How will you serve the world?

Sometimes Last year, I was having a personal conversation with God, I was at that point where I was asking questions about life, and the fact that there is more to it .what role should I be playing at that particular phase of life that I had found myself?

At some point, I began to ask myself how I could offer value and create value with all that God had deposited in me to benefit humanity. the question that was thrown at me was this, how will you serve the world? But I thought I was already in the service of the world.

I pondered on that thought over and over again, and as we stepped into the new year I made plans with my team to do something we’ve never done before in order to offer value to our immediate society and communities. Little did I know that God had something much bigger in store for me.

About a month ago, I was called by the director of the record label that I am signed to, for a strategic meeting, which lasted about 2-3hours, in the cause of the session, he mentioned something related to the idea that I had shared with my team, about three days later I got a call from a friend of mine , she told me about that same Idea.

out of two or three witnesses a word is established

Somehow I just knew that I should take that thought seriously now that two other people at differents have suggested the same thing. So with the help of the director of the Label, I started work, researching and praying to God.

In the cause of my researching and studying, I started asking questions and those questions led me to meet people who had platforms already catering for the need of children living with cancer and those with autism, and together with them, I am my team will also be helping to bring our immediate community to action, campaigning to make them aware of what’s happening in the society especially in the health sector as it affects the Children- The future generation.

To the glory of God, yesterday I unveiled my new project, in collaboration with my Record Label, 4 the children and the kingdom we sing. An initiative centred at using music as a tool to create awareness, advocacy and intervention for children living with terminal diseases, and also children with developmental disabilities. In the coming weeks, a charity concert will be taking place in Lagos, hosted by yours truly to sensitize the people to the plight of these children and their families and thereby bringing help and support where it is most needed.

I have found a medium of serving the world the eye of a child with the gift that has been entrusted to me. I know it is a humongous task, I also believe that  God will never put more on me than I can bear.

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Job 29:15-16.

I was eyes to the blind, and I was feet to the lame

I was  a father to the poor, And I searched out the case I did not know…c



Turm ’em into lemonades and sip

It’s a great Saturday. Happy Weekend to you all. I woke up this morning with the excitement of going to WordCamp Lagos 2018 with my teenage boys and the little baby, but something else came up and we couldn’t go again, though I had paid for all three of us excluding the little lad.

I was really going to enjoy today, no matter what, the younger boy didn’t take it lightly because he had also been looking forward to this outing with mommy. After consoling him, I decided to channel my thoughts to something else, not going to have a bad day, No way!

Just in case, There is someone also whose day is not turning out as previously planned, here’s some encouragement for us… turn em into lemonades and enjoy!

good thingsthink about Good.


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Random Musing #64.


Faces pressed at a window

watching for someone to come again

And I am the someone they want to see-

These are the joys life gives to me

So let me come home at night and rest

With those who know I have done my best:

Let my loved ones rejoice and my children smile,

And know by their love I am worthwhile.

For this are conquest and world success

A home where abides happiness.

-Edgar A. Guest


what defines home?


30 days of Gratitude November.

Hello Everyone, it great to be back here on WordPress. What a way to get my blogging groove back, sharing my gratitude for each day. I saw something that caught my fancy earlier today on Facebook and decided to use it as my writing inspiration- 30 DAYS OF GRATITUDE.


I am grateful for the smell of my children. I am a proud mother of two high-energy boys,who never let an opportunity of play slip by. When they go out to play and come home with sweat flowing off them like it raising to reach the mountain,off course they wipe the sweat with what ? Their clothes.That smell is a sign of their ability to run around,exercise  and a blessing of Motherhood.

They say you can tell much about a person by their smell because there  are many factors that affect how you smell at a given time- The gift of being alive and active on the playground is a great smell that I will forever be grateful for ?

May I ask you this same question , “what smell are you grateful for? I will be delighted to read your thoughts too.



The smell of sweat , the sweat of smell.


I am grateful for the blessing of smell.

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Dear Deprive!

Dear deprive

Can we have a talk?

Why did  you make mother

Do this to her children

This is sheer wickedness

He said to dear deprive

Little did he know

That Mother knows best

You may not understand it now boy

Sometimes tomorrow,

You will be grateful

For dear deprive was a blessing in disguise

Because You became a Great man

Dear Deprive and Mother

Was a great combo

For the Man of Honour

You became today.


In response to Daily Prompt DEPRIVE.

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God’s Heritage-Planting the right seed.

Last week was a long holiday for the Children,as they celebrated Children’s day which was May 27th. On sunday, my boys had presentations in Church to celebrate along with other children, it was fun watching all of them as they charge of the entire sunday service.

From the Call to worship all through to the announcement at the  end of service, All  of them

 My boys making use of their gifts making melody to the Lord. 

did amazingly well,we were all proud parents that left church on that day. I felt on top of the world as I watched my boys singing and dancing in with the children choir.


Psalm 127:3-5, talks about children been God’s heritage  and how blessed is any man who has his quiver full of them.   more often than not children with outstanding character’s flourish in every facet of life=spiritually, intellectually ,socially and emotionally.

Our responsibility as parents and custodians of this Godly heritage is to provide the right environment for our children to thrive,and cultivate the right attitude to life. We can’t shy away from the fact that parents are the moral educators of their children. Schools, Churches, and any other institution are just acting as a supplement.

Therefore, Parents should instil, moral and godly values in their children,alongside every other beneficial value and virtues. The wise king said it, thousands of years back,

Tain up a child in the way he should go, when he is old he will not depart from it.

