What sacrifice are willing to make?

Wow! it another weekend people. This month is fast running out. Well, it’s all good for as long as you are pursuing purpose with each passing day. You are in safe hands.

Earlier today I tried visualizing how my whole week had panned out from Monday till today, and for some reason, I gave myself a pat in the back because I was actually able to move in the direction of my dreams to the best of my ability.

Though it wasn’t 100%, It was still passed mark, unlike before, where I would just be lost in so many activities that were not necessarily pointing in the direction of my pursuit of happiness.

Lately, in order to be able to achieve my goals, I have been able to develop a system which enables me to take at least 2-3 hours every day to separate myself from the rest of the world and just focus on the things I need to do more to foster growth. An all-around growth in all the areas of my life, and I have discovered that in reaching your goals there major factors that you must consider in order to enjoy that passion filled the everyday life of yours.

angelina jolie



Calving out time out of busy schedules to pursue the goals and dreams in your heart isn’t always easy, especially for a new mom like me, yes I have two young boys who can run a few errands without supervision a little lad who is barely 6 months old, who is practically glued to mummy, so it so hard that I had to forfeit certain pleasures in order to have that time to myself – Now I cut down time spent in front of the TV. After I make sure everyone’s had dinner at about 7pm, that’s the time the baby is also set for bed. I  take off to the other room and I am there until about 11pm or thereabouts touching base with the vision board.


You will agree with me that energy is dissipated in one form or another as you progress towards the life you want, physical energy is there, which is quite easy, but what about mental and or emotional energy?  blocking your mind in order to avoid stress from trivial issues that drain your creative ability. Sometimes I find myself in that situation and I will just drop everything, but lately, I am learning to just be silent about certain things, and let those little problems roll over my shoulder so that it doesn’t drain the life out of me, having all boys to handle can sometimes drain enthusiasm out of a mother. that’s in the home front, you can also apply such rule to your work life, for example, you decide not to talk about work after office hour because you don’t to bring in the office atmosphere back to your personal space.


As a result of the desire to become a better version of myself,  and with only 24 hours in a day to focus on those goals sometimes you have to be selfish and dedicate the majority of the time to pursue those goals, what that often translate into is that you might not be there all the time to watch your favorite TV shows with the family, or even have the luxury of time to hang out with loved ones on special occasions and all the other events.

However, the consolation here is that those affected the most by this sacrifice will be the ones to enjoy when the rewards of all the sacrifices begin to show in tangible realities. when they see that you are more content and fulfilled in your life it will also rub off on them because your success is their success.



Excuses, excuses here and there. I once had a bag full of excuses, “I don’t have the time”, “how will I take care of my family”, ‘i’m too scared’. The honest truth is that we are more comfortable not doing the things that need to be done, so we come up “fabricated fear” which paralyzes us out of sheer laziness. we make excuses for why we can’t, and then give pleasure to standing still in life, and justify our inaction with the “I can’t” which cheats us out of a fabulous fulfilled life.

My question to you now is are you ready to rid off all the excuses that are hindering the pursuit of greater you in every area of your life?  I am so ready because I am tired of just fantasizing about a great everyday life when all I need to do is make a commitment and damn the excuses.


Yours in the journey 


(c. OBA2018@Thekingsoracle.

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I’m possible.


On my way to this reality

with much trepidation

Inexplicable anxiety

I’m possible 

And that’s enough for me.


I’m possible

In the meantime of my life’s journey

Taking advantage of every downtime

And  preparation time

Because the celebration of my highlight reels

Is within my time on mother earth

I’m possible.


I’m possible

Able to do much more

In love with the reality of me

Accepted in the beloved

flooded with mercy

Encapsulated in Grace


I’m possible.





Wear it like perfume!

TodayOn my blog site, is a day I dedicate to write about everything and anything related to the woman- CELEBRATING WOMANHOOD WEDNESDAY, So I decided to reblog this from my 2016 archives. Happy Reading.

