Tips on Writing Song Lyrics For Beginners

Hello Everyone, It’s #MondayMusic&Me. I found this helpful tips from a blogger friend and just wanted to share with you all,especially the beginners . Have a good read.


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Songs aren’t made miracles. Songwriters spent years  learning how to create good ones like the ones we hear over the radios and concert halls. But it costs quite a lot. So as an aspiring songwriter, myself, I’ll teach you some very important tips on how to write a song.

Tip #1 : For a beginner in lyrics writing, before anything else, create a title. The title should be interesting and not widely used so you can make your own signature as a writer.


Be as creative as you are for your title. Because it’ll be the first thing people will know before they’ll listen to your song. Be it unique, be it original. Do not stick with the usual, think out of the box.

When I decide for the song title, it’ll take me 15-30 minutes just to decide for it. Do not be surprised if with that span…

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We are the music makers ,and we are the dreamer of dreams. Authur O’shaughnessy

Music can change the world because it can change people.

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The Songwriter In Me.

I came across this questions from the Independent Music Advice group.

*What is your personal definition of success in the music Industry?

*Where would you be happy to reach?

I know the word “Success” is relative because your definition of success is obviously different from my definition. I am still trying to answer these two questions in all honesty.

As I attained one level of accomplishment in my music career, I find that there is still room for more. Because of this, No matter the heights attained now, there is still a greater space yet again, if I don’t get to that height for whatever reason, I will always cherish the freedom to write,without hindrance, and be forever grateful for the natural flow of creating music to touch lives.


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Jacob,You&Me, We’re All Limping!

Hey now, it’s a little deep


I’m tired,broken,innocence stolen

And I know I’m a different man

See life hits,and life hurts

Think I’ve seen some of life’s worst

But you’ve been here ,so you understand


See I failed and I broke something

But I couldn’t tell,cause I kept running

Away from your love and grace

So my trips,and my pains

My failures,thy only make

Me desperate ,to seek your face.

The devil hoped this injury would make me stop

And take defeat, but I know Jesus walks with me

So I’ll just keep on walking with my

Limp,limp,limp,limp,uh huh…… (Lyrics from JonathanMcreynolds Limp).

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Music makes the world go hmm!

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This beautiful Lady played a warm melodious tune from her  Harp right at the entrance of the Jaffa Gate leading to the infamous Jaffa Market. I was drawn to her as she played the instrument effortlessly while anyone that cares dropped a coin or a note!

I thought to myself, “The power of music unites and connect people instantaneously.

Music makes the world go , hmm!!

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Is It harder for Women in the Music world?

Hi everyone, it’s #MondayMusic&Me. This time, I’ll be focusing on women and challenges in the music industry.

Let’s start off with a quick little exercise. On a piece of paper, off the top of your head (don’t think too much about it), list ten great songwriters or musicians that you know. Now look at the list.How many women do you have on it? Maybe one, two or three?

If you ever had the chance to witness a music festival or concert or even see the lineup of artistes performing, the ratio of female to male performers is usually low.

It can be arguably said that male artistes are usually regarded more seriously than their female contemporaries. Just head on over to YouTube and have a look at the comments that trail the video of  a female artiste.  A lot of times, the comments relate to the artiste’s physical appearance -what she’s wearing, her physique, her hair, her shoes and on and on –  rather than her talent/performance.

Now, I’m a female singer/songwriter, so it’s natural that I am concerned about this issue. There are those with no real talent, but a lot of ‘show’. They have adopted the strategy that sex sells, and yes, sex does sell, but not everyone is buying, and eventually, even those who buy will still turn around and crave real music from those who can give it even if they aren’t baring it all.

When women are portrayed or viewed as sex symbols, it becomes harder to give any credence or regards to their ability to have a music career. So we have music producers and label owners, who approach talented female musicians, holding the promise of a brighter career in music in one hand, and on the other, the condition to ‘sleep’ their  way to that career.

When you decide to become an Indie artiste, you are faced with another set of challenges. This is the category I fall into. You’re on a never-ending quest to abate  the self-doubt and absence of  a steady income, and like a Reverend  who has answered his calling, you cannot turn back or quit.

In my experience, I have realized that it takes confidence and courage to act upon your vision; to go out of your comfort zone into the world for everyone to see. Without finances, and necessary moral support, it is even harder, but with the grace of God and conviction, your passion for your music, and your determination, you will keep going.

In addition to all this, when I added being a mom to the mix of being a woman and being an Indie artist, I came up with the term, ‘Momusician’.

My role as a Momusician puts me at crossroads every waking hour of the day. Imagine writing a song at one point, then doing school runs, on the other hand, battling to be present at their school activities, planning  my ministrations and performances, all the while also making sure that I’m meeting their needs – physical, emotional, spiritual, psychological,educational and everything else in-between.

Right from their birth, my boys were always going around with me, save for a few instances where they had to be babysat; and now that they are nearing teenagehood, I’m up for another phase to navigate them through. All glory to God for every step of the journey!

I’d say that in all honesty, it is harder for women/mothers to break into and maintain their stay in the music world. But if  women who are in this music industry can begin to understand  and realize that their femininity surpasses their physical assets, their sojourn as musicians will not be short-lived.

I would like to hear from you. Can you share some of the challenges  that you think are confronting the female artiste?



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Greeting Friends, Please anticipate for my new Single #LeadMeByOBA 25/02/2016.

In a few days, a new song and video will be officially released by yours truly.

I solicit for your support to spread it around the web, for the greater good of all.

Thank you

#iamOBA…..Making a divine statement with an African signature.


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There is no musical note for the missing post. What kind of notes will I strike on my box,as I just found now ,that my intend post for #MondayMusic&Me, is not published,and I can’t find it in draft or trash, But I hit the publish button. :(.

What just happened? Any one have a clue maybe.

Now I can’t start rewriting,because there is no power supply,and my generator just went off, because it’s out of fuel. Almost 11 pm…sleepy eyes!

Maybe a  picture Quote or too will drive my thoughts home on this week’s episode of MM&M.

Enter a caption.This is one truth that I strongly believe in.

Some times soon, I will write a post on the great Martin Luther,His Christian and Musical Reformation Journey.(Not Martin Luther King).

good musiv

Good Music is not about being the Rave of the Moment,It’s about music that transcend generations. Now that’s the kind of music I want to make. So help me God!


This quote by Beethoven is the conclusion of it all.

Dear Musician, If you are not passionate about your music to the point of “doing it because your life depends on it”  . You should reconsider and finds something else to do.


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