Learning Curves.

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Lazy Learners.”

Is there something you’ve always wanted to learn but haven’t gotten around to. what is it and what’s stopping you from mastering the skill?

Life is a continous learning Institute and it affords us the opportunity learn on a daily basis.

Anyone who stops learning is old,whether twenty or eighty and anyone who keeps learning stays young-HENRY FORD.

I don’t want to grow old as a result of not learning anything. I have always wanted to learn foreign languages like Spanish,French because my dream is to travel around the world Inspiring,Encouraging and touching lives through my gifts and skills.

Learning curve isolated in white background with pen.
Learning curve isolated in white background with pen.

I also want to learn to play another musical instrument apart from Guitar,like the flute or percussive Instrument but not the drums 🙂 There’ll be too many of us in the house fiddling with the paradiddle strokes and all ’em stuffs. 🙂 .

I have also fantasized about photography,so what’s stopping me from mastering these skills?

There are lots of learning curves right in my way,and I want to pass through at same time. I need to learn to take them one at a time.

Leaders are perpetual learners.


We Found Us.

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Yin to My Yang.”

There are diverse definitions on what or who a “Soulmate” is. So let me postulate another definition for “Soul mate”.

           I come from here,you come from there,   two different lives going on different journeys until that sunny afternoon,

walking down the two ends of the street,You saw me, and I saw you.

Something triggered in my belly, I knew what it was: “It was my Knower”

But I refused to accept it ( I bind devil!)- that’s a kind of christiany refusal( where I come from ),of what  you  know is Real/True.

      I didn’t see you again. May be it wasn’t real (I thought to myself), or was I trying to fool me!.

I had my reasons, He didn’t look like much,excuse me Lord,not him definitely, No can do.

So here is another chance meeting,and this time,no letting go.

Was it love at first sight? NO! not for me anyways.

The affinity grew over time because we have some things in common,because the God allowed our path to cross …..again!

Thirteen years and still counting, with a beautiful family,we’ve been through every  high mountains and low valleys its all making us stronger and firmly bonded together. My friend and partner for life-Ade mi (meaning,my crowning glory) 🙂 .

This is the conclusion of the matter.


In response to daily prompt, How do you define the term “Soulmate and do you believe in the existence of such a person-for you?

When I was a Child.

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “When Childhood Ends.”

write about a defining moment in your life when you had to grow up in an instant or series of (Instances).5a8731c09836f6049d7c8aa9a2c6eb61-300x226

There were series of instances,but then do we ever put Childish acts,thoughts away?

There is a Child in every Adult,there is an Adult in every Child. :).

Just Saying.

Failure is not a Taboo-Failing Forward.

failing-forwardIn response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Must Not Fail.” What is the one thing at which you are afraid of failing?

Failure is not a Sin neither is it a Taboo. This I have come to realise. I wish I had known this a long time,may be I would’ve not allow my fear to get the best of me.

Now that I know that the concept of “Failing”is not negation,but a derivative from the fact that I might have missed a lesson or two from whatever it is that life may be teaching me. So I go back to Learn,Relearn and Unlearn until I become a master at my venture.

I am not afraid to fail,for when I fail,then I succeed and fail again and then succeed and it goes on and on…..I am Failing Forward!!

The ways of right-living people glow with light;the longer they live,the brighter they shine.Pro 4:18.

Life can only get better with each passing phase, because failure is a mechanism for success .It all depends on the angle from where you are viewing from.

When Trouble comes!

Why does trouble come? what do we do in the face of trouble? Do you surrender to fate and accept trouble  or do you embrace trouble when it comes?  Tell me, who likes trouble in the first place, to talk about embracing it.  I don’t like it and I am quite sure that you don’t either!. But then we still face it one way or another.

We have trouble dealing with our growing children,those little pinked face cuties of yesterday are growing into adulthood per seconds now they don’t want you interfering or invading their privacy! excuse me,whose privacy? A twelve year old? That’s story for another day.  we have trouble dealing with spouses ,families,friends, colleagues and the list goes on. We have trouble dealing with ourselves.