OBA- TheKingsoracle.

celebrating womanhood

Every Wednesday I try to write something about Womanhood. Whether it’s a poem, prose, story anything to celebrate all the women in the world. It is also an opportunity for me to understand the dynamism of the Female gender, who she is and why she is what she is.

As I studied and search for what the focus should be  for this week, I thought about ‘Perfume’.  That’s one of a girl’s best friend if you ask me.  Every woman whether four or forty as a special affinity for perfumes.

A woman’s perfume tells more about her than her handwriting- Christian Dior.

That is so profound coming from Christian Dior, best known as the founder of one of the world’s top fashion houses, which is named after Him. Indeed, you can tell something about a woman from the fragrance of her perfume.

For someone like me, I wear different types of fragrance…

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Valentine or no Valentine.

loveLove is life, so it should be celebrated on a daily basis.

I really don’t give much thought to Valentines Day, because I believe every day is a valentine day.

From the part of the world where I am from, a lot of people go overboard in trying to celebrate this Valentine, to the detriment of themselves and their loved ones. That’s no longer love, it has become something else.

Valentine or no Valentine, Remember always that you are LOVED and you are special to God.

To the young people out there, Valentine’s day does not license for premarital sex, don’t  complicate your lives, love is not sex, sex is not loving. 

Premarital Sex is selfishness, wanting covenant pleasures without covenant commitments.

To the married and no Vals, take time to remind yourself of the selfless commitment you made to each other, and find ways to bring sparkle into that fire of love that burns in your heart, Value one and another and take time to always celebrate.

To the singles and no Vals, Love on yourself, never think that because you don’t have a date, something is wrong with you.  Your validation is not on your date. You are the one who gives value to you. Don’t be pressured into compromise.

Valentine or no Valentine, God loves endures. He wants you to be his Own! Christ’s love towards us is unparalleled, never to be compared with any. His love is the best you can ever get.

On that note,

Happy Valentine’s Day



Conversations with my 14year old Son.

Sometimes I wish my two teenagers are still toddlers, who couldn’t argue with you or question you. At the same time, we know that the only constant thing in life is change, and change comes as result of growth. Raising great kids is not an easy task, and so is letting them leave your nest when the time comes.



I had to engage my teenage Son in a long talk this evening, after he and his younger brother were scolded by their dad, as soon as he got home , he had given them specific instructions in the morning before they left for school, but forgot as soon as they got home, only to find them sitting in front of the TV when he got back home.

The Dad was really angry with both him and his brother, but he had to take the large portion of the scolding because he is supposed to know better and because I didn’t want to add salt to the injury, though I had given them the same instructions earlier,  I waited until the tension was cool before intervening.

You will agree with me if you’ve got teenage children that the children we are raising in today’s world find it so easy to huddle quickly into their rooms with their gadget,; PlayStations, laptops, phones etc. consciously and unconsciously they imbibe a pop culture that is anti-ethical to everything healthy family.  We as parents have to conscious of these things and make sure we are able to guide them right.

Parenting as God has designed it, can be achieved if we learn to go back to God for the wisdom to do it especially in this day and age of Internet and Modernization. As I began my conversation with him, I didn’t start with being confrontational, because when you start with confrontations, they recede and get defensive, once they get defensive you may not be able to get the right pieces of information.

At first, he was all macho and was like, mum I don’t want to talk about it, you see lately we can’t force them to talk or even look us in the face. Our teenagers can be intimidating sometimes. As the conversation progressed he opened up and for a one and half hour we talked about everything from his performance in school, and his challenges.

He just joined the High School, immediately after his Junior Secondary exams, so it was a bit hard for him to mingle with his classmates who have been in the school since its inception, on many occasions he had complained about how rude some of the students were to their teachers, which he found completely strange, and I would always tell him that he has been wired differently to always respect people, those who are older and those of his peer. He still doesn’t have many friends.

