Music makes the world go hmm!

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This beautiful Lady played a warm melodious tune from her  Harp right at the entrance of the Jaffa Gate leading to the infamous Jaffa Market. I was drawn to her as she played the instrument effortlessly while anyone that cares dropped a coin or a note!

I thought to myself, “The power of music unites and connect people instantaneously.

Music makes the world go , hmm!!

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In search of my Tribe! Lessons I am learning on the go #1

Tribe’- A socially, ethnically, politically cohesive group of people.

A society larger than a band but smaller than a state.


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We are all looking for a tribe. A place where we belong.We all want to be heard  and to be known one way or the other. To make a difference in this world.

This is the desire of every creative artist- Writers, Musicians, Communicators especially want this. I fall into this category of Artist who needs to know  their words are making Impact and generating some form of Influence and relevance around.

I woke up this morning with a mood, I had so much going on my mind, coupled with the many voices wanting to air their views in my head. It’s been about two weeks since the release of my official music video, and I have just been unnecessarily worried about nothing!

In the course of the release I have been made to realise that one of the factors responsible for accessibility in this 21st century is Community!

We know we need community. So how do we build this community? That was on a major question that I have been asking all day? In an attempt to make sure  this work reaches a wider audience we (myself and my team) have put up systems to help us achieve the wider coverage we want and to also measure the success. But sometimes, it just feels as if you’re not doing anything!

Being a musician, that challenge is much more pronounced, because people have said that having a community is a game of numbers while another school of thoughts says it about the relationship. Who is right  and who is wrong?

I think it’s a combination of both.

We cannot shy away from the fact that as a result of the internet and social media age, we have a lot of crowd of admirers and ‘yes ‘ men, It is almost impossible to find the few dedicated fans and followers.

We build our fame and popularity to reach a lot of people so we can influence a few. why can’t we skip the in-between? If I am reaching whom I need to reach now, why not forget all the marketing hype and just go deep with the few?

I believe my dilemma has been the fact that I do not make popular music because that’s not what I am about. It’s about creating music that challenges and also addresses the need of man- I guess that explains why I never “hammer” that’s the Nigerian cliche for material gains.

In the early days of my professional music career/ministry, I was told to do “commercially -inclined songs” for the sake of popularity and ‘quick’ monetary gains( as a Christian artist). Don’t get me wrong, I see nothing wrong with being popular or having a few hundreds of thousands of bucks.

I was willing to go through radical length to stay true to my work, which is about making Impact with every word and every song that comes out from me to the world, which may not make me a “popular jingo”

Reminds me of this great story in the bible in which Jesus was preaching to a great multitude and then he said something outlandish!

He had just fed the multitude by performing an awesome miracle, by feeding the multitude, that would seem like a perfect opportunity to announce his ascent to greatness  to get support as the messiah because the people will buy-in, they had just been fed! Instead, he told them to eat his flesh and drink his blood. like seriously?

Instead, he told them to eat his flesh and drink his blood. like seriously? that was hard for the multitude to swallow, they all went their ways, after all, they got what they wanted- the physical food, every other thing was just Mr Rabbi’s rambling. Everybody else hit the road, except the 12 disciples.

They stay with him, and when asked, the reply was they didn’t have anywhere else to go! it was like affirming to Jesus, “we are in this together”. That’s the whole essence of having a fan-base or followership or viewership or whatever. We are want to belong somewhere, somehow!

Anything you do not give freely and abundantly becomes lost to you.

If we communicate a message worth hearing long enough, people will rally around it if we have something worth saying. I know I have something worth saying and something worth listening to, and I know that finding that tribe may take a while. It is a continuous journey.

Before you begin growing your brand and building your tribe, you got to pause for a moment and decide beforehand, when will you be happy? what will make you happy?

What will success look like? Is it a record deal? A grammy? or International tours?. I have written down what my music success will look like, and for an Independent artist like me, it looks like an impossible goal. But I know whom I believe.

Finding  one’s tribe is not just a function of content alone, you have to stop worrying about being heard and pay attention to the work you are doing. That’s kind of a suicide mission for a musician. How will I not worry about being heard, if that’s the essence of my work? It like a contradiction.

The truth is that, as you focus more on your craft, you become more generous because music in itself is life, and life requires reaching out to help others. As you help you are also been helped!

This is the first part of this post, I hope to post the second and concluding part in the coming week.