As i am writing this article,I can hear the words of Lionel peterson in the song,”Peace. you can check it out here https://youtu.be/hE0w2szPyTw

For as long as we are still on this life’s journey, there will be doses of trouble here and there,and if that’s the case,it will be better if go through whatever it is with “Intentional calmness”. not whining about the troubles or problems.

Let me encourage you as I encourage myself, that whatever trouble you may be facing right now,that you and God are a majority in any situation you may find yourself. Trouble means you are a card carrying member of the human race.

Trouble reminds each of us that we are all working progress.It reminds us that our worldly possessions are not enough to help us get out of the ruts we may find ourselves. When God is with you,you can go farther in a day,what you are trying to achieve in a life time of struggles.


“Many are the afflictions of the righteous,but the LORD delivers him from them all.

Adversity leads to accomplishment!

Forgetting Things That Are Behind.

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Out of Reach.”

Write about the one X that got away-A Person,an experience,a place you wanted to visit.How much would you change  about your life to have it within reach again.

The past is in the past,whatever happened back then was for a reason.The best thing is to learn the important lessons and move on. No matter the pain or heartaches, or the success and victories of the past,They are in the past,there is more ahead and it is important to always thrive to move on.

We all get an opportunity to make better choices from the ones we’ve made in the past,in order to ensure that all collective choices in the now gives us a chance for a better tomorrow.

In the words of the Song by Israel Houghton-Moving Forward.

Here is an excerpt:

Not going back,moving ahead

I’m here to declare to you,my past is over

In you all things are made new,surrendered my life to Christ

I’m moving Forward.

Forgeting things that are behind, Move on,Press on to things better.


In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Night and Day.”

Have you ever had an experience that was amazing the first time but terrible the second time? or vise versa?what made the second time different?

The light He called day,and the darkness He called Night. And there was evening and there was morning.

This evening in as much as I want to respond to this writing prompt, it’s proving to be a bit of a challenge. I wonder why? Oh! I think i know, I have had a tedious week so far and now all my body wants is rest,but my eyes can’t find the sleep.So here I am again.

I think I am experiencing “night” at this moment. I love what I do,and I do what I love,but this is one of those times I get extremely tired from doing what I love doing.(I am guessing you know what that is,aside from writing) 🙂 .

In response to the Daily post

Home Sweet Home

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Home Turf.”

Name five things in your house that makes it your home.

Home is a dwelling place used as a permanent or semi permanent residence which provides areas and facilities for sleeping,-That would be the bedrooms, preparing food-kitchen (one of the best part of my home.The sitting room and many more.Home is where we are truly comfortable,loved ,accepted and valued.

Family makes my home,sweet home!

My Husband&Wonderful Boys.

Me&My bae
Me&My bae
The men that makes me look forward to Home.
The men that makes me look forward to Home.

My Home is basically composed of Love and Music in every sense of it.

Not so much of gadgets and all that,except for musical instruments  and loads of books here and there. Having a place to call home is both luxury and necessity. I am thankfulIn this home we do 18x22 quote wall saying vinyl decals-600x600

Our joy and fear are shared together.  We laugh,we play,we cry,we shout,and we do all “Together”. The best part of my Home- Christ is the chief-cornerstone. :).

I didn’t count because everything in my house makes it my home.

Home Sweet Home in response to The Daily post  Writing prompt, “Home Turf”.

The Rhythmic Pattern of Life.

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Mountaintops and Valleys.”

Describe  a time  you quickly switched from feeling at the top of the world to sinking all the way down(or vise versa) Did you learn anything about yourself in the process?

Life is a journey and it’s full of ups and downs,mountain tops and valley low,road bumps,smooth sail.Good times and Bad times.Like is just like the rhythm of the strumming patterns on my guitar,it goes like this : down down down up up up down up down up(I which i could play it out on my guitar.