I reminded him of a passage in Proverbs which says something about first becoming friendly if you have friends ( I can’t remember the exact place in proverbs. So I asked if he is friendly, and also asked him why he wanted friends.  We went through Friendship 101. which entails

  1. Making friends is not as scary as he thinks ( he sometimes
  2. . Take the first step and say hello
  3. Get to know the person- Does he/she value the things you value, do you share similar goals, aspirations.
  4. Be yourself- You must not try to be what you are not all for the sake of being trendy or fresh.

I also encouraged him to talk to God about his friendship issue and at that point, our conversation took a deep dive into another realm.

Mum, does God really care that much to be concerned about my friends?.

Oh yes, He does! He cares so much about you much more than anybody else, and yes much more than your parents. God loves you more than you can even imagine and he is interested in the most mundane area of your life.

We had led him and his younger brother to Christ at the ages of 8 and 6 respectively, and have ever since then been helping to know God for themselves, so when he asked me if God really cared about a certain area of life, I had to remind him again that God cares for everything about him no matter how “irrelevant” he thinks  it may be. The importance of prayer, Heaven and all the in-betweens

As we talked, he asked me questions about my life as a teenager, I shared about how I thought my Parents didn’t like me because they were always picking on me because I am the first child, so I understood his own thoughts and behavioural patterns because I was like that too. By the time we ended the discussion, he felt much better and was thankful for the mother-son moment.

I was much more grateful that I have been given the privilege to be a custodian, alongside the husband, of these great minds, though sometimes parenting can be tedious by the grace of God, wisdom and strength is released when we ask God, who gave them to us.


(c. OBA@Thekingsoracle 2018.

How my life took a turn….Life Lesson 1

2017, Will forever be an unforgettable year of twists and turns for me. I don’t think I will ever forget that year, not in a hurry anyway.

Towards the year-end 2016, I embark on certain journeys to becoming a better version of me. I enrolled in Leadership Institutes, Purpose academy here and there.to crown that year up, I signed up for a goal setting master class with one of Nigeria’s finest Life coaches.

By the time I was done with the Masterclass, oh my, This girl was ready to take 2017 by storm. I had just been thoroughly tutored on how to maximize every 12 areas of my life for peak performance, talked about being turbocharged. Yes, I was ready…

As we entered into the new year, I started off with a strategy session I had planned to do with a few of my friends in attendance, my living room was filled with people who were professional, business owners in their own right. we had a long session and it was a success from the feedback I got afterwards.  One mission accomplished and ticked off, it looks like it going to be a great year after all.

I had also started writing a new book, with the tasks of writing at least 500 words per day, things were really looking up.  with regards to my music ministry assignment, I had the privileged opportunity to minister in songs to inmates at the maximum prison in Lagos, that was a surreal experience for me, as I saw men and women who were incarcerated, without any hope of amnesty, worship God with their whole heart as if there was no tomorrow.

Things were happening according to plan, except for the fact that I began to notice an unusualness in my body physiology, to the extent that one afternoon, my appetite took a strange turn, that was when I knew something wasn’t right. For the life of me, I didn’t pay any attention to my menstrual circle because it wasn’t always a regular flow and because I was almost nearing the menopausal stage I couldn’t be bothered so to speak.

Little did I know what I was in for. Still feeling that unusualness in my body, I decided to take a pregnancy test just to be sure it wasn’t what I was not thinking. Lo and behold the test came positive. I WAS PREGNANT!!

No way! How come? This must be a mistake! Not me? LORD why me? This is not what I planned for? at what age? after how many years? This must be some kind of joke. As the many questions reeled out in my mind, it seems my whole world of excitement and enthusiasm for the new year just collapsed.

Instead of being excited about the pregnancy, the feeling of sadness and disappointment overwhelmed me. I wasn’t expecting this kind of news in my wildest imagination. Almost immediately all the drive to tick off my pursuit for the year was replaced by hormonal imbalance.

Proverbs 19:21

Many are the plans in a man’s heart but it is the plan of God that will prevail.