Enjoy a beautiful weekend!




#LeadMeByOBA. The story behind the Song!


One songwriter said,”Music can change the world because it can change people”

What a profound message that is, indeed music changes people and if people change because of what they hear, then ultimately the world would change-One person per time.

That leaves a great responsibility on the shoulder of many people like me, who have been given the capacity to birth songs that causes transformation. I have to admit that it is not every time a musician get to birth a song that is  revolutionary and classic in every sense of the word.  But when such opportunities come, you want to seize it and make sure you get core message of the song that is been birthed through  you.

On Thursday 25th February, I released a new song and video simultaneously titled ‘Lead Me’ it was another milestone for me, and I am so overwhelmed with joy.

Every songwriter is a storyteller though not every storyteller is a songwriter. ‘LeadMe’ was written at that point in my life when it seemed as if I had lost every reason to move on.

Back to my story, The year 2012 was quite a challenging year for my family, we had it so rough that it seemed all hell was let loose on us. It wasn’t a pleasant  experience, but we had to go through that season, which lingered for 2years.

One afternoon I was watching a video of Herbie Hancock feat. India Arie, on Youtube, it was the song performed at Nobel Peace Prize.

As I sat down watching there was a battle  going on in mind, One part of me was saying,’That’s the kind of platform that God has ordained for you to share his love with the world. It will come to pass if you hold on and believe…. with time!

The other voice was like,’hey, wake up dreamer, only in your dreams. How will you get there? do you think it’s your kind of music? and on went the negative pessimistic side of my mind.

For a moment, I paused, and thought to myself,’ I know that I have been given a mandate that goes beyond the four walls of “church”. It is a global assignment and I will get there, with that ounce of hope I picked up my guitar and started strumming on the chords.

I sat on the pavement behind the house staring into the clear blue sky, as I strummed, tears rolled out of my eyes and the words began to flow;

Lead Me, Lead Me

Lead me into something better

I don’t want to stray from you, Lord

don’t wanna go from you, my God

Lead Me.

The memories of my experience as a struggling Christian musician started playing out, it was as if I was watching a movie. I remembered how some promoters told me to tone down on my Jesus thing because they believed that for my kind of music to thrive in the mainstream, I should do less of Jesus Songs. Remembering  these  experiences

I cried out again

I don’t wanna stray from you, Lord

don’t wanna go from your presence

Lord Lead me.

I wrote the other verses to the song, afterward, we performed it at our usual lounge in Ikoyi and everybody identified with it, and it became an anthem among OBA&Friends.

Fast forward to 2014, We were in the studios rehearsing and getting ready to go and record the album, my producer Philip Uzo was just playing something on the piano, as he was playing I saw an all white background and a piano at the centre of the stage, and I was hearing this same song #LeadMeByOBA but in another version.

I beckoned on my manager(The Husband Himself), and my producer and told them what I saw as He was playing.I hummed what I heard and I was told to develop it, That took a while but I developed and that was how another version  ‘Lead Me’ was birthed.

As we got to the studio to record, we did the first version (which had become an anthem among OBA&Friends), I was told  to record the new version as well. I went into the recording booth and started singing, as I sang, the memories  came flooding my mind and I broke down in the middle of the recording, but I didn’t stop singing.

That moment was like my ‘aha’ moment. I just knew right there and then, no more struggles because I know God will indeed lead me all the way to glory and virtue no matter how bleak things may look at the moment.

It is with that same assurance that I want to encourage anyone going through whatever it is you may be going through. God will lead you to the promise Land in your life, marriage, career, family, ministry for as long as You lean and depend on Him for direction. Because He knows you by name, and His plans for you is to bring you to an expected end.


 Show me the way that I should go,for to you I entrust my Life- Psalm 143:8b

My Desire is that this song will bring encouragement and assurance of God’s presence into your lives and Indeed wherever you are on your Journey ..God will lead you to something better, greater, heights beyond measure, and you will experience Peace hope and love.


Help me share it with the world.

Sharing is caring 😉

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The power of music.

I have been a musician for half of my life and I have seen the tremendous results of the impact of music in my life and in the lives of people around me,can I be honest with you? A lot of times, I am amazed and overwhelmed at how God works through what I hear and see in the lives of the people I come in contact with as a result of this calling.11659257_405819809616833_3020053575820865738_n

Just a few days to the end of 2015, I and my team- OBA&THEPRIESTLYKINGS,had the privilege of ministering to our friends in ministry who recently lost their first son-Olaolu.

