Farewell, farewell,farewell

It’s been fun while it lasted.

Though I hate to say goodbye

I know we’ll see soon by and byfarewell2

We meet to part 

And part to meet.

Until our part cross again 

On this pedestal,

Farewell, beautiful soul


Writing 101 Day 10; FAREWELL



Radio Graffiti.

Today’s prompt @atownend -Graffiti.


Graffiti, Graffiti

Either writing or drawing

Illicit or legal

Splashes of  colours

All of over the wall,or

In the public places

Is this pure art

or rebellious acts



                                                           kinda sound like Gravity,

Universal force exercise by two bodies,

The artist and the wall=Graffiti expressed

Sometimes resonating political messages,

Or social menaces,

Resounding through and through 

For all to see and feel,

                                                                           I can hear radio graffiti 

    Within the hip hop Culture, 

A Universal theme song,

                                                That may or may not be sung,

An art form trending today,

Contested within our  race.

Graffiti O  Graffiti

Why so much contention within your expressions.


They make me go hmmm!!

There he is right in front of me.

With his glasses on,and the gadget

In his hands.

He makes my heart skip a beat

Its been a long journey together

Who would have thought?

We’ve had our share of troubles

Loving, living,laughing together

Sharing,caring,crying together as well.

Two different lifestyles

Two different ideals,

Two hearts now beating as one.


My crowning  glory, my sweet love.



They came into my life 2 years apart,

I hear people ask me,’are they twins’?

They turned my world upside down 

and downside up.

With these precious gems

I learnt what motherhood really means

Wonder and Wonderful, my sunshine 

Lately we fight argue,I guess I am yet to 

Comprehend that my sweet little tots

Are  gradually becoming valiant men

Right before my eyes…..Behold my beloved.



Fruity Loom.

She walked round the tree

fascinated by its beauty

A quick hunger sets in

She could tell by the rumbling 

In her tummy.


I must not eat it

It looks delicious

Her mouth salivates,

Who says you can’t, he whispers

Little did she know its venom.

She grabbed a bite,and now

Here we are in the fruity loom of lies

Caught in the web of Fallacy.

Writing 101 a poem a day.

@jdoublep. Thanks for the prompt.

Illogical nonsensical fun-Fallacy.



Fallacy Falsity.

I check today’s prompt

What do I see ? 

Fallacy! hey what’s that?

Now I am confused, nonsensical fun

OR funny nonsense.

Oh I see.

Wait a minute! wait  a minute!!

Did someone just say false belief!


I thought I had happiness

But inside was loneliness

I never knew Love could be shining on me

I never knew love could be smiling on me.

Falsity gave me away

I think I am enjoying the ride.

WRITING 101 A Poem a day.


Every seconds.

31536000 seconds makes a year!


Today,I celebrate 1356048000 seconds here in the journey of life

Papa told me,years later!

“Daughter,a few seconds to your arrival

was the few seconds to my departure.

But within a split seconds,I remember 

The pinky little cutie lying in her mother’s arm

And I thought to myself,would I deprive this baby

The joy of knowing her father.

1356048000 seconds later here I am,

And Papa still with me.

Thank you for every second you stayed Papa.


Sleeping Royalty

                 Sleeping royalty I am,

            Cuddle in the comfort of the sheet.

No don’t mess with my Sleep

              When I am transported yonder

Nothing else matter.

Sleeping royalty, enthroned in my daydream.

.sleeping royalty

Writing 101 a poem a day. DAY3


Image credit: Google.



Writing 101:  A poem a day.

Lately I find myself been distracted

I awake as early as the morning dawn

Yes in my heart the morning Song

But you my knight I find no time

It’s seem your love notes are now boring

I mean,I read them over and over

Oh how I yearn to break the norm


Now here I am, O Morning Star

              I am staring into the books

Yet again,I cry from my heart,

              For with you is the fountain of life;

                    In your light I see light?

                                    In you I see me.

                                    The radiance of your beauty

                           Reflects,expressed through this clay.


                                                                                                           Beholding as in a mirror,

                                                O let me reflect your love 

                                                                 To a dying world

                Not asking too much, but in my little way

            Can I still reflect you?

       Even, when I don’t feel or look like much.

      Reflections Reflections o shining star,

  Show the world through me ,Lord.

OBA 2015

In fulfillment of Writing 101;A Poem a day

Magical weekend.

The past weekend was really the best weekend of my life

I watched as my baby brother walk down the aisle with his “other half”

                        It was really magical.

I watched as my mum and dad,filled with joy overwhelming 

walked side by side. 

What can be more magical than for parents to see their children grow

                                                                                              into adulthood.

Families and Friends all gather together

oh what an awesome sight,

The magic that brought everyone together

Some of whom I’ve not seen in years.

Loving,laughing,sharing,reminiscing about childhood days,

This past weekend was magical in every sense of it all because 

Mayowa &Busola brought everyone together.

In Fulfillment of Writing 101. Day 1.

My name is…..


My name is ,my name is…….That’s one of the lines from Eminem songs from wayback. Music has become an intergral part of my existence. Music gives my life meaning. It is food for my ever longing soul.

Music helps me speak when words fail!.

Here are some of my all time compilations.


  1.  Were were-by yours truly OBA
  2. Moved by you-India Arie
  3. Walk on water-Mali Music
  4. Power of One-Israel Houghton&the new breed.
  5. U.N.I.T.Y-Queen Latifah
  6. Grace-Tasha cobbs
  7. No gray-Jonathan Mcreynolds
  8. Mr .Telephone Man-New Edition
  9. A rose still a rose-Aretha Franklin
  10. Son of God-Nathaniel Bassey
  11. Eyo-Asa
  12. Golden-Jill Scot.
  13. Darktown strutter’s ball-Ella Fitzgeralds
  14. Richard Bona.
  15. Soulbird Rise-India Arie.

            Music was my refuge.I could crawl into the space between the notes  and curl my back to loneliness-Maya Angelou.

Do you have an all time favourite Song? I will love to read about yours too. ❤

Writing 101:Day 15