Random Musing #48.

People say “A life of faith is never really as simple as it seems”

It never simple because it requires effort from those exercising that faith.

Faith is not a skeleton key opening doors to the achievement of dreams.

Faith is that still small voice through the raging storms that remains unshaken and unafraid of the rotting of all skeletons hidden deep.




Pause and Think

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He smiles on me.

God peeped out from the window of his vast heavens.

He looked down to see His pretty damsel.

The heavens beamed with great joy

As the creator and the architect of the Universe

Paused  to look at me  with  such joy.

He beheld me,His prized possession

I am my Father’s Daughter

With his great smile

I can take on the world because I am possible

That’s what matters.

His smiles cause me to laugh right here right now

I can laugh at the days to come

Just like the virtuous woman in me

I am my father’s daughter

Heaven smiles on me

Though the dream may seem too big

For this frailty frame of mine

I will not fear,For my Father

Got me covered.

This is going to be the start of something great

I’ve got the Master planner, Master Builder

The Master minder , minding my business

God has smiled  on me

He’s been good to me.


Smiling at the days ahead.



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In and Around The City.

One of my life’s dream is to travel in and around the cities of the world.

To experience the life and nature outside of my own city

Though I have been to one or two

I still relive the experience of those few places

From Amsterdam to Zanziba

One day I will fly in and around the cities of the world.cities


In response to City


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Random Musing #40.

If you know you could not fail what will you attempt?

Success ,Impact, Influence comes when you move from  I Can’t! or Can I  to How can I?

Test yourself. Do some dreaming?

To them, that truly believes all things are possible!

quantum leap



Pause and Think

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Yesterday’s Dream…Today’s Reality!

Early today, I got hooked on my “becoming journal” dated 2008.  I got so hooked on reading I read for about 3 hours,flipping from page to page  . Wow! I was amazed at some of the things that were written like 8 years ago. It is such an awesome feeling to  read about those dreams penned down many years back, have all been realised. Almost all of them  have become reality today!. The in-between is called the process.

Tuesday Trickles is a wonderful platform with Jackie’s thinking corner. where you can share your thoughts, ideas, poems, issues, quotes, anything and everything that can propel and motivate others to positivity and add value to others.

Dreams do come through no matter how long it takes.

Keep on dreaming and keep those dreams alive, and while you are at it

Remember your yesterday,

Dream your tomorrow

Live your today, because today is the tomorrow you dreamt of , yesterday!


yesterday's dream.

Habakkuk 2:2-3

Write the vision…though it linger……wait!

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Be You! Do your call.

It’s been a beautiful week so far, with the kick off of Photo101, and all the in-betweens. I am particularly grateful that yesterday I crossed the 100+ likes. According to WordPress.com  March 10th was my best ever day for likes, at exactly 114 likes.


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Now, that’s a great milestone for me, and I am so grateful to God, and all my readers and followers.  Thank you for always been there to support me, with your presence, comments, and everything.

A dear friend and sister of mine wrote something about celebrating the little, seemingly insignificant achievements. Little is much when you have a gratitude attitude!

One of my writer/mentors said something the other day he said when your calling seems vague and unclear then you are on the right path, I  tried very hard to digest that thought!

As I pondered on it over and over again, I could actually identify with his point of view with respect to this calling of mine. writing!

William Gibson said,

We see in order to move,we move in order to see.

We know that there is so much talk about discovering and following our dreams, most of us know what we were born to do, the challenge has always been how to articulate this dream. I have always had a passion for writing, and I’ve managed to publish a book, but it was not until I started this blogging journey that I got to understand  that writing must be a continuous discipline.

Though I have  two drafts of new book projects, I have been taught not to wait for clarity. Many of us are waiting for clarifications before taking action. The truth is clarity comes with action. It is natural to hesitate, but taking action is not optional as far as the dream is concerned.

I have never had clarity,I have only ever had trust- Mother Teresa.

I am gradually taking steps to pick up the ‘abandon projects’ and step into action. Sometimes it is very difficult, especially when the creative juice isn’t flowing.

Just because it’s hard does not mean quitting is the next option.It is easy to name and claim a dream, but what is most important is the disciplined practice of the craft. Ever since I started blogging again, it has become a daily discipline, and as a result, of that, the muscle is been strengthen.