Olaolu died in October 2015,at the age of 26. It was a huge loss to the Abrahams family after about 20 years of battling Olaolu’s ailment. Our friends(Olaolu’s parent) had to travel to the United Kingdom where Olaolu had been living with them before they relocated back to Nigeria.

The news of his death took us by surprise,and it was a grievous moment for the family but God gave them courage and strength to go through the period of grieving. After about 2 months in the UK the family returned back home,and what did they do?

They decided to hold a special thanksgiving service in memory of their beloved Son. Tell me who does that for a son, whom, a lot of people from my side of the world would think was cut off in his prime.  It takes people who really know their God, and who have come to point of total trust and confidence in Him. That singular gesture alone made my faith stronger.

We were ask to come and lead the worship session and sing some songs for the memorial service, the day came and we were there to set up and get ready as friends and loved ones came into the hall, one after the other.

As we started the program I knew we were in for something beyond words as the peace of God permeated the atmosphere, at first I was afraid that some people will start crying and I wouldn’t be able to hold my tears as I sang, Instead there was an unusual calmness and we could feel the tangible presence of the great Comforter Himself.

One after the other, families and friends paid tribute to the beautiful life of Olaolu,how he lived a great life even though it seemed short-lived.One thing that stood out in the whole memorial and the life of Olaolu and his family was the power and the Influence of music in the family. We were told of how they listened to a lot of music at a tender age .Olaolu’ all time favorite was Ron Kenoly’  mourning into dancing, it was a honor to do that same song in memory of the beautiful soul, to see how God brought comfort like a friend to the Abraham’s family.

Friedrich Nietzsche,the German intellectual goliath writes;

God has given us music so that above all it can lead us upwards,Music unites all qualities; it can exalts us,divert us, cheer us up,or break the hardest of hearts with the softest of its melancholy tones. But its principal task is to lead our thoughts to higher things ,to elevate,even to make us tremble…. The musical art often speaks in sounds more penetrating than words or poetry and takes hold of the most hidden crevices of our hearts…Songs elevates our being and leads us to the good and the true.

Yet again, I saw how songs practically brought healing to people. I cannot even describe in words the warmth, consolation and assurance of God’s love as we heard and sang those great evergreen songs over and over again.

You might want to check out these songs  it will be of immense help to anyone going through any form of challenges as life happens to us all. Andrea crouch/Cece Don Moen.


My Charge to you musician out there is this,

*What impact does your music have in the lives of people?

*Is your music able to stand the test of time?

There is a great power in music, therefore those of who have been laden with the responsibilities of this power, need to understand and come to terms with the truth that our lives as well as others is dependent on how we exercise this power for the greater good of all.

Remember How David’s music benefited king Saul.  1 Sam 16:14-23.







Pleasing the Audience.

It’s a beautiful #MondayMusic&Me. Compliment of the season everyone. I came across some quotes that were centered around the bonding of the musician/singer with the audience and just thought it would be nice to share some of these thoughts with you all.

Firstly, I have found out that majority of singers, including me, starts their career because they love to sing,and although it would be nice to think that every audience will appreciate your choice of repertoire or your style of singing, the reality is that you cannot please everyone all the time!

This means that the vocalist pursuing a professional career,may have to make compromises in their choices of repertoires in order to accommodate a wider audience and accept that there may be times when no matter how brilliantly they have performed,their effort may go unappreciated by some or all of the audience.

 I have been in positions such as these, but one thing that has helped me, is that coming to terms with the fact that my music is not just a profession but it is also a calling/ministry. Therefore no matter the tweaking I may want to apply, the bottom line for me is the  audience of ONE-God


As a result of that, I know that even within the comfort zone of Christian circle my genre and style of music is not the widely accepted type, though in the beginning of my career/calling that was a huge challenge for me, but as I am progressing, It is no longer an issue ! (I think). 🙂

I have also resolved that as a professional christian artist, I have to create a balance between showmanship/Craftmanship and pointing the audience to God through my style and genre. Exo 35:30-35. 

In trying to hone your skill, and work your craft as a singer or musician, it must be from your heart, whether you get the applause of all or some, do it from your heart. In the words of Howard Thurston,

Long experience has taught me that the crux of my fortunes is whether I radiate goodwill to my audience.There is only one way to do it,and that is to feel it.

