Enrolment begin!

The day that fetus


enters into the world

The doors of the school of life opens

Where experience becomes the teacher

Everyday unwraps its lessons

No one ever knows what’s next on the curriculum

Nobody ever gets prepared for the reality manifest

Just that when life begins

Enrollment begins

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What went wrong?

I used to think that there’s was a perfect union

Until that fated morning

I always thought love was enough

Until that morning

Bewildered I was,

As I watched my lady

Carrying all her bags

Only to say goodbye

To yesterday…





Like a Jigsaw Puzzle

Life is a bundle of

Eventual Juggles

That unravels daily

Looking for meaning lately

Lift your eyes and see

The sea of puzzling puzzles

That only HE unravels.



Here I am at my computer

ready to scribble words profusely

Words that inspire Hope

And propels for positivity

Grateful for life and the ability

To write from the well that runs profusely

with thankfulness to you all out there.

May the new month be filled with love unending

And Thanksgiving with Profuse joy.



Baby Steps…Silhouette.

My darling little baby

Innocent little mind

gradually grasping life’s tiny details

Becoming aware of his environment

The light went out suddenly

I noticed his fears of the dark

under the flash of a torch

surprised to see his shadow

the beautiful image

Yes his first silhouette

The silhouette of his self-aware

cast directly upon the walls

directly upon my heart.

baby step silhouette

(c) OBA@Thekingsoracle2018.

In response to the Daily promptSilhouette


The queue is rather  long

Oh no! not again

Will I ever be able to get one today?

The almighty Passport

With so much stress attached

So many officials “illegal”

waiting to get a cut from distress citizen

After much ado, the long process is over

Now I have my passport

Andrea got to check out

To find a greener pasture

Though they say, the land is green here

I got to find a greener option




OBA2017@Thekingsoracle. All rights reserved.

In Awe of You.

In reverent awe

I humbly bow

Before the architect of the Universe

He made me and mold me

Fitting me into this space

Called erernity-Present!

The One who holds all powers

The One who cannot be rivalled


In reverent awe

Salute the Captain of the Hosts

The Ruler of rulers

The Leader of leader

Death could no hold him captive

Life flows from Him

Covered in his sublime glory


Undeniably true


His ways are past finding

Awake cymbals and timbrel

To the sound of music

To the uncreated Creator

To the manager of all humanity

My king ,

My High Priest

My love, my rock

Heaven and Earth adore

Angels bow before you




OBA2016@Thekingsoracle. All rights reserved.


In and Around The City.

One of my life’s dream is to travel in and around the cities of the world.

To experience the life and nature outside of my own city

Though I have been to one or two

I still relive the experience of those few places

From Amsterdam to Zanziba

One day I will fly in and around the cities of the world.cities


In response to City


OBA2016@Thekingsoracle. All rights reserved.


With open arms

I welcome a new dawn

As the father of life 

Came knocking on my heart’s door.

It’s a brand new day

My mind is open wide

For the inflow of new opportunities

I am ready for love

So my being is open and alive

For the warm embrace of nature’s best gift-

Divinity expressed through Humanity

Christ’s love and life.

I open myself up

To be an extension of that sweet love today

My classroom door is ajar

Let the teachers come in 

This student is opened to new lessons

As the elements open themselves 

of the treasuries embedded.

My hands are open to receive

My heart is open to give

My mind ready to perceive.

To you Lord I open my life.



OBA2016@Thekingsoracle. All rights reserved.




SUBMITTED To The daily Post OPEN

Blank and Proud!

Here is my heart as blank as blank itself

Will you scribble letters to last a lifetime of bliss

Or will the pen in your hands remind me of the pains to come?

Here is my mind please don’t confuse my thought

For after you’re gone

A million bucks  won’t be enough

On the blank cheque left on the tab.


OBA2016@Thekingsoracle. All rights reserved.

In response to  the One word prompt Blank