I’m possible.


On my way to this reality

with much trepidation

Inexplicable anxiety

I’m possible 

And that’s enough for me.


I’m possible

In the meantime of my life’s journey

Taking advantage of every downtime

And  preparation time

Because the celebration of my highlight reels

Is within my time on mother earth

I’m possible.


I’m possible

Able to do much more

In love with the reality of me

Accepted in the beloved

flooded with mercy

Encapsulated in Grace


I’m possible.






Valentine or no Valentine.

loveLove is life, so it should be celebrated on a daily basis.

I really don’t give much thought to Valentines Day, because I believe every day is a valentine day.

From the part of the world where I am from, a lot of people go overboard in trying to celebrate this Valentine, to the detriment of themselves and their loved ones. That’s no longer love, it has become something else.

Valentine or no Valentine, Remember always that you are LOVED and you are special to God.

To the young people out there, Valentine’s day does not license for premarital sex, don’t  complicate your lives, love is not sex, sex is not loving. 

Premarital Sex is selfishness, wanting covenant pleasures without covenant commitments.

To the married and no Vals, take time to remind yourself of the selfless commitment you made to each other, and find ways to bring sparkle into that fire of love that burns in your heart, Value one and another and take time to always celebrate.

To the singles and no Vals, Love on yourself, never think that because you don’t have a date, something is wrong with you.  Your validation is not on your date. You are the one who gives value to you. Don’t be pressured into compromise.

Valentine or no Valentine, God loves endures. He wants you to be his Own! Christ’s love towards us is unparalleled, never to be compared with any. His love is the best you can ever get.

On that note,

Happy Valentine’s Day



Hello Love Month!


Oops! January is gone already,. The New Year is fast becoming old already. We are grateful for life.Thanks to the Lord Almighty for Life.

Hello February, the month of love. I believe every month is a month of love because we get to share each moment in time surrounded by those we love.

So here’s wishing you a fabulous February filled with flavored favor from the father above.


Random Musing #57.

The Cry for More 

The yearnings of every soul

From one season to another

The thirst for more, Insatiable.

Satisfy us in the morning 

With your unfailing love

Only you truly satisfy.



What is  your cry for more?



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Wisdom Wednesday.

08-03-2016 11-01-05.PNG

Loving others is the only way to fully live the God kind of life.

As we love and show love to others by our words and action, we join forces with our Heavenly Father to make His intents a reality in the earth realm.

Let the ZOE of God flow through you today,as you meet the needs of others with that gentle touch, a smile at a stranger, a wink.

Go the extra mile with a kind word, a kind act, be an extension of  God’s life  Today!

Let this mind be in you as it was in Christ Jesus!

Have a wonderful Wednesday.


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Blog! Blogging!! Blogosphere.

Blog: an abbreviated version of ‘weblog’, which is a term used to describe websites that maintain an ongoing chronicle of information.

Blogging is a love /hate relationship, it is not just for fun

Though you must enjoy doing it, but it’s not all the time you are excited about it.

Blogging is a rite of passage to those passionate and serious about it, I hope I can say that about me.

I hear how people are making cool cash out of this chronicles, I would love to get some of the cash  sometimes soon. (who no like better thing0 but until then I keep  on falling in and out and in again with you blog!

In the meantime, I have learnt that it is not about pleasing others, it is about your truth, no matter how great or ugly it may look , write! just write whatever comes to mind till your hands bleed- Because content is king.

The more you let it out, the more it flows from you to the world. You can never tell who’s watching. You can never tell who will identify with your truth.

With my blank space ready for some inkling, Here I stand as a ready writer.

Let my words inspire, let it encourage you as I encourage me.

Above all let the Master writer of life chronicles delight in words, as he lets out His smiles to me as he reads my heart poured out in this space called “blogosphere’. Because God is involved.



Passionately blogging,

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With open arms

I welcome a new dawn

As the father of life 

Came knocking on my heart’s door.

It’s a brand new day

My mind is open wide

For the inflow of new opportunities

I am ready for love

So my being is open and alive

For the warm embrace of nature’s best gift-

Divinity expressed through Humanity

Christ’s love and life.

I open myself up

To be an extension of that sweet love today

My classroom door is ajar

Let the teachers come in 

This student is opened to new lessons

As the elements open themselves 

of the treasuries embedded.

My hands are open to receive

My heart is open to give

My mind ready to perceive.

To you Lord I open my life.



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SUBMITTED To The daily Post OPEN

Monday In the Mix.

Welcome to an exciting Monday, a great week of Superb accomplishments- Living,Loving, Laughing and Giving no matter how big or small.

No matter how everything turns out today,and even this week. Remember God got your back.

keep calm




Have a blessed week ahead.

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Say It Softly….


Say it softly in my ears

Tell me how much you love me

Say it softly into my ears

Let my heart receive your warmth

The coolness of your voice

As the words flowed

Out from your soul

Carried by the winds

The message of love

You spoke quietly

Echoes in my heart

As you

Say it softly in my ears

I hear loud and clear

Your whisper of love.

04-25-2016 20-52-50


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In response to The Daily Prompt,Whisper