The Women Who Are Too Much!




God peeped out of the window of His vast heaven.

Looked down to see His pretty jewels

The heavens beamed with Joy

When the Holder and Owner of the Universe

Paused to look at Eve(s) with such pure joy

This one-Co-creator with the Creator

His Prized Possession.

He beheld Us In Her.

We are  my Father’s  daughters

We are the  women who are too much!

A woman is God’s precious creation

Full of potentials

A Leader in her own right.

To all the women who are too much

It’s time to take stock of your life

Live your best life now

Live it to the fullest.

We are woman

We are too much

We are God’s extension of Love

Woman, You are loved , appreciated and Celebrated.

celebrating womanhood

Your Sista,


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Celebrating Womanhood…Wednesday!

To all my amazing great women,old and young, not matter the status, It is #celebratingwomanhood Wednesday. I just decided to love you all with these beautiful quotes from other great women.

To the woman in you….please don’t fade away!




From your Sista

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Dear God, I Need a Friend.

A big shout out to all the amazing women all over the world, being themselves and doing it amazingly. It’s another Wednesday, another exciting episode of #Celebratingwomanhood.

A few days ago, I told my husband that I was inviting my friend over for lunch, the next day after Sunday Service, and of course his response was, “You are now telling me on Saturday evening?

Well, telling him late wasn’t intentional , I guess I just couldn’t get round to telling him on time, because this friend in question is not someone in our collective circle of friends.

To my feminine mindset, I wanted my Husband to know the new kids on the block that I have been spending some time with in the last few months, and it was proper for me to bring one or two over to the house- A deliberate attempt on my part!

I remember, the first time I took this friend of mine out with her other friend, it was the first time for me , to take a girlfriend out ,where we just chill out and bonded as we gor to unwind,I have been invited out severally especially with the children, but that day was the first time I will take one or two girlfriends out .


You may find the title of this blog resonates in your heart, for most of us it does. Apart from letting God be your best friend through His Son, Jesus.I believe  strongly that He is very much interested in the kind of company we keep, because at the end of the day , the bottom line of every form of relationship is that God is honored and glorified through our friendship and that we also impact and Influence our circle of influence through such.

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#Sisterpower-The Birthing Stool.

celebrating womanhood

I am a strong advocate for the woman with respect to coming to the fullness of everything about her. Celebrating her grace and virtues, honoring and saluting all forms of courage displayed by the special breed-Woman!

I had the opportunity to be at  a conference over the weekend, I had seen the advert for the conference on the social media, so I went ahead to register because the convener and one of the speakers for the event happened to be women that I had started gravitating towards.

The day came, and I was dressed in white with a touch of gold,that was the dress code for the conference- I got into the hall and it felt so pure and heavenly with the sea of women in their white apparels in different styles, the interior decor of the hall and the sparkling lights in sync with the atmosphere was so surreal.

I began to experience the unusual as soon as I walked in, the first speaker was already on stage and before she went on into her discuss, she blew the shofar, that  was a significant moment for me.

One after the other all the speakers took turns and made deposits into other women as God gave them utterances. However at the turn of the third speaker,there was a shift,and that shift was indescribable, at some point while she was speaking she told us -the audience to face the other person and just speak words to one another.

The lady sitting next to me was trying to avoid the eye contact, as the speaker told us to look into each other eyes and speak life, As I tried to look into her eyes she’ll turn and look elsewhere and look back at me again, it’s not easy looking into the eyes of a stranger,because at that point in time that was all we were -strangers sitting together.


white apparels
Cross section of  Women in White!


That strangeness soon change as everyone in that hall,glittering in white apparels and gold,woman to woman,we held one another’s hand and we started to pray one for another and the prayers intensified,and the intensity increased, and the prayer language changed we began to groan as one in labour yes, we were in labour. All of a sudden we began to pray out the mind of God for one another with accuracy and clarity.  Because of God’s presence that was evident in that atmosphere, He gave us the enablement to “stand in the gap” and bring to the earth realm what had long been hanging!



Midwives- SisterPower.


Sister power

Sisters with power

Unbeknown to us

Our eyes lurked

As we held hands

Speaking life

strangers we were

With a common goal

Here on the birthing stool

To take the delivery

Of that precious child

We each carried for too long

With the help of the midwives

Saying Push!

Push correctly!

This is your moment in time

Chin down your chest

Now push, they screamed

I’m too tired, she cried

The pain is too much

For me to bear

Then the midwife whispered in her ears

Holding her hand tenderly,

We are in this together.

