Angels Song.

I heard it first

Twas while I slept

I heard it again

Could it be a dream

Woke with a song

In my head

and resonates in my heart

The thought brought me peace

They said Angels sang to me

So I awake to sing

sing the peaceful ……ANGELS SONG.



IMG_20160404_074551  In response to Ronvan -write-weekly-haiku-challenge SING AND PEACE.

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Discover Challenge: Songs from my heart.

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Song my favorite word. Singing has become second nature to me, The feeling that overwhelms me when I take the microphone and stand on the stage, truly I was born for this.  Music found me,and lyrical expression was embedded in my loins, such that even in my sleep ,I am singing a song.

Different songs resonate with me at a different season. lately, I was having difficulties coping with major disappointment,because of the setback, I found that I was emitting negative energy,I didn’t want that.

I just found myself going back to a song I have just written and recorded like a dummy recording, Listening to that song over and over again melted my heart,and reaffirms the Father’s love for me [God].  Even when it seems I am facing a disappointment , I am never alone,my father’s love overwhelms me, helping to see things in the right perspective and helping me realise that there is always a way out. Now that’s the power of a song.

The great Reggae music legend, Bob Marley had this to say about music and song,

One good thing about music,when it hits you, you feel no pain.

Many times in life we face situations pleasant and unpleasant, we are faced with challenges that almost want to snuff life out of us , but as soon a you hear a song that resonates with you, it emits a beautiful feeling and you almost forget what you are going through.

Songs and smells will bring you back to a moment in time than anything else. It’s amazing how much can be conjured witha few notes of a song ora solitary whiff of a room.-Emily Giffin.

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Music found me. Always be in command of your Music.


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The state of my mind…..Right now!

I am feeling funny today,

I guess it one of those days

When I feel a void in my heart,an emptiness

that nobody else can fill up.

It started yesterday or so

today it weighed me down I didn’t want to get out of bed.

So I got out of bed reluctantly and went about the day’s chores without any zest.

I couldnt even respond to today’s writing 101.

That song won’t leave my heart

Yes there’s a deep longing in my heart for my paraclete

so I picked my guitar and the words began to flow

It’s a longing in my heart for more of you,God!

Its about 49 days to the end of 2015.

I am grateful for everything, I think I am,

But I am not satisfied, I can be more,I can do more.

I need to know you’re thinking of me Lord.

Holy Spirit come fill me up one more time.

Help me know that you got my back

Cause sometimes I am not too sure.