Hello, from the other side.

happybithdayobaHello, blogosphere it’s me again. It’s been ages I know.

I have been busy doing life at different spaces and levels.

But you are always on my mind

I will catch up with you soon

But for now.



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Stay with it,Until it sticks.

Every Monday, I do a video blog called #mondaymusing on my facebook page and on my Instagram page as well. Today I shared the topic above,”stay with it,until it sticks”- The Power and principle of vision and focus.

About a week ago,My husband bought a music CD,played it in my car, and left it there. I played it also,but there way a particular track on the CD that just appealed to my person, so I kept on playing that track, it was on repeat mode everyday that I had to drive .

It got to a point, that even while asleep I could still sing the song, It was practically playing non-stop in my head and heart. A remarkable experience it was for me, because the experiment or exercise just proved to me that when you keep doing something over and over again ,it becomes a part of you.

The same principle is applicable to life, purpose  your vision, the more you do it,and keep doing it, the more it becomes a part of you.

In the same week, I met a dear friend,who told me she read my interview in the tabloid, that as she was reasing, she just couldn’t help but appreciate the fact that I stayed with my assignment and calling against all odds, she told me, “Sis you just wouldn’t bulge to life’s threat, you kept at this assignment”.

I told her , I didn’t have any choice than to stay with it until it sticks. I tell you thare were days and season where I just wanted to give up, but then when you realise that God’s purpose for you is the reason why you are, you will summon courage and begin to push.

Vision and Purpose can only be accomplished by focusing and focusing on to the end,whatever purpose God has given you, that may be looking bleak now.Stay with it, until the end.


There is no vision that get accomplished at the beginning of the process, at the end it speak if you only stay with it, have you given up on a dream, or projects or whatever, go back again, oick that thing up and start all over again.

You have been placed in ths earth realm for that vision, that purpose of God, so hang on in there, stay with it until it sticks, because at the end it shall speak.

Remember, Jesus Christ,he said in the scriptures, that he came for one purpose, for one vision was he sent to be the sacrifice for man, and he stayed with that assignment until the end, today, after thousands of years after, Humanity is still been blessed because of Christ.

Humanity is also waiting and counting on you to give full expressions to the mandate of God for your life,so that people can be blessed, even though it doesn’t look like much right now, I encourage as I encourage myself.

Stay with it,until it sticks!


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#MondayMusing- Collaboration.

In the last few weeks , I started sharing my thoughts via video on my instagram page and on my facebook. The aim is to be able to impact someone and as a result of the impact, the someone also impacts another. On and on, and wll cause a ripple effect as the cycle goes on and on.

Part of the reasons why I was scarcely seen on this blogosphere ,was because I wanted to have clarity and not just beating the air …aimlessly! Thanks be to God, the assignment is getting clearer and clearer.

Today On #mondaymusingswithOBA, I shared  a bit about the power of collaboration. This stemmed out of the things that had already started unfolding in my life as regards my asignment and my journey.

There is a common saying like this,”No man is an island” because of this phenomenal and fundamental truth, life without collaboration is empty and vague! I was blessed to meet an amazing dynamite Coach Bidemi Mark-Mordi,  we call her”SistaB”, read more here #Sisterpower-The Birthing Stool., from that meeting I knew I was in for a greater level of walk and work.

Collaboration is an empowering connection with sole purpose of making the people involved together are in a “Win-win” situation.

Collaboration is not selfish in nature, it is not about ,”what is in it for me” but about  ” we-win together!

For you to get the best out of a collaborative effort, you must have something that you are bringing to the table.

Don’t say, “I don’t have anything to offer”, you do have a whole lot to bring to the table no matter how insignificant you think that gift,or idea is.

Little is much ,in a collaborative environment,whatever you have to bring to the table, will make a world of impact.

In whichever relationship you may find your self ,Remember it is an empowerment to better all involved, at home, at work and at play.

A Three fold cord cannot be easily broken.

