It’s all coming together.

It’s all coming together

like a jigsaw puzzle

The bits and pieces

It’s  making sense gradually

It’s all coming together

The birth pangs and pains

of a virgin in labour

The pain of restlessness

when there is so much

yet so little expressed

The frustrations of a weary writer

The teary eyes of melodious harpist

so much of blood ,sweat and heat

but it all coming together

Though it hardwork

But it pays off

when you don’t give up

Sometimes you feel flat and dry

but then ,the gush of adrenalin

And you never want to stop

The river of creativity flowing

It’s all coming together

Through persistence and much resilience

Dont hang up now

Before you  know it

when you look back

from the otherside of purpose

You will realize

That it all came together….. afterall!

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Monday In The Mix.






Let the morning bring me words of your unfailing love , for I have put my trust in you:

Show me the way that I should go,for to you I entrust my life.

Here’s to Monday and a Fabulous weeK ahead.



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D.I.Y Camera clicks away.

I have always been fascinated with the world of photography, One of my out-of-box-goal for this year is to enroll under someone to learn the art of photography.

I believe in the power of the camera lens, it can produce magical moments with any objects.  After Registering for Photo101 on blogging -U, I tried as much as possible to get myself a better phone so that at least I can use the phone camera to do the course. I can’t afford to buy a good camera now, so much on budget plan.

I know my hubby bought an HD Sony ZEISS lens a while back, but we hardly use it, except for my son-Gods wonder who uses once in a while to record himself sing or talk-He likes to do presentations like that.

So this morning I search for it, found it and I have been messing around with it all day! I am the only one at home so I have been climbing on the gate to get angles for shots.. what Photo101 will cause ehn!

I ended up taking some shots of playing around with the camera, and I thought to myself, let me look for a USBcable and try to connect with my laptop maybe I will be able to get it uploaded on my laptop.

Lo and behold, I got the pictures uploaded on my laptop and now here they are:



This colourful flower is planted in my house- I can’t remember the name, but I hear its medicinal.
I took a horizontal shot with the camera. I love the yellowish details as it pops up in  the picture.

This is the entrance to my apartment, My aim was to capture the Iron barricade protecting the glass door. 😀
This last shot was taken from a vertical angle.

Lesson learnt:

Don’t be afraid of doing something new, even when it seems you don’t have a clue. You passion and desire will help you find a way through it.

Now I am going to be carrying this HD camera all about town. Photo101 just got pimped. 😀


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