were -strangers sitting together.


white apparels
Cross section of  Women in White!


That strangeness soon change as everyone in that hall,glittering in white apparels and gold,woman to woman,we held one another’s hand and we started to pray one for another and the prayers intensified,and the intensity increased, and the prayer language changed we began to groan as one in labour yes, we were in labour. All of a sudden we began to pray out the mind of God for one another with accuracy and clarity.  Because of God’s presence that was evident in that atmosphere, He gave us the enablement to “stand in the gap” and bring to the earth realm what had long been hanging!



Midwives- SisterPower.


Sister power

Sisters with power

Unbeknown to us

Our eyes lurked

As we held hands

Speaking life

strangers we were

With a common goal

Here on the birthing stool

To take the delivery

Of that precious child

We each carried for too long

With the help of the midwives

Saying Push!

Push correctly!

This is your moment in time

Chin down your chest

Now push, they screamed

I’m too tired, she cried

The pain is too much

For me to bear

Then the midwife whispered in her ears

Holding her hand tenderly,

We are in this together.

With the warmth from her midwife

And the joy of seeing her baby

She pushed one last time

Oh! the sound of a crying baby

Destiny was birthed

On that stool

With such SisterPOWER

Sister power so pure

so true, it goes beyond

class and status quo

This power is beyond age or degree

Sister power that levels from all end

for the sole purpose of PURPOSE

So that heaven’s investment

Is not a colossal loss.

Sister power endowed by our Father

For strange works of righteousness

In the earth realm

Breaking the chains of affliction.

Sister power divine enablement

For impact and Influence.

#Womensupportingwomen #Womenmentoringwomen #conception#delivery#wombman

These article and poem are a dedication to all the women supporting  other women in the realization of their God-ordained destinies. #ROTH2016 #Bidemi Mark-Mordi #Mayokunoreofe#Annamccoy#Lindawallace . #Winningwomen #warriorwomen.

I celebrate you all.


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Pictures courtesy: ROTH Crew.





Random Musing #52.


What you have in your heart informs what you do.


Pause and think

OBA2016@Thekingsoracle. All rights reserved.


We are the music makers ,and we are the dreamer of dreams. Authur O’shaughnessy

Music can change the world because it can change people.

moment in2015


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The Pictures breaking me!

I had found this amazing photographer who happened to be the younger brother of a dear friend, on Instagram. I just imagined what it would be like to have him to do my album photoshoot.

Then on one occasion I was invited to come perform for a group of women fighting against rape and domestic violence, and this photographer was also invited to cover the event, he did a great job. I knew he would be the one to do my shoot. After the event at the British Council in Lagos, I called my friend and told her I wanted her to help me to talk to her brother.

Well, maybe she did, I wouldn’t know , so I called another friend, by now you may be wondering why I am calling friends and not the person himself- I was trying to use  friendship platform to reduce cost, At the end of the day I had to take the Bull by the horn!

I called the photographer himself and we discussed, the date was fixed, and OMG! I was so excited about it, the photo shoot for my third album, it’s all coming together.

On the day of the shoot, I had woken up quite early, it was as if I was an important appointment, and yes it was very important for me. There was a slight change in the timing but, we still made it. I went with husbandman and my second son.

We got to the venue, a very Porsche studio in Lekki, after going through all the costume I brought, Abu, the photographer, and bossman ,called on his guys to start putting things in order for the shoot while we waited for the Make-up artist who was yet to show up, as it, this time, it was around 4pm and the sons of men were now hungry, we stepped out into a restaurant to grab a bite, and got back to the studio.

I was astonished when I saw a dark-skinned young man, tall coming towards me,he was introduced to as the makeup artist. for real? A man, apparently that was the first time I would see a Man as a makeup artist, I had seen a couple of them on Videofashion,but to have one standing right in my face.

As he was about to start decorating my face I asked him to let us pray, I’m sure he was taken aback, Pray? Just because of Makeup? Yes! pray. I prayed for about 60 seconds and he was on.As he made me up, we engaged in discussion,as I wanted to find out more about him. I found out he is a creative art major in one of the prestigious college of technology in Lagos. He finished the makeup and it was time to get into the business of the day- The shoot proper!

“Take a comfortable position, chin up smile,and the sound of the camera shutter,clicking away per second, he must have taken a zillion shots, then I had to take another shot with the guitar,now that one was quite tedious, because he wanted me to sing and play the guitar at the same time, he wanted me in my natural state, and I just wanted to pose.

After several attempts, the guitar episode ended and I was to change to another costume, on and on we went, and then the final shot by the pool.

By the next day, He sent me two pictures and OMG! I was blown away by what I saw,it was absolutely beautiful before I could respond to him I saw what he wrote on his Instagram page about me and the photo session I couldn’t help the chills and the tears as it flowed down my eyes.


some of the comments made by the photographer that got me tearing up, 


I decided to put up the picture on my facebook wall,and that was it. The comments have just been pouring in like crazy! excuse my language. Little did I know that there will be so much response, not just any response, in those feedbacks, I have able to clearly hear God’s thoughts towards me.


I have never had such reactions in all my “social media” life and even though I am much of someone who pay particular attention to the social media frenzies, This one has been overwhelming and it like a sign for me. I am just too grateful to God.


I am beautiful, saith the Lord.


An incident occurred yesterday which confirmed to me, that the photo sessions and everything taking place at the moment in my life, God is involved. I was at a women’s conference on Saturday( a story for another post), and yesterday evening I felt a nudge in my spirit to write an appreciation note via text, to the convener of the conference. I was struggling with doing it, but I am learning gradually to respond to the nudging of the Holy Spirit without debate.

So I sent a text, a long one indeed, and just a few seconds later,The woman  responded and told me, about how she had seen my picture on facebook earlier yesterday,and the Spirit of God asked her to tell me,” You are beautiful” That was no coincidence at all , It was God ordained .

I became more aware of myself, and the beauty of the Lord that overwhelm me inside and outside.  Thank you, Lord, for loving me and for making me aware that your thoughts towards me,goes beyond what my mind can fathom.

He is thinking great thoughts about you as well!



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Photos by :@abusalamiphotography . You can also read more of the comment.


Random Musing 51.


Your most authentic self is not in who you are but, in who you have the potentials of becoming.

Keep Pushing

Keep Going

Keep dreaming.

Never give up

Your life is beautiful.

Jer 29:11.


Pause and Think


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In the Morning…

Until the day star rises in your heart…..In the morning!

OBA- TheKingsoracle.

Ain’t no need to worry

what the night’s gonna bring,

It will be all over

In the morning.

This is my encouragement to you out there my friend,

You may not know how, you may not understand it all

Go on ahead and sleep over it,

It will be all over in the morning

Because the sun will shine anew,

It will be a breath of fresh air,

The dark sky will give way

To a sparkling bright cloud

It will all over in the morning.


OBA 2016@ The Kingsoracle.

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