This scripture was my number one lesson. I had planned so many things that I would do by God’s grace, little did I know that God had a major plan for me. Despite the fact that I went into depression for months, He never failed to always reassure me, that everything was going to be alright. In case you are wondering why I was sad and depressed over something that I should be jumping for Joy. Well! I didn’t ask to be pregnant, as far as I was concerned I had been done with making babies for over 12 years now.

Another Scripture also in Proverbs, say;

Do not boast about tomorrow, for you do not know what a day may bring forth.


It’s okay to make plans, don’t get me wrong because we cant just go about living life without focus, but at the same time we should bear in mind that life’s unpredictable and we shouldn’t presume on it, on the other hand, there is no need to worry because we know that God is in control. I couldn’t realise that sooner, I was blinded by the fact that all my plans and desires had been ruined by my new status. I couldn’t fathom in my myopic mind that God had a better idea for my 2017 than I could imagine.


Feeding my newborn after the naming ceremony on the eighth day.




The Virgin ….and her companions.


the virgin 2

She is dark  and lovely,

Adorned from head to toe

 With fine ornaments from the orient


As she gracefully stepped into the Arena.

All eyes on this rose petals 

The ebony beauty beaming with gracious smiles

She gallantly walked the stage

Swirling her sweet shinning hair to the back

Pridefully she carried herself 

My Father’s daughter

Fair and gentle

With eyes like a dove

She is fair without spot

This flower blooms

like the morning dew

A garden surrounded

A fountain sealed

My father’s daughter

In the company of her kindreds

Beautiful yet fierce

Warrior woman, king woman

Pure and warm

Potent and powerful

With eyes lurked on the prize

Not dissuaded by trivial

My father’s daughter

The virgin…..and her great company

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The broken, mended.

boy in worship.

The atmosphere of the gathering was electrifying as the sounds of worship cuts deeply into the heart of all and sundry. Inemesit had never felt anything like this before, No never.

A little over a year ago, Inemesit a 13-year-old troubled teenager, was faced with a trauma that shook his entire world, he lost both parents in a car accident and blamed himself for the fatal accident because it was while both parents were arguing, about what he had done the night before their road trip, that their car went into head-on collision with a rickety truck.

He just heard a loud bang, and everything became dark and scary like in the movies, he thought to himself. Next thing he knew he was lying on the Hospital bed with one of his legs hung up.

Days went by, and all Inemesit could remember was that last statement that ensued from his parents’ argument.

“You have always been encouraging his bad behavior, said his father to his mum, as he held on tightly to the steering wheel.

I don’t know why you cannot discipline your own child, see the disgrace he has brought on the family now, as he kept on, Inemesit mother started sobbing and mumbled words under her breath, not able to withstand the rantings of her husband, she burst out in anger,

“You are a bad example to our son, Tade.all this is your fault because you are never around to show him how to be a young man. It was at that point that the father lost control of the vehicle as he didn’t see the old truck heading towards them. GBOA!!

As the young lad recalled the unfortunate incident, he started crying and yelling out for his parents

“Mummy, daddy  I am sorry, he wept on profusely. Please forgive me- He didn’t know that his parent did not survive the accident.

Once he was told about his parents’ demise, Inemesit suffered a psychological and mental trauma which took him many months to recover.

It was at the chapel situated within the radius of the hospital, that Inemesit gradually found life and hope again.

Throughout his ordeal with the guilt of losing both parents, the chaplain and some of the youth coordinator never left Inemesit to himself, they showed him through the golden book and by their lifestyle that God loves him beyond his guilt and shame, and never failed to tell him that the accident was never his fault.

The process of forgiving himself was not easy, but as he opened his heart to receive God’s love, he gradually learned to forgive and his life took a new turn. He never lacked the support of the Chapel members in them he found a new family, that loved him beyond his frailties.  He became very active in the activities of the chapel.

Joining the choir gave him a new lease on life as he able to express his heart song to the lover of soul, together with the other young people they began to use music as therapy for other people in the hospital who had one form or medical issue or another.

Inemesit, the broken now had become the mender of others.