You can fool the eyes and the minds of the audience, but you cannot fool their hearts.  Howard Thurston.

And here’s what Ottawa Keyes  says:

When it comes to the requirement of pleasing an audience,all the requirements, instructions and apparatus in the world is worth less than one ounce of soul.

Who ever you are, singer/musician when it comes to the pleasing the audience, know that you cannot please everyone all the time. So don’t let it be a bother when you don’t get all the applauds,or loving or pat in the back. Rather, do what you love with your songs and your music, let it come from your heart. Do it as if your life depends on it, because in actual fact your life depends on it!

When the audience sees the way your heart connect to what you are doing, they will connect with you too……gradually.

To your creative Success,




Hello dear Musicians and Creative People all over.Its another Monday to share with you some thoughts,views, findings and everything related to Music and other creatives associated with Music.

Today,I won’t be sharing much, instead I will like to hear your views on this quote I saw sometimes ago.


Ludwig Van Beethoven. – A German Composer.

Music is …..a higher revelation than all wisdom and philosophy- Ludwig Van Beethoven.

I will like you to share your thoughts on this by Beethoven. What’s your take on it?  Is this statement true or otherwise?.

Thank you  as you share your thoughts and we learn together. 🙂

Your Musician/blogger




Take me over.

Everything I have, I lay it down.

All of me..

These are lines of the song I just discovered  yesterday.It is a song by Michael W Smith from the album,”Wonder”, the song is titled,’Take me over’. The song played all night.


and its playing as I write permeating every part of my heart and soul.

It is a song of total surrender to Jesus. Laying on the bed with eyes opened since 3 am. I have been basking in song, As I cast my mind into 2016,which is just a few days away.

In all sincerity,with all the dreams and aspiration for the coming year, my logo is Simply, “My utmost,for His highest!

It is not easy to surrender, because it means you’re giving away your rights to someone else, now that doesn’t sound right, does it? but do you know that it is in the place of surrender,that we allow God to fully have His way in us and through us.

Just to rest in your arms

causing us to hear your heart

Just to kneel at your feet

Everything fades away and I sing

   Chorus :         Jesus Jesus take me over now

                                 I surrender

                                Everything I have I lay it down

                                               All of me.


Just a glimpse of your face

All my fears melts away

Lost within your embrace

Pouring out all my adoration

Jesus Jesus take me over now.

Take me over with your love, Take me over with your beauty and grace. Take me over Jesus. When you conquer me Lord, that’s when you conquer the world through me with your love.

This is the state of my heart now.

This is my no 1 playlist on my collection for 2016.

Note: The album was released in 2010 though.

Welcome to a brand new day!


I need you!

New Song Cover.

have been longing to record it, to be able to share it with the rest of the world.

After much ado about something it finally came out,now the question is how to get it out to all the platforms available for the song to circulate properly. I must confess that it had been a daunting task and I was almost giving up on the idea of getting across to everybody in the shortest space of time.

One of the strategy I used or that I am adopting is putting the song on the wall of all my Facebook friends,so far I have been able to put it on about 60 Facebook walls,called a few bloggers to promote it on their platform and for that to fly you got to have some cool cash to throw around, aside from that you are” on your own”!(Our usual Nigerian slang O.Y.O)

The song is about the” Christ in the Christmas ” the true reason for the season,and how Christ’ birth brought about salvation for humanity in totality, written in the usual manner of my songwriting style, which is a blend of western and African fused together to birth something I call ‘Afroneosoul’. In accordance with my mantra …”Making a divine statement with an African signature”. 

That’s why its a blend of English and my local dialect, Yoruba. I tried to do a little translation in the video. You can check here

So what am I ranting about,I need your help with the song, I have a target and goal to hit 100,000views, and I just found out that I can’t achieve that goal without you. Here I am again asking you  to help me make the dream come true. I need to prove to myself that a simple Christmas  song like this can also go viral. well,maybe I am daydreaming! 🙂 . I know it can be done, at least I am going to give it a try anyway.

Yesterday, I succeeded in putting  the mp3 version of the audio and the video on and it is gradually trending.

I know you can help me,because I need you. Check out all the links listen,download and share it all around will ya,please?

Are you in a band? Part 2

Last week Monday precisely, I posted something about being in a band,the 14and responsibilities. We looked into 2 of the member of a standard band. The Front Man ,and the lead guitarist. You might want to check here for the previous post;

Today we are taking it further to all other members of the team. Hello great friends, welcome to MondayMusic&Me. Moving right along, let’s get started.

