Commitment precedes resources.

Do you find the Old Testament books hard to read sometimes? I do! My favourites books in the Old testaments are the Psalms, Proverbs and those other ones that are poetic in nature. I tend to read some of those a lot.

As a practice, I have a daily habit of reading 5 chapters of Psalms every day for the whole month and I repeat it month after month, I got this from Christian Artist  John Chisum who came to facilitate a seminar here in Lagos about 3 years ago. 5 psalms a day and in 30 days you would have finished the book of Psalms, and you can repeat the same pattern all year round. I THINK YOU SHOULD TRY IT.

So I am shiting gear to study the person of Ruth, the book of Ruth is quite short and the story is quite intriguing. I know that my posts in the coming week will have a bit of the “Ruth influence” in it.

I know you are familiar with the story of Ruth and Naomi, so I won’t really bore you with the long story, but there are divine principles that lurked with the chapters and verses of the phenomenal book, that can not be overlooked, these principles can be applied to our day to day living.


Ms.Naomi and her husband and their two sons, went to a foreign land for greener pastures, while in the land of sojourn, the inevitable happened, The husband dies, the sons died, now Ms.Naomi is left with two women, who are now widows like her.

Well there is nothing to look forward to in this foreign land she might have thought to herself, so she decided to head back to her home country since the young women were daughters of the foreign land, it would be better they stay back and start life all over again, after all they are still young and beautiful, they can still remarry! As for mama Naomi,”aint nobody got time for that”.

The other lady, after much persuasion, decided to stay back in her home country, but Ms Ruth declined, she won’t stay back, she is going wherever mama Naomi wants to go!

She had lost her husband too, there was no reason for her to hang on to the family name again, especially when it is the mother in law suggesting that she finds her way to a much better life. She made a firm resolute to go where her mother in law goes, and whatever her mother in law does she was ready to do.

ruth and naomi 2

Little did she know that her commitment to stay will lead to all kinds of open doors not just for her, her mother in law and even many generations to come- The result of her commitment made her be in the lineage of the Messiah, who would have thought that a Moabitess, a complete stranger would end up being a great-grandmother to the saviour of mankind.

Commitment is one of the strongest keys to achieving any form of success, in life, in marriage, business, friendship, and all other feats in life. Without commitment, nothing worthwhile and tangible can be achieved, when there is no commitment, there will be hesitations, uncertainty and doubts, but once you resolve to commit to a mission or task, things begin to fall in place.

I started writing a new book last year, but somewhere along the line I lost the book about halfway into finishing the first draft, it was as if I wanted my whole world collapsed. where would I start from? I wanted to give up on it, but the passion burning my heart wouldn’t let me. so I made a commitment to start all over again, As soon as I resolved that, doors started opening, I enrolled in writing classes, got a mentor to help me with accountability and now, the writing is even much better than what I had lost initially, I also learned how to keep my writings against any kind of loss.

The key is to commit –Commitment- the moment you commit, God moves on your behalf and a whole streams of events begin to flow to your advantage, Just like it happened for Ruth.

All manner of unforeseen events, incidents, meetings, people and material assistance that you never thought could happen -begin to occur, when you commit yourself totally and unreservedly.



The lad spoke #SoCS.

socs badge

I am here laying on the bed it 12 midnight, the lad just finished been breastfed and back to sleep. what a life?

He doesn’t have to worry about anything at all. All he is concerned about at the stage of life is eat, sleep, giggle, cry for attention and that’s all. How I wish life is actually that easy.

As I fed him, I actually felt he spoke back to me saying,” mama, life is all that you make of it”.


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A man like mine.

A man like mine

fine like fresh wine

from the vine

Le boo

in suit

decked up to toe

he’s just a bloke

I can call my own.

A man after God

Ordained and called

To bless his world

to which I belong

My crowning glory

a part of my story

doing together better

fifteen years after

through the thick and thin

the good, the bad and in between.

blessed with valiant men

A man like mine

fine like wine

from the vine.



It’s not his birthday, I’m just loving my le boo, poetically today!


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For your own peace, stop the following!

It’s a beautiful Thursday morning, the boys are back to school, so there’s this unusual quiet around the house, except for the little prince, it just the two of us playing house as the husband is out doing what he enjoys doing -Work.

It took a while to get out of bed, as the young lad is still on breastmilk, eating round the clock especially at night till the early morn, often leaves me flat out hungry and tired.  As I tried to get myself out of bed,  I had to get started on the check my phone for messages, emails and all kinds of stuff, I am really trying to stop checking my phone first thing in the morning.

peace of mind.

One of the things that get me aggravated is some of these WhatsApp groups. Some of them can be a pain in the neck.I have tried to get myself out of some, I  succeeded in some, others I am still working on, nevertheless, most of them have truly been beneficial.

Some of these groups or the people who added you, into the group most times expect so much from you, I remember one of them that I exited not too long after I exited from the group the lady that added gave me a call and was asking so many questions that I wasn’t even in the best frame of mind to answer.  You see the biggest source of emotional suffering comes from expecting too much from others.

