Enrolment begin!

The day that fetus


enters into the world

The doors of the school of life opens

Where experience becomes the teacher

Everyday unwraps its lessons

No one ever knows what’s next on the curriculum

Nobody ever gets prepared for the reality manifest

Just that when life begins

Enrollment begins

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Hello Love Month!


Oops! January is gone already,. The New Year is fast becoming old already. We are grateful for life.Thanks to the Lord Almighty for Life.

Hello February, the month of love. I believe every month is a month of love because we get to share each moment in time surrounded by those we love.

So here’s wishing you a fabulous February filled with flavored favor from the father above.


Life’s rhythmic interludes.

Hello, blogger world.

I know it’s been like forever, but we are back!

The last one year or so had been filled with so many rhythmic interludes in my life. But I am excited to be back here to gradually get my writing groove back and catch up with all my blogger friends.  I hope to share some of those rhythmic interludes in the days ahead.


Until then,

It feels good to be here again

Se dada le wa?

Translated: Trust you’re doing well.

(c) OBA@Thekingsoracle2018.


Weary Wanderer.

Life is a journey and on that journey, there are those who just wander around.

Individuals  who just go through the motions, through the cycles of life, without asking questions about life in itself. They seem to see no purpose in life beyond enduring the day to day living. Just getting at the slightest chance life gives.

08-10-2016 09-11-30

To them things just happenned , no clue, no plan, no enthusiam, Nothing!

Trust me, I was once like that, clueless about why I am here, no excited about anything, because there was nothing to be excited about. (So I thought)!

Until I got to the point where I became dissatisfied about everything around me, and within me.There must be more to this Life!

I remember this old hymnal from back in the days whose first line goes like this; “weary wanderer, stop and listen!, I can’t remember the other part of the Hymn, but this first line as remained with me for as long as I can remember.

As I began to listen more, I found out , and I am still discovering  that I am made of more, in service to God and fellow Human beings, I am beginning to give full expressions to the “more’ that has been inputed in my DNA even before time began.

I began to embrace and love life more, and to be thankful and grateful for each passing moment for it a rare gift. Maintaining a positive attitude in the face of confronting low self esteem,and lack of confidence is not an easy task.  The story’s changed from ” once-upon-a-time-weary-wanderer ‘ to a vibrant ,confident ,Godchaser in pursuit-of-purpose.

To apprehend all that for which God through Christ apprehended me.

Per adventure, there is a weary wanderer, just like I used to be, reading this right now,the voice of your creator is calling on you to stop! and listen to the plans and purpose He has for you. Jer 29:11.

Maybe you know someone, in this state, Kindly love on them, show them through your acts that in deed life is beautiful,contrary to what he/she may be going through.

Let them know that they are never alone, or forsaken in this journey,show them in love that , they have a great life ahead, so they should not settle down with “going through the motion”.

Weary Wanderer stop and listen , God’s voice is calling you to reason, to life, to purpose.


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Wisdom Wednesday.

08-03-2016 11-01-05.PNG

Loving others is the only way to fully live the God kind of life.

As we love and show love to others by our words and action, we join forces with our Heavenly Father to make His intents a reality in the earth realm.

Let the ZOE of God flow through you today,as you meet the needs of others with that gentle touch, a smile at a stranger, a wink.

Go the extra mile with a kind word, a kind act, be an extension of  God’s life  Today!

Let this mind be in you as it was in Christ Jesus!

Have a wonderful Wednesday.


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With open arms

I welcome a new dawn

As the father of life 

Came knocking on my heart’s door.

It’s a brand new day

My mind is open wide

For the inflow of new opportunities

I am ready for love

So my being is open and alive

For the warm embrace of nature’s best gift-

Divinity expressed through Humanity

Christ’s love and life.

I open myself up

To be an extension of that sweet love today

My classroom door is ajar

Let the teachers come in 

This student is opened to new lessons

As the elements open themselves 

of the treasuries embedded.

My hands are open to receive

My heart is open to give

My mind ready to perceive.

To you Lord I open my life.



OBA2016@Thekingsoracle. All rights reserved.




SUBMITTED To The daily Post OPEN

I’m possible!