You can check out  today’s musing , https://facebook.com/bamike.adeyemi.



Inspired from the book -Sista Power by Bidemi Mark-Mordi




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Musing, randomly.

What do I write? Randomly Musingly!


Never take anyone or anything personally-What others do is not because of you. what others do, or say is a projection of their own reality,their ideologies,their dream.when you are immune to the opinions and actions other people it will save you from being a victim of needless worries and sufferings.

Don’t make assumptions- I used to do that a lot, I just assume that things will just fall in place, people will do what they ought to do and all that. It is not a crime to ask questions when in doubt, there is no harm in express what you really want. Communicate with others as clearly as you can be, it goes a long way to avoid being misunderstood, and reduce all the charades and drama of assumptions and misconception.






Welcome to a brand new day, A beautiful weekend packed full of pleasant surprises, New relationship initiated, and just been a blessing one person at a time.

I know things are going get brighter and better today! Do you know why?

Because of the Lord’s great love we are not consumed,

for His compassion never fail.

They are new every morning;

Great is your faithfulness.

Lam 3: 23-24.

Go on and enjoy the faithfulness of God and and His Loveliness, While you are at it. Show someone else how Faithful and Loving He is.

Be an extension of Grace and Favor, this weekend.



There, sit !


There !have your seat,

While I sit next to you

Take your time savour this moment

This precious moment with just the two of us.

Open your heart,

Free your mind.

I will take you on this journey with me.

The journey into bliss, into all possibilities.

As you take your sit, feel the wind blow all over

The trees of the field as they clap their hands,

Applauding the new visitor,

Taking a sit right now, right here.

Will you like to sit here with me?

@ OBA 2016. #poetryfloetic.

Image credit: Pinterest.

My 2015 in pictures

There are some things words can’t express accurately,As I take a retrospective look at the year ending 2015. I am grateful, for the gift of life,love,family,friendship,adventure and challenges. Every experience made the year memorable.  I just thought of having me some #throwback moment with photos. 😉

This picture of my boys was taking on Monday morning, they had to come with me as I went to minister to some group of factory workers in Otta,Ogun state (one the benefits of being on holidays, they get to follow mummy to do ministry) . They had a moment of selfie after the ministration. 🙂

my boys


With my partner for life,singing and playing the drums behind me. My #1 fan-Hubby

playing second mummy at my baby brother's wedding.
playing second mummy at my baby brother’s wedding.
#before.mic check 123
awesome moment with bob fitts&wife.
awesome moment with bob fitts&wife.
busy christmas season
busy Christmas season


One of the sweet memories of 2015-OBA&Friends 3rd anniversary.

memories of 2015

Bow down before the Lord . moment in2015

With the best music team in the world-The priestlykings. I love this team to bits.Oba n Efe2

That moment when you get to sing with another daughter of the Lord. My dearest Efe Nathan and my crew.



Today, I get to join https://collinesblog.com/category/my-gratitude-project. I am so grateful that I finally found a way round it. I remember asking colline the other time about and never got to do anything about it.

I am grateful  I get the opportunity to be involve in projects like this that points me on a daily basis to be thankful for big things and the small things of life. Though I keep a gratitude journal, I am still  grateful that with a platform like colline’s I get to learn and share more about the innumerable number of things to write about and be grateful  for,and also read about what other people all around the world are grateful for.

grateful https://collinesblog.com for the honor to participate.  🙂

Muse ,Musing,Muse.

In the middle of writing a short story

I got brain freeze(failure to remember something,with the sense that recall is imminent).

So here I am musing,or trying to find my muse.


There it is, I found it right in my face.

And when the storm is over,you wont remember how you made it through,how you managed to survive,you won’t be sure if the storm is really over.

But one thing is certain,when you come out of the storm,you wont be the same person who walked in.

I hope someone out there is blessed by my  Wednesday Musing. 🙂 🙂

A penny for your musing too?


PHOTO CREDIT: izquotes.com