Contentment in an insatiable world #2.

This is a follow up to my post Contentment in an unsatiable world #1.

I sat down to do my usual morning routine which involves the meditational reading of the scriptures,and I happened to be reading the book of 1st Timothy 6:1- 21. As I read and meditated I couldn’t help the questions that kept coming to my mind.

How do you find contentment in a world like ours where there is so much craving for more of this and more and more of that?

How do you explain  your contentment without been seen as one without the drive to accumulate?

Godliness with contentment is great gain! #selah!

Contentment is a state of happiness and satisfaction when you think about all that you are grateful for,somehow you feel a sense of contentment,but you may not necessarily be happy,especially when you know that there is room for more and the capacity for “greater” has been imputed to you.

Therefore you are willing and ready to press further and further within the confines of your ethos and value system out of reverence and obedience to God,without harming or causing havoc for your fellow neughbours. I believe this is part of the central theme of this chapter in question.

Contentment isn’t so much of a kind of happy, I believe it is more about a peaceful ease of mind based on your compliance and faith in God, which makes you not to be envious or jealous of someone’ else journey,rather you celebrate them as you also celebrate yourself where you are, because you have a deeper understanding that the road map you have is completely different from others.

Despite the fact that you admire their achievements and trophies of the journey, it is not a do or die affair for you to want to live another man’s life or another man’s dream.

Here is my submission at the end of pondering and meditating;

Godliness with contentment is great gain… is more like enjoying who you are,and what you have,on your way to where you are going according to the blueprint and plan of God for your life.


Let this mind be in you as it was in Christ Jesus.

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Contentment in an unsatiable world #1.



Have a great weekend.

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Wisdom Wednesday.



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Leap Over The Barrier Called- FEAR!

Last Sunday, I had the privilege to go minister at a Youth Church, I remember waking up with so much excitement,as I prepared myself, even my men could tell, that I was in a particular zone, as I just loved on myself and spoke words over me.

Two things brought that excitement; One I am always excited whenever I get the opportunity to stand before young people, it just gets my adrenaline bubbling-I am passionate about the future generation.

Secondly, I was beginning to embrace my calling and office with so much confidence lately,because God in His infinite mercies,will consider using an unqualified knucklehead like me,for His GLORY.

The better Understanding of my “Inchargeness” borrowing the words of my Coach is still at work in me.

As we got to the venue of the program, I was all the more overjoyed as I saw  those young ladies and young men lifting up their voices in praise to  God. The atmosphere was already electrified with the youth loving  the Lord in worship unhindered.

It was now time for my own slot on the program, as I began to sing, the spirit of  prophecy came over me, and I began to prophesy,as I  sang,to a point that I was now trying to resist the flow of the prophetic,  The more I tried to resist, the more it flowed.

There was a particular young lady in the course of the ministration, that the Lord directed me to speak over, as I did what He told me to do, I picked her from where she was to another side of the room, specifically to the choir side, that was where God wanted here to be.

Two days , later I got a call from the Pastor who had invited, and she told me things that had happened with that young lady with respect to her assignment in the youth church prior to the Sunday program, to confirm that Indeed all that happened at the program was all God’s idea- She said to me,’Please don’t be afraid of whatever God tells you to do,just comply. That was a huge encouragement for me because I know that the office and grace of the prophetic is a sensitive and delicate office.

I began to seek the Lord’s face because in recent times I have noticed the intensity with which I have been operating in the prophetic,which has subtlely created a kind of fear, As I prayed  He said  softly to my heart, “Understanding the prophetic”.


He began to show me through scriptures and other resource materials,How I shut down the streams of the prophetic dimension out of fear by the following;

  • Feeling unworthy or good enough to prophesy
  • The anxiety that I may get it wrong. Heb 5: 14b say something about been trained and maturing as a result of constant use. If you don’t train, how will you mature? Maturing does not mean you will get it right all the time.
  • Hesitating to step out for fear of appearing foolish or stupid, i remember saying to God as I was ministering on Sunday, that I was invited to come and sing,not to start pointing at people and begin to say,”This is what the Lord is saying”.
  • Being afraid to step out of my comfort zone which is sing and make melody to God and the people, I have been reluctant to get into that space where he shows me and tells me things on the spot. It is sometimes uncomfortable!