06-01-2016 15-37-00

 I believe  in the authenticity of my femininity

I believe in the fragility of my heart 

Therein lies my strength

For when I’m weak

Then I am strong

I believe in the truth of my voice

For when I speak my heart is revealed

I believe in the potency of the powers

Lurked within me

My feistiness and fierceness

My gentleness and brokenness

The audacity to view life and Interpret it

In my own way

Writing my own story

On my own page

That the  reader

May find succor in my story

To be their real authentic self


I am a working progress

I am a work-in-progress

I am a book packaged by the Author

Every line a new discovery

Every chapter, a revelation

Of God’s expertise

I am deep,mysterious

mischievously righteous

In the eye of the righteous teacher!

Don’t write me off yet

In fact, you can’t write me off

My pen is in God’s hand

He does the writing

I am a continuous story of

I’m possible


This is my becoming

It is not  yet over

I’m possible in the meantime of 

My life’s journey

Taking advantage of the downtime and preparation

Because the celebration of my highlight reels is

Is within my uptime and downtime 

In this space and time

On this side of eternity present

I’m possible

To them that believe

All things are possible




This poem was inspired by my friend who will be celebrating her 45th birthday  in a few days with theme: I’m possible.

OBA2016@Thekingsoracle. All rights reserved.

3 Questions To Consider in Finding Purpose

When we live a life that ‘s rich in purpose. Every action feels right, every intention feels true. Every time we love what we do and do what we love, its leaves with such feeling that is as deep as the oceans.

But how we get there?


05-25-2016 10-02-25
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Purpose is a three-dimensional phenomenon which embraces the following:

Who you are?

What is needed in your world?

What moves you?- which is often called Passion?

A purpose is the cultivation of our natural faculties to their highest degree. Having said that, then what we need to consider in the pursuit of purpose  is

Can you be (among) the best at what you do? Being the best at what you do is not equivalent to making money. In other words, it is not about ,I can be the best at something so that I can make lots of money. Money is a nice side effect of purpose, but it is not the cause of Purpose.

To be the best at something means we have fully mastered  a discipline, an art or science especially one that we are naturally disposed to. That gives a sense of mastery!

Which of your “bests” benefits others? we all might have more than one talent or abilities. The specifics don’t really matter. We all agree that no all of these talents will benefit others. The second greatest question of purpose  now is which ones are going to be of great benefit to people.

It is not about the greatest good for the greatest number. The purpose is not about crowd pleasing. Purpose is not what pleases people , but it about what challenges, or provokes or propel or even defies others and that’s how they benefit from it-Purpose

I mean no one find a purpose by making crowd-pleasing stuff, do they? Let’s ask the Steve Jobs ,they were not on purpose to please the world-Their mission was to change the world in the best way they possibly can.

It is isn’t about being all things to all men because that right there is a purpose -killer. So ‘does it really benefit people” is not about placating or satisfying them, but it about expanding the people to the very highest degree- Even if it a few people,such that they feel much more alive as a result of what we do.

The third question to consider with respect to finding our purpose is Does it move you? It’s rather unfortunate to find many of doing things, working jobs that don’t move us in the slightest bit! In answering this question we have to be ruthless and honest with ourselves. Forgetting what parents, friends, spouse thinks  you should be doing.

It is about looking for themes and pointers of life, and that is an individual thing. What moves is not a question of fads and trends,because the truth of the matter is that trends and fads come and go. what moves you shouldn’t be a fling but something that lasts a lifetime.

What really moves me? when we ask this question we ate ready to go deeper into ourselves, searching for depth, looking for themes and point of life,not style and expressions of the moment.

Be honest with yourself, maybe you come from a line of Doctors or Engineers,but when you come across cutting edge designs or art, or you hear a music, there is a gush of electric that runs through your veins, your heart palpitates,your eyes go wide,you are like, ‘now that’s what I’m talking about”. That’s the sense you’re looking for,and we all feel it over and over in our lifetime. It is finding the courage to hold on to it that is needed now.

The truth is when we are honest in answering these questions or the other variants, Purpose finds us! The purpose will find you when you know who you are, what the world around you need,and what moves you.

When that happens,the seed is already  sowed, what is needed is watering the soil on a constant basis for the Purpose to manifest!



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