With the warmth from her midwife

And the joy of seeing her baby

She pushed one last time

Oh! the sound of a crying baby

Destiny was birthed

On that stool

With such SisterPOWER

Sister power so pure

so true, it goes beyond

class and status quo

This power is beyond age or degree

Sister power that levels from all end

for the sole purpose of PURPOSE

So that heaven’s investment

Is not a colossal loss.

Sister power endowed by our Father

For strange works of righteousness

In the earth realm

Breaking the chains of affliction.

Sister power divine enablement

For impact and Influence.

#Womensupportingwomen #Womenmentoringwomen #conception#delivery#wombman

These article and poem are a dedication to all the women supporting  other women in the realization of their God-ordained destinies. #ROTH2016 #Bidemi Mark-Mordi #Mayokunoreofe#Annamccoy#Lindawallace . #Winningwomen #warriorwomen.

I celebrate you all.


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Pictures courtesy: ROTH Crew.





#Mopelola- She is Womb(man).

Wombman= Man with a Womb=Woman.

celebrating womanhood

I heard someone once say,

When you are  a manufacturer, your first product is a test. She was making reference to the fact that when God created Man, Adam was a test product after He created Adam, God wasn’t satisfied because all Adam was hard Rock.

But God needed another kind of product that will partner with him in the business of Creation full of emotion,soft and succulent with the ability to receive and nurture seeds of greatness to fruition. So he went back to his drawing board  and started mapping out strategies to make another man,but this time having different feature and a bag inside her to conceive life and assist God in spreading life -the bag is her womb.

The rest they say is history- In today’s world, we see how the Man tries to annihilate himself by destroying his Womb(man) with every weapon available. Through the many faces of violence and abuse against Her.

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#Forgeahead…Celebrating Womanhood.

How time flies! We are already half way through the year 2016.  As we stepped into the month of June, for the very first few days , I was reviewing and revisiting my goals and plans for the year. To be honest, I am grateful for the milestones recorded in the pastmonths and other achievements, but on the other hand I was beating myself up for some other things that I should have been able to do, if not for  excuses!

One of the areas I was lagging behind was in the area of reading more books and attending seminars, programmes etc to enhance my personal growth and development. Despite the fact that I had bought more books in recent times, I have not been able to bring myself to spending the time to read and study them like I should.

What about attending seminars,conferences? Nada!, The excuse has been not having the time, or something else clashing with the dates  and on and on with the excuses. 

So I decided that if I want to make significant impact with myself in the second half of the year ,here is my second chance to come higher and stop making excuses, and review the goals , maybe there are some unrealistic goals I need to revisit and trim here and there so that I can get qualitative results at the end of the day.

In the quest for reviews and revisits of goals and dream, I began to notice a certain advert online and on a few of my friends post, at a point it was as if  anywhere I turn I would see something about it, Then I knew I had to enquire about the conference.

business simmit

Though I have been hearing about Thriving Business Women Fellowship for a long while, I have not had the opportunity to attend any of their programs. The opportunity presented itself again this time and I wasn’t going to miss it.

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Don’t lose that girl.

It’s Wednesday again! Another exciting time to share everything and anything about womanhood. The values and virtues of being a woman, the highs and the lows of womanhood. The intricacies and complexities of that Special breed –The Woman!

As I start to scribble down my thoughts for today, on Celebrating Womanhood Wednesday. I asked myself this question,” what is womanhood?

Womanhood is the stage or the condition of being a woman- It is the pinnacle of our physical development, that stage at which we shed the last vestige of our childhood and become real ladies- Grown-up Ladies.

Womanhood is that point when we begin to see the world from a new and different perspective-gaining new strength that only women possess. It is that when we take the world and we do- we are all things ….to all men!

Mothers,sisters,writers,singers,lovers,friends,daughters, wives,partners. The list goes on and on.

In the bid of becoming or stepping into “womanhood,” we race from Childhood to adulthood fighting so hard to be seen as grown women,mature and serious. I see young girls today ,who are gradually entering into adolescence trying to fight hard not to be called ‘little girls’. We don’t want to be seen as girls anymore.

Why do we just want to forget about that state of “girliness”. To be Girl is to be weak, naive and seen as immature. The girl is not ready,she is too playful, too innocent.

Most of the time we’ve tried hard to get rid of the girl in us as if it were a kind of blemish. Is it true that we must leave our girlhood behind and never look back!. In our eagerness to embrace womanhood we have forgotten what it is to be a girl.

Girls on the playground so ready to fight and win


Girls in the classroom with our intelligence and creative abilities,believing we can be anything,do anything, The girls that do not have time to think about the flaws in their figure-The only weight  we are concerned about is the brain on the head,and the books in the bag.

