Grateful for kindness.

I am particularly grateful  for how this week began on Sunday I was at a friend’s birthday party. My team and I were on ground to spice up the event on request and we did have a blast. Because  at the end of the day, the celebrant was overwhelmed by the show of love and appreciation from friends and family.

I was one of the 50-60 of her friends who participated in her “I’m possible” documentary, it was such a great feeling watching and reading the possibilities of these wonderful women.

Last week, One of my life coaches/mentors called me, prior to that phone call she had sent me a text to express her gratitude,for  something I did, that I should have billed her for :D. which I didn’t . So when she called , she just started praying for me over the phone(She is a woman with great depth of spiritual insight and passion for God). She was praying and speaking over my life for over 30mins on the phone. At the end of that session on the phone I was perplexed,and I began to ponder. … all these outpourings for just doing my thing.

My heart was filled  with gratitude to God,for helping to do the task that prompted all the outpouring from this amazing coach, I tell you money cannot buy all that she came out from her while she was praying for me.  It was just my little show of kindness, and to think that I almost missed that opportunity to do my own part.

Yesterday, I went for a women’s conference-It was a business/prayer conference for Entrepreneurs and start-ups . I have been hearing about the Women’s ministry for a while and all through last week ,I was just seeing the advert all in my face. So I took the bold step and drove myself to the venue of the business summit. It was the first time I would drive all by myself  to attend a conference , I  always been  chauffeured  at other times. Though I missed my way, it was another opportunity to know another side of Lagos on my own- I am grateful for that yet again.

The experience from the entrance to the hall of the event and the warm reception by the organisers was a blissful one. I was grateful that I went for the programme. As I  was driving back home, I just had to show my gratitude to my husband, so I packed just a few blocks away from the house and sent him a beautiful text.

What prompted the text? I wouldn’t have been able to drive if he had not thought it to himself to get me a car, to move me around and do some of my stuff without having to wait for him to drive to places,which most of the time he can’t because of his schedules.

I just thought that I would have missed the new opportunities and possibilities that the conference presented to me by just going yesterday and driving down all by myself. BTW, it was the second car he bought for me in less than eight months, I couldn’t maximise the first one because it was a manual drive, I had issues with my legs and changing gears etc.

Showing gratitude and expressing gratitude is part of my daily routine, but sometimes I tend to forget,I make a conscious effort to always say it and show it somehow.

I came up with my own kindness mantra here:

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In response to Niki’s Revofkindness challenge.

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Kindness breeds Gratitude ;Kindness Challenge #3

Kindness Energy is the act and art of showing empathy,generosity to oneself, and others around. Showing love and receiving it at the same time. I think ever since the kindness challenge it is helping me to be much more conscious of the Kind Energy around and within.


About three weeks ago my Mother-in -law had surgery  and as a result of that she has had to be recuperated in my house, despite the fact my husband is not her first child,He is no3 in the siblings line up, but the responsibility of nursing his Mum back to full health has been thrust to us. You can read about it here.Kindness Challenge 1- Self-kindness.

Been conscious of the virtue of kindness, This week my Neighbours came to say thank you for a kind gesture towards their daughter a few weeks back. We had to declutter the house and get rid of a few things that were no longer needed, as a result of that I had to dispose of all my sewing machines and other sewing accessories because I had not used them in about 3 years , it was taking up so much space.

I had this young girl of about 16years of age who wasn’t doing too well academically, and I decided to mentor her, and when her parents said she wanted to learn the art of tailoring/fashion designing, I was able to give her a headstart. She enrolled somewhere around the neighbourhood and was already doing fine.

In the process of decluttering, I called her to give some machines worth thousands of naira, she was not the only one, two other women got one sewing machine each and some fashion catalogues and sewing accessories.

Fast forward to this week, the girls parent visited my house for the first time and just to show their appreciations,they started praying for me , and my children , my entire family.It felt good to hear their heartfelt prayers, which reminded me of the passage in the book of Job 29:11-17.

I see kindness Energy exudes all around me over and over again, learning to be appreciative of little things, and also going the extra mile to just put a smile on somebody else,is such a beautiful feeling.

I draw a great lesson on kindness and kind energy from Heb 6:10

God is not unjust;he will not forget your work and the love you have shown him as you have helped his people and continue to them.


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Kindness Challenge#2

This week’s focus on Niki’s revofkindness is Observing Kindness around us. I grew up in a typical modest home here in Nigeria. From my Childhood, I watched and saw how my parents translated their acts of kindness, especially my mom.

Our house was  always filled up with family members coming to live with us on many occasion. Sometimes they were not always direct family members,yet my Mother will accommodate, feed them and sometimes give pocket money as it were they were all students, or applicants seeking greener pastures in Lagos.

I will never  forget what my mother always say to us when we ask her why she goes the extra mile for these relatives.she told us back then, that she was showing the seed of kindness into the future of her children. Because you never know where anyone of us  may find ourselves in life. But wherever life may send us , we will never cease to find help in one form or another.

In the last two weeks I have had a situation where my Husband’s mother had been hospitalised and we had to step in to take care of her. I can tell you that taking care of her as if she were a baby has really been challenging but it has helped us to view and see life from a new perspective.

Even my children are not left out in showing care for their “Grandma” trying to ask how she’s feeling and even feeding her.. that show of love and care melted my heart!


Do not let kindness and truth leave you…..


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Kindness Challenge 1- Self-kindness.

What a week it has been. This time last week my MIL was admitted to the ER before we could say “jack Robinson” she had to undergo a life-threatening surgery.It all came suddenly,one minute it was just a call, the next minute in the theatre room. But thanks be to God who always causes us to triumph in His name.

She is out of danger now and gradually recuperating. The whole experience made me see another aspect of me that I didn’t know was really there. All through the ordeal of taking my mother in law for different medical tests, and scans and routine checks to ascertain what prognosis was.

I pondered  on all the events,this past week. Now she is staying with us until she recuperates 100%. I saw myself going  out of my way as a daughter in law,to take care of my Mother-in-law in ways that even her own children were overwhelmed at the extent of my care. I remember telling them, she is my mother, I will do the same for my own mother too regardless!

I learnt and discovered much more than before that I could go the extra mile for someone else in need and helpless,because somewhere in my DNA, I do not like to be in pain or be helpless. The compassion I felt for “grandma” as we call her was because I couldn’t bear to see her in pain because I didn’t like to be in pain too. That feeling triggered  an action that has made me earn a lot of respect and admiration from my In-Laws.

I saw the manifestation of my self-kindness in the eye of my Mother-In-Law. Even though I am perceived as the ‘no-nonsense’, ‘tell-it-as-it-kind’ of person,I am amazed at this side of me that came to the surface because of the health challenge of my children’s ‘nana’.

Kindness comes in many different ways, but the truth of the matter is that it always comes from the heart.

The heart of kindness is love.

The love overwhelmed  with joy

The joy that comes with the passage of time

Kindness makes me patient with me

It makes me patient with the world.

If I can show love and be patient  with me 

Then I can show the same to others

Self -kindness is me loving and being in sync with who I am

That’s why I can show it to others,

Withholding nothing!




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