For a dream to have real value, you have to practice it….consistently! I confess it is not always easy, but whoever said  your calling will be easy. You become what you consistently practice.

Discovering our life’s purpose will require action and some reflection, this is how we will be able to grow the awareness of our calling, and then be able to realize, line upon line, precept upon precept, that this might just be what we were born to do.


Pause and Think.

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Still Dreaming.

I’ll keep dreaming, dream dreaming

Dreaming of the dreams I left at the door

When life happened and push came to shove

I’ll be dreaming, still dreaming

because they won’t let go of me

Dreaming of the dreams, that still lingers

somewhere inside my heart

dreaming of the dreams I left behind

The ones I gave up because I was too scared

Too afraid to let it out

But there they are

roaring at me, like a lion

deep within my heart.


I pretended I never had them.

But the dream still scratches me

I thought I was never good enough

I thought I needed to prove my worth

But they are still waiting

to wait at the door

where I left them.

Waiting for me to open the door.


These are my dreams

They belong to me

Not my husband’s or my children’s

Not my sibling’s or anyone

These dreams are mine, all mine

Because they represent my allotment.

My portion in the earth realm.



My dreams are the reasons I am here

Not just to be among the statistics,

It is not just to be  a  ‘Mrs somebody’

Not just to bear children, and warm him in bed.

These dreams weigh much more than all that.

They are bigger than me, greater than my imagine

Yet I bear them, still within the veil.

I am still dreaming!

Am I still scared? Maybe.

Do I believe I can? Yes, I believe.

I want to give these dreams meaning

let them find expressions through me

Dream freely, free my dreams

Open up the doors

While I still dream!


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The Great Book of Lists..My desires.

Finally, I summon courage  to participate in this awesome Challenge byLa duchesse d’Erat‘sThe Great Book of Lists

The whole idea of this blog event is to be able to list all that you love to do, be, and everything in between.

*First and foremost, there is an innate desire in heart for Reading. My desires is to hopefullyREAD 60 this year.

*On Writing. I think I am on a good start off already, writing about 1500 words on a daily basis.  But my desire is to take it further to finish writing at least 2 books on Music- Worship lifestyle and on womanhood.write..gif

*Public Speaking- My desire is get more Opportunities to Speak this year. Last year was really a great speaking year, toward the end of 2015, I had amazing speaking engagements-



*Be at Peace with God and me- A new dimension of Intimacy in the place of solitude.


*Eat Healthy,Live Healthy.


On Music- My desire is to release 3 music videos, launch my 3RD Album,Stage a Massive LIVE CONCERT.129677-on-stage

Travel with my team.On musical tours.


Explore more and spend more time with my loved ones and family.

The proof of desire is pursuit-OBA.

The starting point of all achievement is desire-Napoleon Hill.

Write the vision and make it plain on tablet….For the revelation awaits an appointed time- Hab 2:2-3

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The Great Book of Lists

Chapter 1.3- The List of Your Desires. Thanks for the prompts.


Wonderful Wandering.

Today on the Daily Post prompt,I have been asked to talk about 5 places I would love to visit. Now that’s a bit of an issue because I have more than 5 places in the world that I want to visit on this side of eternity present. 🙂

Here are my Top 5 in no particular order.

  1. Denver City,Colorado.


Denver,is the capital of Colorado.

2.mexico city

I love mexico city with a passion,I might retire there some day,to live with my family in one of the beautiful Haciendas. 😉


3.North Sea Jazz@Rotterdam

north sea jazz,rotterdam

The North Sea Jazz Festival is an annual festival of Jazz,and other related music festival which holds annually in the 2nd weekend of July in the Netherlands- at the Ahoy venue. It is my dream to perform on this platform soon.

4.The Bahamas. Bahamas is a coral based archipelago in the Atlantic ocean with about 700 islands. wow! It is best known for scuba diving among many other things. It is also home to BAHAMAS FAITH MINISTRY of Late Dr.Myles Munroe. I look forward to studying more about leadership legacies of Dr.Myles Munroe.



5. NAIROBI, is Kenya’s busiest capital city,often used as ajumping -off point for safari trips,it is home to Nairobi National park-A large game reserve known for breeding black rhinos, and a giraffes. It will be great to see those animals live!  don’t you think.


In response to the Daily Post,Prompt,”The Wanderer”.


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