Girls who want to dance and play,learn and laugh, Girls who believe in themselves, who have confidence, no fears, and no worries.

What separates the girl and the woman? where is the place between the girl and the woman? The place where two identities clash and  leave us exhausted and confused with us and everybody else.

We start running from girlhood to the freedom that womanhood provides(I wonder if there is anything like freedom, though)  we are trying to catch the trains as our mothers,aunties who seemed to know the way. we’ve listened to those who have gone ahead of us,who wanted us to have life easier than they did.

In keeping up with their patterns,and models we are so busy becoming women, because it takes so much to be one, that we left the “girl” behind.

The girl is left behind so we can survive,because we were told the girl cannot face what the woman must face. we have come to learn that being a woman mens living by the rules od others,except ours! The rules that made us self-conscious of everything- what we look like, how we act, believing that the only way through is being ,”woman of steel”- strong ,tough,sleek and smooth!   I wish that was true.

We have become so preoccupied by the demands and contradictions of the rules,we do not have time for girlish folly.


How do we come back into the girliness of our womanhood? how could we ever  feel as a girl does feel?  Free witha fearless heart!

To experience true womnhood we must embrace the girl in us-The girl who just want to have fun-Like that Cyndi Lauper’song of the 90’s. The girl who is not afraid of making mistakes,taking on new feat,-That confident,bold,fearless girl is in every woman.

We must embrace her-inner girl and importantly we must understand thatour immediate environment ,our circle of influence become a better place when we activates the dynamics of our girliness in our womanhood.

gils havfun.jpg


Woman, don’t leave the girl in you behind

Don’t lose that girl!

Girls, just want to have fun

In the middle of mid-life crisis

Girls,just want to have fun

when the working day is done

Girls just want to have fun

To walk in the sun

just have fun

When some boy come take the beautiful girl

Hide her from the rest of the world

Oh girls just want to have fun.


Inspired by Cyndi Lauper’s Girls just want to have fun.

Photo credit:Pinterest.

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Wfm (91.7) The Women Inspired Radio Station.

You’re on to WFM 91.7 Nigeria’s 1st radio station for women …and their families. It is the Evening Experience and we have an  amazing guest in the house this evening….OBA!

That was the soothing voice of one of Nigeria’s OAP-Bisola Aiyeola who received me at their station yesterday. The interview experience was really awesome with Bisola and her Crew. That  was my first radio show to promote my music,and it wasn’t a coincidence that my first radio gig,was at a radio station specially set up for the Woman!

Today,On Celebrating Womanhood Wednesday,I am dedicating this Post to celebrate WFM 91.7. You already know how passionate I am about “Womanhood”,so when I hear about platforms, or projects set up to enhance womanhood . I embrace such!

WFM 91.7 hit the Nigerian airwaves towards the end of the year 2015 and was primed to be a reliable, leading and trusted  source for all information and matters of interests for women and their families engaging on issues of local,national,and international importance to all.

Though licensed for women,the radio station’s programming content is designed to also cater for the men and the family by engaging and addressing everyday issues of interest for women, the men in their lives and their families.

So it was such a great honor for me when I met the CEO of WFM 91.7 some weeks back at a Charity Event where I performed. I celebrate this great Visionaire, Toun Okewale-Sonaiya for this great cause,creating a platform for the voice of womanhood. The chance meeting  birthed the Interview session I had last night at the radio station.


With the MD/CEO WFM 91.7- Toun Okewale-Sonaiya at the British Council, Lagos.


I just love this logo,there something about the W and that frequency wave
That moment when you’re transported into a deeper realm of surrender listening to the song on air #LeadMe
Myself with the Multi-talented OAP,Singer,MC with a swag-Bisola Aiyeola
We all had #fun #blessed and Motivated.


#iamOBA…..making a divine statement with an African signature!


Today I celebrate the Women of substance

Today,I celebrate women of worth

Blazing trails in the airwaves

Great amazons touching lives

Through Information per seconds

Ladies with depth, finesse, and class

Champions of great cause

With conversations as art

I celebrate the women of WFM RADIO 91.7

Women of Confidence

Competent, Agile, barrier breakers

Here’s to you

Toun Okewale-Sonaiya, Bisola Aiyeola

Tito, Lanre and all the amazing minds…

To all my sisters ,blazing trails in their different fields

In the home front, the corporate world, art,entertainment

Politics, or the judiciary.

To all the women 

Young and Old

Pursuing their goals

Achieving their dreams….fearlessly!

Ride on girlie

Keep on shining

Now and Always.


OBA2016@Thekingsoracle. All rights reserved.