APRIL… Apprehend all!

Happy New Month People!

Apprehend all the fullness of God’s intent and purpose for lives in this new month.

Bounce back into the moment and exert momentum to take this,”Now Season”.

May all you desire become tangible realities right here, right now!

hello april


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Behind the scenes #2

The journey is about Process

The process takes time

In time,


we are trained through life’s activities

To become what we were made to be

Sometimes beaten and battered

Other times with great triumphs

Displaying life’s trophies in winning ways

Laying aside weightier matters

Pressing on to apprehend

To take hold of destiny’s child

Within our bowels

Win some, lose some

Take on new disciplines

Gain new perspectives

It is a daily Process

The way Paul puts it,”I DIE DAILY”

Dying to yesterday’s myth

Alive to today’s presence

It is a daily Process.


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