I have had my share of ups and downs, I know there will still be more as long as there is still breath in me. My Constant plea is to find grace and mercy to help in the times of need (The valley villa), and the humility to acknowledge that when I am on the peak of the mountain-I have been given the opportunity to be there,to enjoy every bit of the experience..

And the in between it is always a rare bittersweet pleasure!

Wherever I find myself ,I know I am never alone.Though the seasons change,the Unchangeable God never leaves me. The lesson is I am never alone.

Mountaintops and Valleys–The rhythmic pattern of life.

BE STILL:for the love of meditation.

Meditation isn’t just a mystical,metaphysical or new age thing. It is the coming to stillness in the mind and body.It’s being still to know the Holy Spirit’s presence-To simply be with God. It isn’t so much of what the church encourages today-I wonder why.


Looking back into the Scripture,Joshua 1:8;”This book of the law shall not depart from   your mouth but you shall ” meditate in it day and night”.The first instruction here is Meditation, it’s actually the second instruction after “it shall not depart from your mouth”.The early Christians called this “pure prayer”.Meditation, like all christian practices requires discipline and patience, now that’s a really big issue in a challenging world of frantic activities,where busyness takes precedence.

Why is the word “Meditation and the practice of Meditation very rare in Christiandom? When in actual fact, it’s the first instruction that is connected  with the study of the word of God, Psalm1:2. Could it be that many of us find it difficult to be still,in the real sense of it. Is it actually possible to take time away from various activities of life and  be quiet? I am not talking about taking summer holidays off.Even the holidays are encumbered with workloads. :). But,actually practicing and cultivating the art of being still in our everyday life.I believe it is possible,though it may seem like a daunting task.

” In quietness and confidence shall be your strength” Isa 30:15.This scripture emphasis an angle of meditational practice as God’s children.The ability to be strong rest not in human might or brute force but in stillness and trust in the goodness of our Heavenly Father.

When we are able to calm the mind and soul from striving/worrying/agitations and all the cares of life and simply trust in the Lord,Strength is produced even in the fiercest storm. This stillness and Calmness will be a byproduct of our christian journey when we constantly and consistently engage in the art of meditation as it is required of us from the word of God.

Jesus Christ, our perfect example, often left his apostles and the crowd to engage in long periods of dynamic-mind,spiritual meditation wherein he communicated with God,It was actually a regular practice with Him.He often went to lonely places like the mountains to pray to seek solitude and quietness away from the crowd,with God.The result of the solitude and meditation times are always evident in the  healing and signs in the lives of the people. We are also expected to walk in the realm that He walked while in the earth realm,and one of the keys to this exploit is Meditation.

Christian meditation is a powerful form of prayer. It isn’t easy at first because you find your mind wandering away but with discipline,practice and consistency it becomes a lifestyle.It is akin to worship and prayer where you turn spiritual thoughts over in the mind and engage your total being with the aim of deep communion with God-“Deep calling unto deep”.

I noticed an unusual pattern in my life that changed my perception about meditation and just being still in God. I was always falling sick, in and out of the hospital,and once i am admitted-I will begin to hear His voice talk to me about specifics.This pattern went on for a while,until I realise that God was actually trying to get my attention.I began to cultivate the habit of stillness and meditation by consciously creating the atmosphere.Now I don’t have to fall sick for God to get me to be still in his presence again.

“No one habit can do more to transform your life  and make you more like Jesus than daily reflection on scripture”-Rick Warren.

God considers meditation a “vital exercise of the mind of His children”-Jim Downing.


*Let the word of Scripture dwell in your heart

*Worship God in your Spirit

*Personalize bible passages.

*Give attention to each word as you read and reread.

*Don’t just meditate in your heart,do it externally by muttering the words,speaking.


As clearly stated in Joshua 1:8…..”Meditate on it day and night;

First thing when you wake up in the morning,and the last thing as you go to sleep at night.The simple method of meditation will give you new insights and deeper understanding of your communion with God,and strength to handle life’s huddles.

Whatever things are pure,lovely,of good report,if there is any virtue and if there is anything praiseworthy- Meditate on these things.