Fear is a thief and a powerful tool of the enemy to rob us of fulfilling our God-given gift and ministry assignment, it almost robbed me on Sunday despite the initial excitement of going to be a blessing to the people, and it would have also robbed the people of benefitting from the grace of God  on one’s life as well.

It robs the church of being built up as a result of using one’s gift, and it is also a disservice to God when it robs Him of the glory that is due to him alone just because you step out to share a message from Him.

When the pastor called and gave me the testimony of that young lady, I knew it was God encouraging me to always respond to his nudging out love and reverence for Him, and also out having compassion for the people he has sent me to.


Matthew 25;25, tells the story of one man that hid his talent because he was afraid. Fear robs us of total fulfillment when we bury the capacities deposited in us to have influence for God’s glory in the earth realm.

It’s so amazing when you hear what the result of your yielded-ness has done for other people, despite and in spite of the barrier the enemy try to put in our face.

I am still in the process of becoming more and more bold in this particular office of the prophetic, But I can say that my confidence in Christ has taken another height,especially now that He is still taking me through the dynamics of Understanding the prophetic in this season of my life.


This is an encouragement for someone like me struggling to give full expressions to the grace of God on your life out of fear of Identity, or Intimidation or whatever

Whatever the face of that fear may be wearing,pull down the mask today, For God has not given you the spirit of fear, but the spirit of love, of power and a sound mind.

And you shall receive power when the Holy Spirit comes upon you. The power to leap over barriers, especially the barrier of Fear that may want to cripple your walk and work with God.

Isa 43:5

Do not be afraid, for I am with You……


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There is something in the house.

No matter how scanty or scarce things might be or look like, there is always something somewhere in the house.

History has a countless record of ordinary people who found something out of their seemingly nothing situations and became world-changers as a result of that.

This reminds me of the story of that widow from 2kings 4:1-7, She was in a dire situation which looked bleak and seemed like help was nowhere to be found. Her husband just died and she had just found that they had become bankrupt all of a sudden, and now the creditors were threatening to take her sons as lawful captives… least until she can pay up all the debts.

You know the whole story. Often times we think we are in a barren ,bleak place without hope of productivity, but if you will just look within and around you, and you find that there is still something in the house, that can be used to propel you and those around you into a place of relevance and significance.

There is something in the house, either a skill,ability or talent , you have something that God has deposited in you to make an impact and to bring glory to Him.


You may be feeling stuck and controlled by the circumstances  around but God has a great plan to lift you out of that despondency,because there is something in your house, He wants to turn the little insignificant skill,talent into a big deal so that you can actually be an extension of His goodness and love on this side of eternity.

There is something in the house,anchored in  the purposes of God for your life,and because He knows your address,He is ready to turn that ‘little or nothing’ into much when you trust Him all the way.

There is something in the House, Look up to God ,to show you what it is and where it is,and watch Him multiply it as you put it to use.



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Believers Under Construction.

Obedience ought to be the default mode of every believer.

What is your obedience level?



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Resolving or Managing Conflicts.

Conflicts take place every day, it is a part of our everyday life and that is because in our day to day activities we interact with people, in the course of our interactions we find that our interests varies, and differs from one people to another.

The differences in opinion often lead to  bitterness, heartaches,broken relationships, divorce etc. We  know that conflicts are often marked by disagreement.


Like the Bible says

Can two walk together, except they be agreed. Amos 3:3,

The issues that escalate into wars among nations are most of the time, the results of unresolved conflicts. Conflicts don’t just happen, they are as a result of many factors interwoven and interplaying together, top

the list of these factors is a breakdown of communication.

Before an argument can morph into conflicts,there are about 3 stages that it would have passed through.

*There are opposing views

*Attacking the person/persons  with the pertinent opposing views

* Which leads to frustration and over time lead to terminating such relationship.

When we understand these stages in conflicts situation, it becomes very easy to truncate conflicts and prevent them from degenerating.

