What went wrong?

I used to think that there’s was a perfect union

Until that fated morning

I always thought love was enough

Until that morning

Bewildered I was,

As I watched my lady

Carrying all her bags

Only to say goodbye

To yesterday…






Like a Jigsaw Puzzle

Life is a bundle of

Eventual Juggles

That unravels daily

Looking for meaning lately

Lift your eyes and see

The sea of puzzling puzzles

That only HE unravels.



Here I am at my computer

ready to scribble words profusely

Words that inspire Hope

And propels for positivity

Grateful for life and the ability

To write from the well that runs profusely

with thankfulness to you all out there.

May the new month be filled with love unending

And Thanksgiving with Profuse joy.



Baby Steps…Silhouette.

My darling little baby

Innocent little mind

gradually grasping life’s tiny details

Becoming aware of his environment

The light went out suddenly

I noticed his fears of the dark

under the flash of a torch

surprised to see his shadow

the beautiful image

Yes his first silhouette

The silhouette of his self-aware

cast directly upon the walls

directly upon my heart.

baby step silhouette

(c) OBA@Thekingsoracle2018.

In response to the Daily promptSilhouette

I changed my mind…….

I hear her from the radio

The mind is a terrible thing

To waste.

I wonder what the blabbing was all about

Then it dawned on me

As I progress in my space

Indeed my mind is my treasure chest

The debris ,I began to empty out

Then things became  clearer

All the negative vibes,all thrown out

Now I smell fresh

then I understood clearer

What the saying meant,

The mind is a terrible thing to waste.

I was already wasting my mind on debris

Insecurity, low self-esteem,and all that,

I experienced a mind shift

A change of mind

Now I am WHOLE

Feeling great and loving life

I changed my mind…..to beautiful!

08-16-2016 11-15-21


A great day to you all,

OBA2016@Thekingsoracle. All rights reserved.


RonovanWritesWeeklyHaikuPoetryPromptChallenge105 Change&Mind.



One Word -Leap!

One word Prompts from The daily Post


You need to take a leap of faith

If you must experience the fullness of God

The fullness of Love, 

The fullness of Life.

You got take to take a chance at life

And when you do, you just might shine

Aiming high, reaching for the stars

Though you might be scared

Life’s the board on which you Spring

When you jump, He’s there to keep

Keep you from failing

If you do fall

He’ll pick you up

As you leap again,

Take a leap of faith

Hanging on God’s grace.


OBA2016@Thekingsoracle. All rights reserved.


Speak to my Heart.

Last night I got This is your song . I pondered on it for a while till I went to bed. I  had difficulties trying to decide on which song out of the zillion songs I listen to :D.

This morning I continued to ponder on whether to respond to the prompt, I was reminded of this song again….. “Speak to my heart”.  by Donnie McClurkin. 

A few day ago, I was unable to sleep through the night,as much as tried to, I couldn’t because I felt like I was listening to a discuss,in my heart. The feeling was a sweet feeling, a nudging that it was going to be a long night.

After the end of the ‘Love thang’ with the Spirit, It was a moment of writing love notes( I can’t share the notes now, at least not yet 😉 -I went back to bed ,and as I laid myself to bed . I heard “Speak to my heart” look for the song. I will check it out in the morning,I said to myself,but He won’t let me be.  I googled the song which was released in 1996.  It used to be my favorite songs in my college days as a young Christian,I listened to it,it brought back the nostalgia.

This morning,the song came to me again,as soon as I got the boys ready and set for school, It’s been on repeat mode. This is what I have written from a line of the song.

             Speak to my heart ,Holy Spirit

            Give me the words that will be new life,

            Message of love to encourage me,

             To inspire and encourage others

           Words that will lift others from despair.


   Speak to my heart,

  Those sweet melodies 

  The rhythm of life

The rhythm of hope,for the hopeless.


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Let the Journey Begins!


Happy New Year! Beautiful people in a beautiful world. It’s been such a beautiful beginning with families and friends catching up and casting new visions. The Journey has begun so fasten your seat-belt.

For some people like me , you might still be in that 2015 reflections/2016 intentions mode.  wherever or whatever mode you are ….The journey has began , so let’s start the journey 🙂 . 

I hope to share every bit of my journey as life happens this 2016.  As I was waiting on the Lord in the place of prayer and meditation the other day, I asked the Lord for this one thing, in the words of King David, the psalmist;

Let the morning bring me word of your unfailing love for i have put my trust in you.

Show me the way that I should go for to you I entrust my life. Psalm 143:8

This is my daily focus,as I look to the One who holds the future, to guide and guard my daily dealings.

I will also like to use the scripture guide for Today’s prayer guide.

#todayprayerguide: Psalm 143:8.

Enjoy your day