Photo of the Day.


Beautiful scenery from the City of David.

Hevenu  Shalom Ale’chem.

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Partners at Playzone.
partners in mud and love.  Dead Sea Mudlovin’
me & my bae


We arePartners.

The Weekly Photo Challenge.

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Day 4: 3 Guys and a Girl!

It’s day 4 of the June 1-30 challenge, with Kathleen. Today’s challenge is to present a photography of anything with the number four.

My theme is La Familia:

Here is my submission #3guysnagirl.


This was taken after the video production of one my songs .
DSC_9693 copy
3 guys and a girl with our green theme. check out the big smiles ehn!



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Photo of the day!

These pictures were taken by your truly as we entered the City of David, in Jerusalem. I couldn’t resist the urge to capture these beautiful views. The splashes of colours are just too irresistible for me.

Do have a peek and tell me what you think 😉 My attempt as a #newbietravelphotographer .




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Yellow Pops out, on the menu tonight!

Welcome to my Kitchen. I made something sumptuous for dinner tonight. We love Boli- Roasted Plantain, In my house. Boli is a common street food/snack in Nigeria. It is so delicious and really filling. Most times it is eaten with nuts(Groundnuts).  This evening,I added a twist to my roasted plantain dish.

I made vegetable soup along with it. I was fascinated by the yellow popping that I had to capture it.

Here is my second entry on Pop and Color!

Join my dinner table 😉

Popping  yellow roasted plantain boat stuffed with vegetables.
The mixed vegetables garnished with Ponmo and Diced Chicken.


Ponmo- Cow or Goatskin ( A delicacy common in the Nigerian Cuisine.)


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Big Ideas in cute packages!

Day 7. The theme today is BIG with a great point of View.

I decided to showcase my idea of big using the platform of my Children extra-curricular activities.Today is their “Career day” enjoy this mind blowing big ideas going somewhere to change tomorrow.

This is an array of the next BIG IDEAS FOR TOMORROW’S WORLD. 

Check out that cute learned fellow over there#Lawmaker extraordinaire, and the beautiful next Big thing in the Health sector.  we also have the array of bankers and accountants  in black suits. The Engineers are also stepping up their games check out those cool yellow helmets.

Ladies and Gentlemen, a standing ovation for these great giants, tomorrow’s big idea in cute packages…

Though there beginning g  may be small,their latter end shall greatly Increase!


On a lighter mood, as I sat down to upload my pictures, I got excited by this point of view of my handbag and keys while lying on the table, I just had to press the click button . what do you think? 😀


This one  here is beautiful POV! :-).


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High Definition Solitude -Photo101

The theme for today’s Photo101 is Solitude and the rule of third. With the excitement of the newfound baby HD Sony. I stepped out of the house to catch me some fun with the Camera.

Check the little animals I found all alone in a world of their own. I tried to play with some colour separation, I am a fan of Black/White. I used it with the birdie theme.



This little soul bird was just by herself belting out some beautiful tunes.


Then she turned to me to wiggle her tail 😀
Check out this angle with the lonely Agama on that wall!
I like how its tail protrudes down that wall
This is my favorite shot- Hello lonely lizard 🙂
*pictures by OBA*


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D.I.Y Camera clicks away.

I have always been fascinated with the world of photography, One of my out-of-box-goal for this year is to enroll under someone to learn the art of photography.

I believe in the power of the camera lens, it can produce magical moments with any objects.  After Registering for Photo101 on blogging -U, I tried as much as possible to get myself a better phone so that at least I can use the phone camera to do the course. I can’t afford to buy a good camera now, so much on budget plan.

I know my hubby bought an HD Sony ZEISS lens a while back, but we hardly use it, except for my son-Gods wonder who uses once in a while to record himself sing or talk-He likes to do presentations like that.

So this morning I search for it, found it and I have been messing around with it all day! I am the only one at home so I have been climbing on the gate to get angles for shots.. what Photo101 will cause ehn!

I ended up taking some shots of playing around with the camera, and I thought to myself, let me look for a USBcable and try to connect with my laptop maybe I will be able to get it uploaded on my laptop.

Lo and behold, I got the pictures uploaded on my laptop and now here they are:



This colourful flower is planted in my house- I can’t remember the name, but I hear its medicinal.
I took a horizontal shot with the camera. I love the yellowish details as it pops up in  the picture.

This is the entrance to my apartment, My aim was to capture the Iron barricade protecting the glass door. 😀
This last shot was taken from a vertical angle.

Lesson learnt:

Don’t be afraid of doing something new, even when it seems you don’t have a clue. You passion and desire will help you find a way through it.

Now I am going to be carrying this HD camera all about town. Photo101 just got pimped. 😀


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Water has no Enemy

A famous music legend in my country, Fela Anikulapo Kuti, sang a song many years back

Omi o lota o

Water e no get enemy

Translation: Water has no enemy.

Water is an essential part of life, all over the world in almost all works of life water like air, is second nature. We drink it, we cook with it, we clean with water. We do everything with water.

Can you Imagine life without water for hours?

Today’s photo prompt is about Water and its Orientation. I was almost giving up on the task when I suddenly realize that I took some pictures a while back and water scene was my theme.



Eleko  beach resort on Lagos Island.


Photo shoot session on Eleko beach for my music project.


The splash of the water on the rock and the sound made this particular pose beautiful for me.


And then on one of the holidays, My sons took some swimming lessons, I captured that memory with my phone camera.


God’s wonder and Wonderful taking swimming lesson with Mr. Frank.


They both enjoyed the swimming lesson.



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My Street,my hood!

It’s Day 2 of photo 101, I really need a good camera before this class is over!

In the meanwhile, I will make do with what my phone camera can produce :). It’s been a long day with no electrical power supply, that’s my Lagos story for you there. Well, I got someone to fix the generator and now I can settle down and do some work….at last.

I did this task with my son, I ask him to take a walk with me down the street and these are the shots we came up with.

Enjoy my street, my hood 🙂

That's my son posing in the background.
That’s my son posing in the background.
The woman with her small shade.
The woman with her small shade.
more views
more views
I think I got the view of the sun about to set with that aerial view :-)
I think I got the view of the sun about to set with that aerial view 🙂
Well I had to climb a huge pile of gravel to get this one.
Well, I had to climb a huge pile of gravel to get this one.
This view here I had to getthe permission of the agent at this construction site.
This view here, I had to get the permission of the agent at this construction site.


The agents told me I had to have my hair covered to take some of these shots from the building under construction….because it’s a church building!


our roundabout
our roundabout
another beautiful sunset view.
another beautiful sunset view.
Finally,that's me and my co photographer. my darling boy.
Finally, that’s me and my co-photographer. my darling boy- Gods wonder.


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