Unresolved conflicts affect can cause lifetime havoc, if not checked and deal with immediately, it can  deter one’s progress,cloud your future and it can terminate dreams.

There is an old German saying,

A wise man will never look for who is wrong;rather he deals with what is wrong.


The only way we can resolve conflict situation is to  confront it head on.

Matthew 18:15-17

If your brother or sister sis sins, go and pointout their faults, just between the two of you. If they listen to you, you have won them over……if they will not listen take one or two others along….

From the above text, here are ways that we can tackle the issues of conflicts.

  1. Make the move to resolve the conflict, take the initiative. Don’t wait for the other person, be the first to make the move.
  2. Avoid getting into arguments all the time.
  3.  Willingness to listen
  4. When you are wrong, admit it and apologize
  5. Learn to forgive and be tolerant, even when you are the offended party.
  6. Involve a third party when the issues get out of hand  and you can’t resolve alone.
  7. Pray for wisdom to handle differences, and peace in dealing with people.
  8.  In the worst case scenario, when it looks like the resolution is not possible, learn give space to the party involved.


Sometimes, it seems easier said than done, but when we totally yield total control to God, he gives us guidelines and wisdom to handle difficult situations and difficult people.

Remember He told us, that as much as it lies in our power to follow peace with all men.



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Also in response to Tuesday trickles with JACKIEOBYIKOCHA



A life governed by principles!

Life is governed by principles,and when you align yourself with the principles of life you will definitely succeed. To be successful at what you do is dependent on your adherence to the principles that governs what you do.

I recently enrolled for an online course , PURPOSE UNIVERSITY,which is an online platform for the discovery of purpose to be able to live life powerfully!. In the second Module of the course outline, the coach drew my attention back to the purpose of creation.

I went back into the scriptures to search and to understand Genesis Chapter 1 in its entirety, focusing on Gen 1:28, as I read and meditated on that, I decided to check Gen 1:28 in other translations. What I found in the  Amplified version was mind blowing:

And God bless them, and said to them, Be fruitful,multiply,and fill the earth and subdue it[using all its vast resources in the service of God and Man}……

I began to ponder this question in my heart,

Why is it so important to God, that man must have rulership of the Earth? 

I mean what’s the big deal with “Be fruitful, multiply and fill the earth…..

Go back a few verse from that verse 28, A Scenario is illustrated where the Trinity in Council were holding a meeting-

The sole purpose of that meeting was to  replicate the dynamics and operations of the Heavenlies in the earth realm, in order to  succeed in that plan, they will have to replicate a type of the Godhead who will have the capacity to operate in the space that had already been provided.

A representative of the Godhead with a spirit, soul, occupying a body suited for the Earth Space, who will be able to communicate unhindered in the spiritual and the physical realm interchangeably, with the ethos of the constitution -Be fruitful,multiply, fill the earth ,rule ,dominate etc.

Now you know what happened afterward, how the principle was violated and truncated by deception.

The man was given the power and position of leadership from the beginning of creation, now it does not matter,whether  you are the president of the United states of wherever, or you are a father of Seven, or you are the stay-at-home mum of 3. Every one of us has been equipped with the capacity to lead and succeed in a given parameter called “principles”.

The guidelines or code of conduct was to increase and fill the earth( your circle of Influence,using all the vast resources in the service of God and Humanity, it doesn’t matter how people may want to explain it away, The God-factor is a vital part of living a life of principle.

Many people in today’s world are in a hurry to get things done, In a hurry to “hit it big”, forgetting that there is a principle called Time/Process, and when you try to violate the process, it backfires at you, affects not only you but everyone in your circle.

08-05-2016 09-41-28

When you leverage on principles to achieve success, it is no longer a matter of chance.

An example that comes to mind is the story of the Hebrews Boys . Daniel 1. Because of the principles they held on to, they became influencers in a foreign land compared to their counterparts. They knew who they were and made up their minds not to be subjected to what was trending in their days. Their decision to stand out was not based on material acquisition but an eternal conviction.

