Contentment in an insatiable world #2.

This is a follow up to my post Contentment in an unsatiable world #1.

I sat down to do my usual morning routine which involves the meditational reading of the scriptures,and I happened to be reading the book of 1st Timothy 6:1- 21. As I read and meditated I couldn’t help the questions that kept coming to my mind.

How do you find contentment in a world like ours where there is so much craving for more of this and more and more of that?

How do you explain  your contentment without been seen as one without the drive to accumulate?

Godliness with contentment is great gain! #selah!

Contentment is a state of happiness and satisfaction when you think about all that you are grateful for,somehow you feel a sense of contentment,but you may not necessarily be happy,especially when you know that there is room for more and the capacity for “greater” has been imputed to you.

Therefore you are willing and ready to press further and further within the confines of your ethos and value system out of reverence and obedience to God,without harming or causing havoc for your fellow neughbours. I believe this is part of the central theme of this chapter in question.

Contentment isn’t so much of a kind of happy, I believe it is more about a peaceful ease of mind based on your compliance and faith in God, which makes you not to be envious or jealous of someone’ else journey,rather you celebrate them as you also celebrate yourself where you are, because you have a deeper understanding that the road map you have is completely different from others.

Despite the fact that you admire their achievements and trophies of the journey, it is not a do or die affair for you to want to live another man’s life or another man’s dream.

Here is my submission at the end of pondering and meditating;

Godliness with contentment is great gain… is more like enjoying who you are,and what you have,on your way to where you are going according to the blueprint and plan of God for your life.


Let this mind be in you as it was in Christ Jesus.

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The Songwriter In Me.

I came across this questions from the Independent Music Advice group.

*What is your personal definition of success in the music Industry?

*Where would you be happy to reach?

I know the word “Success” is relative because your definition of success is obviously different from my definition. I am still trying to answer these two questions in all honesty.

As I attained one level of accomplishment in my music career, I find that there is still room for more. Because of this, No matter the heights attained now, there is still a greater space yet again, if I don’t get to that height for whatever reason, I will always cherish the freedom to write,without hindrance, and be forever grateful for the natural flow of creating music to touch lives.


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