The Virgin ….and her companions.


the virgin 2

She is dark  and lovely,

Adorned from head to toe

 With fine ornaments from the orient


As she gracefully stepped into the Arena.

All eyes on this rose petals 

The ebony beauty beaming with gracious smiles

She gallantly walked the stage

Swirling her sweet shinning hair to the back

Pridefully she carried herself 

My Father’s daughter

Fair and gentle

With eyes like a dove

She is fair without spot

This flower blooms

like the morning dew

A garden surrounded

A fountain sealed

My father’s daughter

In the company of her kindreds

Beautiful yet fierce

Warrior woman, king woman

Pure and warm

Potent and powerful

With eyes lurked on the prize

Not dissuaded by trivial

My father’s daughter

The virgin…..and her great company

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Enrolment begin!

The day that fetus


enters into the world

The doors of the school of life opens

Where experience becomes the teacher

Everyday unwraps its lessons

No one ever knows what’s next on the curriculum

Nobody ever gets prepared for the reality manifest

Just that when life begins

Enrollment begins

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Angels Song.

I heard it first

Twas while I slept

I heard it again

Could it be a dream

Woke with a song

In my head

and resonates in my heart

The thought brought me peace

They said Angels sang to me

So I awake to sing

sing the peaceful ……ANGELS SONG.



IMG_20160404_074551  In response to Ronvan -write-weekly-haiku-challenge SING AND PEACE.

(c) OBA@Thekingsoracle2018.

Simple dimple Smile.

via Daily Prompt: Simple

Simple, Dimple

Mingle, jingle

Turn the world around

with that sway

A simple smile

reveals that innocent dimple

by the corner of her face,

Her voice sonorously rings

through the jingles piercing  the airwaves

Now there she is ready to mingle

with the rest of us

On this simple plain

like all of us,

Her name is “Simple”

Ready to mingle.





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photo credit: Unsplash

Hello, from the other side.

happybithdayobaHello, blogosphere it’s me again. It’s been ages I know.

I have been busy doing life at different spaces and levels.

But you are always on my mind

I will catch up with you soon

But for now.



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At The Beach!

It’s time

Let’s  get going

Fun time is it

When we gather at the beach

Sandcastle in the sand

The waters whirl with the tides

With the shades, I see the sun

Kissing softly on my skin


Let’s gather some sea shells

The children love to sell

It always a great fun time

At the beach.



ronovanwritesweeklyhaikupoetrypromptchallenge 113 Beach & Time.

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The Women Who Are Too Much!




God peeped out of the window of His vast heaven.

Looked down to see His pretty jewels

The heavens beamed with Joy

When the Holder and Owner of the Universe

Paused to look at Eve(s) with such pure joy

This one-Co-creator with the Creator

His Prized Possession.

He beheld Us In Her.

We are  my Father’s  daughters

We are the  women who are too much!

A woman is God’s precious creation

Full of potentials

A Leader in her own right.

To all the women who are too much

It’s time to take stock of your life

Live your best life now

Live it to the fullest.

We are woman

We are too much

We are God’s extension of Love

Woman, You are loved , appreciated and Celebrated.

celebrating womanhood

Your Sista,


OBA2016@Thekingsoracle. All rights reserved.


Wisdom Wednesday.

08-17-2016 11-11-15

Impossible is a myth

It is not real

Impossible is false evidence appearing real

Forcing you to stay still

Trapped in the cage of Illusion

Instead of following His Instruction……

To them, that believe

Anything is possible.

I believe therefore I speak

Though you fire is just a little ember

Close your eyes, see the flaming fire.



Enjoy a wonderful Wednesday



I hear a voice calling me

Where is it coming from?

I’m on the verge of  breaking loose

At a point where I’m about to call it quit

There must be more to all these.

Where I am, can’t contain

Cause I am getting uncomfortable in this space

But then I hear that voice again,

Calling me deeper

I can hear, ‘Come up Higher”

He is calling me deeper

Destiny’s calling,

Purpose is pursuing me

He wants me on a higher pedestal

He is making  me stronger

Through the things, I am going through

Making me wiser

I am better than the mistakes I’ve made

No longer afraid

He’s taking Deeper

Making me stronger

Getting better I am,

I hear His voice inside of me

He’s calling me deeper.




This is for anyone out there like me ,sensing a higher calling , a new direction, a new horizon.

A brand new level, a brand new height awaits you. Submit and Surrender to that Call.

where you are can’t be all there is, God is so much, bigger than all you see.

He’s calling you………………..Deeper!

It’s time to respond.


OBA2016@Thekingsoracle. All right reserved.