How to distinguish a life governed by principles:

In today’s world where everyone is trying to run the Rat race, and be like the Joneses, Their is cry to return back to the basic , to understand and begin to fully live lives with true conviction,and not try to conform to the latest facades and trends,the deception been served all over the place in the name of “success”

A cry to be fruitful,and multiply in every sense of it, how would you be able to distinguish a principled lifestyle .

*You know that true success involves process and process is spelt as TIME.

*Your sense of worth and self-esteem is not based on the accumulation of “things”, but from within, knowing who you are.

Real success begins from within, like one of my mentors, Sam Adeyemi ,Success Power International says;

First within, then without!

The value of a man is not in the price of the suit he is wearing, the Louis Vuitton Bag does not define a woman of class either. The more you obey principles of life through God , the more fulfilled you become.

*A life governed by principle is a life committed to personal development- The capacity to use our instincts based on knowledge application is what makes  a man”Homo sapien” different from animals.

A human being without knowledge, however, will behave like an animal! Living by principle require development through Information.

A life governed by principles focus more on Giving than on Receiving. 

Even the bible say, “It is more blessed to give than to receive. If we go back to our reference in Gen 1:28,  The injunction says ‘using all the vast resource for the service of God and Man. The keyword is SERVICE!

A life governed by principle takes on responsibility-

Because you know that principles guarantee success,as you apply the basic principles of life ,you become a solution provider, problem -solver for others, You begin to use your gifts to benefit others around you.

It does not matter, if you don’t have a popular name, when you begin to solve issues  in your sphere of Influence, You become an essential tool in God’s hands to meet needs  for others.

Christ lived an exemplary life governed by Principles, In his less than four years assignment on the earth realm, he walked circumspectly in those principles, He became our example. He was proactive in his dealings, and lived a balanced life!

Little wonder, Apostle Paul wrote about him, in Philippians 2;5-11, starting with this statement that has become my favourite tagline.

“Let this mind be in you as it was in Christ Jesus:


A life governed by principle must live out Genesis 1:28, in the service of God and Humanity.


Happy Weekend Ahead,

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Good Good Father.

Happy Father’s day to all Fathers, and fathers in the making. Fathers are great treasures.

It such a great blessing to have Fathers  around us. I am grateful to my Heavenly Father.

He’s always there, even when the earthly fathers are nowhere.

Thank you my heavenly Father.

My God , My father

He has engraven me in the palms of his hands

I am more precious to him

Than the flowers of the garden

Good good father

He knows my name

He knows every strand of hair

On my head

He who colors the lilies in the field

Colour me beautifully

He is a good good father

He calls me his own

Why should I worry

Why should I fret

He knows all my needs

He supplies per time

My Good Good Father

He cares

He knows about my struggles

He sees each tears falling down

He’s aware of the trivials that gives me

sleepless nights

Always whispering ‘calm down’

I got this

I got you

He is a good good father.

Even when I turn my back

rebel and disobey him

He’s my Good good father

Loving me beyond my faults

My Good good father

He knows all things

He sees all things

He is perfect in all his ways

A good good father

It’s who you are God

You love me forever

It’s who I am.

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My coolest boo- Happy Father’s day darling Moi!



This thoughts was Inspired earlier today in church , as my darling Husband gave a beautiful rendition of Chris Tomlin’s Good Good Father. In celebration of Father’s Day.

Random Musing #32.

05-26-2016 14-18-32

My meditation in the early hours of yesterday took me to Psalms 121-125.

As I got Psalm 124, Now, I have read this chapter over and over again.  I read it again yesterday morning and the 8th verse just kept recurring

Our help is in the name of the Lord

My help is the name of the Lord, not in my husband’s name

My help is in the name of the Lord, not in my friends’ name

My help is in the name of the Lord,not in the economy, or in the president of my Country.

My help is in the name of the Lord, What is/are the name(s) of the Lord?

Do you know the name of the Lord? Can you share some of them?


Pause and Think

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Learning to live a life of purpose

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My Christian identity--Reclaimed.

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Let's work together to overcome PTSD, panic, anxiety, depression in ourselves and others.

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