Most times the fault lies with us, expecting too much from friends and family is only asking for trouble, we make unrealistic demands, and when such demands are not met we get angry and that often times severe the ties that bind us together.  That’s one of the loopholes I have discovered in some of this groups, in a bid to have common ties, they sometimes become a nuisance. So how can you manage such relationships and space?


Everyone is different and each of us, have our own social and moral and cultural beliefs. Don’t expect people to do the things you consider to be the right thing to do, even if they do it doesn’t mean they agree with you. Remember you are raised differently what seems to be the “right” with you, might not beseeming right with others. Focus on your beliefs and morals, don’t force yours on others.


You will agree with me that there is a certain feeling of validation you get when people seem to agree with you, you become comfortable, but when the reverse is the case, you get anxious and uptight. It is pointless and really harmful to entertain such negative energy when people don’t angry with you on some grounds.


Afterall you are not perfect either, I think it is safe to always expect that the best of men are men at their best, that way when they fall short of our expectations of them, because they will, just like you and I, We are not too disappointed. Try to be satisfied with the best you can get from others because we all have our limits.


Don’t waste time explaining yourself to others, I used to do that, what matters is you do understand yourself. if they don’t understand you, it doesn’t make you less a person that you are. Quit explaining yourself to others.


Monday Motivation. #mind your language.



It’s another beautiful Monday, and I love Mondays. Today I am reminded of the importance of words, especially soft words in the face of a conflicting situation or argument. Over the weekend I had a rather harsh session with my teenage boy, and out of my anger and frustration, I said a word I shouldn’t have said at all.

Immediately I became very remorseful, and almost at the point of being very hard on me. for the life of me, i wouldn’t have imagined myself referring to someone with that word let alone my son, but I did, and didn’t find it funny.

Though I apologised to him immediately, for a while I still felt beat down, here I am always telling him and his younger brother to be mindful of the words that say to each other and to their peers as well, I am the same person violating the command…  A case of practice what you preach!

I felt like I had failed them by saying that word, but afterwards I had to juggle myself out of the thought, because I knew if I continue to linger in that remorseful state , the enemy might want to take advantage and actually make a big deal out of it, if you know what I mean.

There was more to me just saying the word, it came as a result of the state of my heart , over time I had allowed  my anger to take root, and not exercise self control with respect to my parenting skill, and if you are like me, with 3 boys to deal with, sometimes you don’t even remember anything called self-control. when it comes to discipline and leading them aright. I guess Mom is still a working progress afterall, and the fact that i am mommy does not mean I am super -holy, far from it.

Despite the fact that the power of life and death lies in the tongue, as we have seen from scriptures, it takes the grace of God and a deliberate consciousness to be slow to speak in the world we find ourselves today, therefore we must at all times be mindful of the words we speak especially to our growing Children  . if you cant keep your cool in dealing with them, neither will they, especially when they are attaining that age of accountability and taking responsibilities for their thoughts and action.

Having appropriate control and response to our emotion is a lifelong human challenge, not just for teenagers or children alone. Therefore it is important to always go to God and His word in order to respond appropriately per time and by discernment, so when I was having my time alone with Him this morning while looking at the perfect law of liberty I knew that He was lovingly reproving me for my outburst the other day.

There is no relationship that will not have issues at what point or another, but one of the strongests weapon for managing the relationship and people skill is knowing how to communicate effectively to minimise outbursts, anger, wrath and all the in betweens, even in parenting too. I realized that my apology to the young Man immediately I uttered that word to him, and my remorse showed him something about His MOM, that made him to come back to hug me, saying, “Mom, I’m sorry I made you angry in the first place”.

I was also sorry for not being able to control myself too, may be if i was a little bit gentle , the response would have been different. But I know better now, that a gentle answer turns away wratrh, but a harsh word stirs up anger.

Lord help me to be control my emotions in the face of an imminent outburst. Teach me to be slow to speak and slow to wrath. Help me to a good model of a self control woman to my immediate environment.

So help me God!


Sands of Time… #writephoto.


Step by step

On the sands of time

I left my footprints

Going forward to towards the shores

I see the sea whirling, waiting

Standing on the tip of shores, let my feet be swept

by the wavering waters

maybe then I will forget

the pains of walking on the sands of time

waiting for my time to come

To shine brightly like the sun

kissing the waters of the sea

showing a beautiful reflection

of my travelling bliss on

the sands of time.

Let’s take a long walk

by the seaside

watching the birds flying

chirping, and making melodies

while the earth mingle with the waters

and the clouds a witness to natures intermingle

on the sands of time, where I left my footprints.



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Like a mother, hen incubate her chicks

So I see God keeping us under his wings

to keep us warm, as we develop and muster strength

For the assignment of life.

Sometimes we just want to run off because it seems life is passing by

Not knowing we run the risk of being exposed too early with little or no ability to confront challenges.

So will you allow Him to keep you warm and help you grow as He incubates you?




Random Musing #65

Some of the best things in life happen unexpectedly in spite of failed plans.

 Why worry about the future? Live in the moment.

Do now what you think will make the future better.

Great things will happen!

Expect it.