It’s all coming together.

It’s all coming together

like a jigsaw puzzle

The bits and pieces

It’s  making sense gradually

It’s all coming together

The birth pangs and pains

of a virgin in labour

The pain of restlessness

when there is so much

yet so little expressed

The frustrations of a weary writer

The teary eyes of melodious harpist

so much of blood ,sweat and heat

but it all coming together

Though it hardwork

But it pays off

when you don’t give up

Sometimes you feel flat and dry

but then ,the gush of adrenalin

And you never want to stop

The river of creativity flowing

It’s all coming together

Through persistence and much resilience

Dont hang up now

Before you  know it

when you look back

from the otherside of purpose

You will realize

That it all came together….. afterall!

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Photo of the Day#2.

Here is a beautiful picture from the dining hall of Hotel Ramada, where Mr and I stayed for the second half of our trip to the Holy Land.DSC02602.JPGDSC02603.JPG



The table is set! friends, Bon a petit!

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Monday In The Mix.






Let the morning bring me words of your unfailing love , for I have put my trust in you:

Show me the way that I should go,for to you I entrust my life.

Here’s to Monday and a Fabulous weeK ahead.



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Reading Fictions.. C’mon!

I never thought that I will ever read fiction books again, but ever since this whole thing with blogging began,how i have come across some many wonderful writers and bloggers ,with the way the weave words and story together. I have been thinking about how nice it would be to start reading them again.. Some one once said that one of the ways to be become great at what you do, is to find out how others are doing what are trying to do.

The last time I read anything close to fiction was thirty-something years ago. It’s been like forever,way back in secondary school when me and friends used to hang out with Mill&Boons, Hallequine Romance and James Hardly Chase.

You are regarded as a cool dude,if you got one of those books back then. But after my secondary school days, the fiction story adventure ended. I never got back to reading anything near fiction again.

I have a library filled with all kinds of books ranging from music to public speaking,leadership,relationship,managerial to Christian living and lifestyle,not one fiction book.

Yesterday I went driving round my neighborhood with a friend of mine,and I decided to do some shopping at a nearby mall. After picking all that I wanted , there was a particular item missing ,I made enquiry and was told to go to the first floor of the mall. As I made my way around the upper section of the mall ,I came across the book section,and found some interesting books with interesting price tags n them :D.

I found some great  books there and thought to myself,” It would be a great idea to pick one of this fictions novels” 

finding Ava

I mean if you want to improve your writing skills,pick one of them books right now – There I pick this one Kathy Rodgers ,Finding Ava. It was love at first sight, there was this gushing rush of emotion I felt, First it is the first book I am buying in the new year, and it is different from all the other genres that I am familiar with.

Its Wednesday gratitude challenge with Collines blog. I am grateful that finally I got over my fears about fictions or romance novel *whispering*(I always thought it was ‘unchristian’ to read stories on romance,adventures and fictions generally). I am grateful for the desire to grow as a writer and get out of my comfort zone-safe haven and plunge into adventure as a reader and more importantly as a writer(versatile)!.

Phew!! Thank you Lord.

Thanks Collines I  finally got round participating in this Challenge.