Parents are to teach their children to differentiate the ‘right’ from the ‘wrong’, teaching them to be compassionate and respectful to other people and elders respectively.

Planting the right seed in your children  help thems them to stand out wherever they are,when the planting process starts from their cradle, it will lay in them a solid foundation for their future.


Out of the mouth of babes.. The children leading worship.


How do you plant the right seed into your children?

I am a mother of two pre-teens,sometimes especially now, that they trying to exercise their willpower,and sense of reasoning with little or no input from ‘mummy and daddy’ it si much more challenging to help them stay on the right path without having to argue or “fight’ most of the time. So how do we plant the seed, because it is a continuous planting process that will germinate into a glorious future?

Seize the opportunity. Children are very tender and simple that they believe almost everything you tell them,therefore it is important to seize every opportunity to teach and show them the right way of life, right from their tender age,we(Hubby &I) made the boys appreciate the supremacy and the sovereignty of God over the world and most especially over our lives.  As such they also became very involved with our Christian lifestyle and activities of the kingdom at their tender age.

As their first teacher, parents should spend some imbibing in their children, a godly lifestyle. when you show your children that godliness is of premium importance to you,it will equally be important to them. This will, in turn, boost their faith in God.

Be a role model. Remember you can’t give what you don’t have,especially when these children mind is like camera, They capture everything they see us do ,hook, line and sinker! They are Imitators.when we set a good example they follow and vice versa. It is not enough to talk about virtues and values,you have to practice it, translating it into lives pictures they can see to practice.

Don’t condone bad habits. Just like it is planting a seed, there must some sort of weeding to allow the seed to thrive, parents also need to remove the substance that can hinder character formation and development in their children. In other words, in trying to teach the children good habits and morals, you cannot ignore the bad ones.

Set boundaries for your children because they need it. However you don’t have to punish them all the time: give room for improvement, sometimes the correction they need is spoken words. Don’t trivialise situations with them,but correct them in love and with firmness!

Devote time to parenting. Making time out for the children and the family at large  can be a difficult task in this day and age when everything is clamouring for our attention, however, you must let anything prevent you from playing your role as a parent.

Children  spell L.O.V.E.E as T.I.M.E and as such it is important to consciously plan and devote time to parenting by so doing you will knit yourself into the children and weave on them a beautiful tapestry of virtuous character  in their lives.

Get involved in their school life and other extracurricular activities. school life is a major event in a child’s life, so it  is important to partner with those involved i.e Teachers, friends in a bid to help the child to develop and acquire the necessary skills and character for lasting impact.

Prayer is the master key. The process of planting good seed must be followed( watered and nurtured  with prayers. Pray the fruit of the spirit into the lives of your children, and also teach them to develop a personal relationship with God as they grow they become outstanding Adults,making an impact and blazing trails with great strength and character.

Seeds are sensitive ,therefore, sow into your child seeds of great worth today, remember what you sow is what you’ll reap.


I believe that children are our future…….



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Random Musing #25.

05-15-2016 18-22-47

Children face many overwhelming issues in their lives,just like Adults . Some of those issues they can learn to handle,others are simply beyond control.  That’s why as parents ,wards, custodians of these great destinies. We must always take up our responsibilities in preparing them for life and happenstances.

Train up a child in the way 

He should go

When he grows 

He will not depart from it

He may miss his way sometimes

But soon enough

He gets back on track

Just as foundations are crucial components in building

So are the maps and compassT

For the traveller

Children are also on a journey

Equip them with the right tools

 For navigation through life.




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Random Musing#10

Train up a child in the way he should, even when he he is old he will not depart from it.

The responsibilities of Parents is a ginormous task.

It takes more than the How-to’s and six steps to

To do parenting well.

As parents, we are the custodian.  As parents we are stewards of God, to help channel the path of each child rightly. But,how do you know the right path,if you are still trying to figure it out for yourself?





Pause and Think.

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Echoes of my Neighborhood. After-school runs.

Thanks to jacquelineOby Echoes of my neighborhood, with this initiative, I have become more and more conscious of my environment in a way that even the mundane things means a great deal.
Things are not always what it seem, depending on the perspective you have about such things.  Today’s echo came from the blurring sound of the local I ice-cream man, trying to sell off his ice-cream to the wonderful patronage of  children coming back home from school.

In a typical Lagos School (public and sometimes private), you will see Ice – cream vendors, snack vendors etc at the school waiting for the school children to come after the school day is over. There is this excitement every time when both parties meet to exchange money for all the snacking and vice Versa.

 The Local Ice cream Man and his customers- School children.



These pictures of the children and the Ice cream vendor with his truck brought memories of my elementary school days when I used to long for the day to be over so that I can buy some sweets and ice cream from the pocket money given to me.

It is the after-school activities like this that propelled many of us to always look forward to school, despite whining and murmuring when we are woken up to get ready for school back in this day.

Can you relate to this pictures?


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In My Neighbourhood.

I awake every morning

To the sound of the Bike men(okada riders).

Riding along my crib

Men and Women already awake

Ready to hit the street.

Okada riders in my hood.
Okada riders in my hood.

There goes the Children

Uniforms so different

Day and boarding Students

Right behind my crescent.

School Children walking the street.
School Children walking the street.

The shops already opening

Time to do some shopping

A loaf of bread and coffee

with creamy chocolate toffee.

Typical local shop in my hood.
Typical local shop in my hood.
Our local Market.
Our local Market.

There goes the little lad, Gabriel,

Good morning ma, He shouted

In my “not so serene”but cool neighbourhood.


Writing 201:Poetry Day7.