*Rhythm Guitar: Most bands have two guitarists whose roles are split into  Lead and Rhythm,in most cases they share common roles,however Rhythm playing makes for two thirds of the guitarist job-As a rhythm player your role is to support,and be able to lock in with the bass and the must have a good knowledge of chords,and you must be able to understand harmonies and provide a good feel for the vocalist to sing over.

*Keyboardist: The keyboard player is an integral part of the band . Most memorable keyboard players are musically strong.They understand theory,tones,chord structure and arrangement if you call yourself a keyboard player and you don’t understand these basics, you might as well find something else to do. Most times a keyboard player is mot visible in the band except in cases he/she is the FRONT MAN.

*Bass: There are different styles of bass players ,some are root bass players,able to hold down the low end ,keep it simple laying down a strong foundation with the drummer, (these guys share a peculiar bond with their instruments). As a bass guitarist you are responsible for linking the harmony of a song with  a distinctive rhythm(groove). You have to learn how to keep time.

*Drummer: If you are the drummer in a band,then you are the anchor of the band. The other musicians are relying on you to provide a strong beat that keep everything together,every other musician may be able to cover their flaws when playing together,but not you. The drummer is vital to a band!  My husband is the drummer in my band, I respect his consistency of his craft. His timing is impeccable( I am not saying that as his wife, but as a musician who has enjoyed and still enjoys  working with a great drummer 🙂

*Background vocals: Backing vocalists are singers who provide vocal harmony with the lead vocalist or other backing vocalists. As a background vocalist you must be musically sound, you must have a great personality. Always remember you are not there to steal the show but you are a crucial part of the show.

*Utility Player: This is someone who can play several parts competently, We have some utility players in the band, they play their instruments and do some other work as vocalists etc.

No matter what role you play in the band,when you are in the spotlight you must deliver musically and visually-Give your 100%  because ;

Stage is live.

The Audience will respond to the music,the visual, and the Person!

To your musical exploit,

Play skilfully.


Are you are in a Band? Check this out.

After so many writes and rewrites,and all my drafts disappearing from my system,in the last week. I am super excited that I got this one  finally! phew”. Hello Musicians and Creative artist welcome to MondayMusic&Me blogpost. I will focusing on Band membership-Roles and Responsiblities.

Being in a band is really a great experience for me as a performing musician and minister. I have been blessed by the gifts and talents of the great musicians and singers I have been fortunate to work with and I am still working with. but sometimes it can really be nerve wrecking working with different people.

Don’t get me wrong, with every organization,community, family you will always find a mixture of every temperament. A band is a unique and complex relationship with many different personalities and goals among band members.

In over a decade or more of being a live performer within and outside of the church, I have come across musicians who are dynamic in the crafts and also in relational issues. Things can be tricky at times,while some are direct,some are passive while others are more organised. A band is inevitably a dysfunctional yet hopefully a loving family! Dysfunctional in the sense that there are all kinds of people,some from outer space(laughing-out-loud) who are bound together by the love for music.

When you are creating music,performing,rehearsing with people regularly it is important to know that there are roles and responsibilities that must be put into practice and when each band member understands and develops his or her roles,collectively the band connects more with the audience. The better the connection with the audience, the better for everyone .


My school of thought about the roles with each band member is as a result of the experience of running a team of musicians over the here we go.

*The Front Person- He or She is the main focus of the band ,people at you more than anyone else in the show,if you are the front person. As a result it is pertinent that a front person must have certain qualities ;Passionate,Spontaneous, Engaging and exciting to watch no matter the genre of music.

You may not be involved in the business of the band, you not even get to write the songs, but one thing is that as a front person you are the focal point-with your voice or vis-a-vis your musical instrument. You must be able to connect with the team and with the people/audience.

*The Lead Guitar-You are not the main focus of the band, however when it comes to solos, you are the main dude, don’t overdo it. I have come across many lead guitarist who like to show off their musical dexterity as a result tend to steal he sow or overshadow the rest of the band. You must understand as alead guitarist that you are an “enhancer”with your instrument avoid getting too carried away by the show-off. The spirits of the prophets are controlled by the prophets.

I will dwell more on the other members and their roles in the next post, right now I need to go rest me head :).

To your music success,