Flavour !Hmmm!! Mouth watery !!!.

Flavour!! Hunger! Mouth-waterying Relishing Delicacies Hmmmmm.

Though I am  not so much of a foodie.

I took a trip to Jerusalem,and fell in love with vegetable salads and in between.

Twelve days all i ate was veggies,grapes, fresh olives and unleaven bread.

There my love for greens,herbs and spices was fan into flames of  flavourfuls.


Came back home,my kitchen changed for good.

With a little help from food network,

My boys will say “mama,well done.

I saw the connection with  Food,Flavour and Family.

Now I can see a fresh bond when we sit at the table.

Mouth-watering banga soup from southwest of Nigeria. I love!
Mouth-watering banga soup from southwest of Nigeria. I love!

The aroma from my Kitchen, as  I mix,and garnish and sauteed my dishes

Gives me a glimpse that I am a working progress

In the hand of the Masterchef-God

So I can give sweet aroma,even when my life experience is bitter-sweet

That the fragrance of my life from heaven’s kitchen

Will make someone desire the delicacies of the Master

That can only be served through the one, who willingly yield.

What’s my Flavour?

Sweet and Spicy! Hot and Fresh, Salt ‘n’ Pepper, Grilled ,baked,cooked and everything in between.

A table for 2,3 or more. Join my Table.

You just got served 🙂


Writing 201: Poetry Day 8



In My Neighbourhood.

I awake every morning

To the sound of the Bike men(okada riders).

Riding along my crib

Men and Women already awake

Ready to hit the street.

Okada riders in my hood.
Okada riders in my hood.

There goes the Children

Uniforms so different

Day and boarding Students

Right behind my crescent.

School Children walking the street.
School Children walking the street.

The shops already opening

Time to do some shopping

A loaf of bread and coffee

with creamy chocolate toffee.

Typical local shop in my hood.
Typical local shop in my hood.
Our local Market.
Our local Market.

There goes the little lad, Gabriel,

Good morning ma, He shouted

In my “not so serene”but cool neighbourhood.


Writing 201:Poetry Day7.



Everywhere I see Faces,I see faces everywhere.

All around me  His glory shines,His glory shines all around me

O what more can I say?

Yes Something about “Found Poetry

Better yet Poetry found ……ME


You sure gave me a “huller” task.


Writing 201:Poetry.Day6.


Life Is A Journey.


Life is a Journey.

Here i am .

In this unfamiliar terrain

But His word in me Remain.

Sometimes i want to go

Going through the motion

Other times I am just black and blue

With no clue to what to do

I cry out Lord, “what lies ahead?

He said, girl! “It’s in my hands.

So I lift my eyes to the Hills

Hoping to hear His voice sweet.

“Dont wait for the storms to pass

Jump in and enjoy the ride.

Don’t grumble through the rain,

Buckle your shoes and aim,

It’s time to rain dance.

I will walk you through the journey, Take my hands and cross the Sea.

If you trust me

I will lead you to your Destiny.

To the Lord who holds my map and who’s my compass.

I don’t want to stray from you Lord

Lead me !


Writing 201: Poetry Day 5.


Brown Skin, Skin deep.

The sun kissing my skin,naturally Sun-tanned.

Ebony black queen. Comfortable in my Skin.

No need to be you

Oh! what’s the use

I am comfortable in mine

Just so you know I don’t lie.

The scars marks my stars

History lies on my skin,

You see the scars on my skin

Are signs of where I have been.

The scars marks my stars

My skin’s history equals my great victory

My beautiful brown skin

The true essence of my being.


Writing201:Poetry DAY3.


Inspired by the freshness of life itself

Armed with the strength of a stallion

Music in me- a gift to my world

Mine to share to spread the love of the Godhead

Unconventional is the style He wrapped me with

Soul-lifter is what the people call me

Influencing,inspiring others for the greater good

Come fly with me on the wings of the music-Heaven smiled on me.

©OBA .2015/10/06

Writing 201: Poetry DAY 2.