How my life took a turn….Life Lesson 1

2017, Will forever be an unforgettable year of twists and turns for me. I don’t think I will ever forget that year, not in a hurry anyway.

Towards the year-end 2016, I embark on certain journeys to becoming a better version of me. I enrolled in Leadership Institutes, Purpose academy here and crown that year up, I signed up for a goal setting master class with one of Nigeria’s finest Life coaches.

By the time I was done with the Masterclass, oh my, This girl was ready to take 2017 by storm. I had just been thoroughly tutored on how to maximize every 12 areas of my life for peak performance, talked about being turbocharged. Yes, I was ready…

As we entered into the new year, I started off with a strategy session I had planned to do with a few of my friends in attendance, my living room was filled with people who were professional, business owners in their own right. we had a long session and it was a success from the feedback I got afterwards.  One mission accomplished and ticked off, it looks like it going to be a great year after all.

I had also started writing a new book, with the tasks of writing at least 500 words per day, things were really looking up.  with regards to my music ministry assignment, I had the privileged opportunity to minister in songs to inmates at the maximum prison in Lagos, that was a surreal experience for me, as I saw men and women who were incarcerated, without any hope of amnesty, worship God with their whole heart as if there was no tomorrow.

Things were happening according to plan, except for the fact that I began to notice an unusualness in my body physiology, to the extent that one afternoon, my appetite took a strange turn, that was when I knew something wasn’t right. For the life of me, I didn’t pay any attention to my menstrual circle because it wasn’t always a regular flow and because I was almost nearing the menopausal stage I couldn’t be bothered so to speak.

Little did I know what I was in for. Still feeling that unusualness in my body, I decided to take a pregnancy test just to be sure it wasn’t what I was not thinking. Lo and behold the test came positive. I WAS PREGNANT!!

No way! How come? This must be a mistake! Not me? LORD why me? This is not what I planned for? at what age? after how many years? This must be some kind of joke. As the many questions reeled out in my mind, it seems my whole world of excitement and enthusiasm for the new year just collapsed.

Instead of being excited about the pregnancy, the feeling of sadness and disappointment overwhelmed me. I wasn’t expecting this kind of news in my wildest imagination. Almost immediately all the drive to tick off my pursuit for the year was replaced by hormonal imbalance.

Proverbs 19:21

Many are the plans in a man’s heart but it is the plan of God that will prevail.

This scripture was my number one lesson. I had planned so many things that I would do by God’s grace, little did I know that God had a major plan for me. Despite the fact that I went into depression for months, He never failed to always reassure me, that everything was going to be alright. In case you are wondering why I was sad and depressed over something that I should be jumping for Joy. Well! I didn’t ask to be pregnant, as far as I was concerned I had been done with making babies for over 12 years now.

Another Scripture also in Proverbs, say;

Do not boast about tomorrow, for you do not know what a day may bring forth.


It’s okay to make plans, don’t get me wrong because we cant just go about living life without focus, but at the same time we should bear in mind that life’s unpredictable and we shouldn’t presume on it, on the other hand, there is no need to worry because we know that God is in control. I couldn’t realise that sooner, I was blinded by the fact that all my plans and desires had been ruined by my new status. I couldn’t fathom in my myopic mind that God had a better idea for my 2017 than I could imagine.


Feeding my newborn after the naming ceremony on the eighth day.





Leap Over The Barrier Called- FEAR!

Last Sunday, I had the privilege to go minister at a Youth Church, I remember waking up with so much excitement,as I prepared myself, even my men could tell, that I was in a particular zone, as I just loved on myself and spoke words over me.

Two things brought that excitement; One I am always excited whenever I get the opportunity to stand before young people, it just gets my adrenaline bubbling-I am passionate about the future generation.

Secondly, I was beginning to embrace my calling and office with so much confidence lately,because God in His infinite mercies,will consider using an unqualified knucklehead like me,for His GLORY.

The better Understanding of my “Inchargeness” borrowing the words of my Coach is still at work in me.

As we got to the venue of the program, I was all the more overjoyed as I saw  those young ladies and young men lifting up their voices in praise to  God. The atmosphere was already electrified with the youth loving  the Lord in worship unhindered.

It was now time for my own slot on the program, as I began to sing, the spirit of  prophecy came over me, and I began to prophesy,as I  sang,to a point that I was now trying to resist the flow of the prophetic,  The more I tried to resist, the more it flowed.

There was a particular young lady in the course of the ministration, that the Lord directed me to speak over, as I did what He told me to do, I picked her from where she was to another side of the room, specifically to the choir side, that was where God wanted here to be.

Two days , later I got a call from the Pastor who had invited, and she told me things that had happened with that young lady with respect to her assignment in the youth church prior to the Sunday program, to confirm that Indeed all that happened at the program was all God’s idea- She said to me,’Please don’t be afraid of whatever God tells you to do,just comply. That was a huge encouragement for me because I know that the office and grace of the prophetic is a sensitive and delicate office.

I began to seek the Lord’s face because in recent times I have noticed the intensity with which I have been operating in the prophetic,which has subtlely created a kind of fear, As I prayed  He said  softly to my heart, “Understanding the prophetic”.


He began to show me through scriptures and other resource materials,How I shut down the streams of the prophetic dimension out of fear by the following;

  • Feeling unworthy or good enough to prophesy
  • The anxiety that I may get it wrong. Heb 5: 14b say something about been trained and maturing as a result of constant use. If you don’t train, how will you mature? Maturing does not mean you will get it right all the time.
  • Hesitating to step out for fear of appearing foolish or stupid, i remember saying to God as I was ministering on Sunday, that I was invited to come and sing,not to start pointing at people and begin to say,”This is what the Lord is saying”.
  • Being afraid to step out of my comfort zone which is sing and make melody to God and the people, I have been reluctant to get into that space where he shows me and tells me things on the spot. It is sometimes uncomfortable!

Fear is a thief and a powerful tool of the enemy to rob us of fulfilling our God-given gift and ministry assignment, it almost robbed me on Sunday despite the initial excitement of going to be a blessing to the people, and it would have also robbed the people of benefitting from the grace of God  on one’s life as well.

It robs the church of being built up as a result of using one’s gift, and it is also a disservice to God when it robs Him of the glory that is due to him alone just because you step out to share a message from Him.

When the pastor called and gave me the testimony of that young lady, I knew it was God encouraging me to always respond to his nudging out love and reverence for Him, and also out having compassion for the people he has sent me to.


Matthew 25;25, tells the story of one man that hid his talent because he was afraid. Fear robs us of total fulfillment when we bury the capacities deposited in us to have influence for God’s glory in the earth realm.

It’s so amazing when you hear what the result of your yielded-ness has done for other people, despite and in spite of the barrier the enemy try to put in our face.

I am still in the process of becoming more and more bold in this particular office of the prophetic, But I can say that my confidence in Christ has taken another height,especially now that He is still taking me through the dynamics of Understanding the prophetic in this season of my life.


This is an encouragement for someone like me struggling to give full expressions to the grace of God on your life out of fear of Identity, or Intimidation or whatever

Whatever the face of that fear may be wearing,pull down the mask today, For God has not given you the spirit of fear, but the spirit of love, of power and a sound mind.

And you shall receive power when the Holy Spirit comes upon you. The power to leap over barriers, especially the barrier of Fear that may want to cripple your walk and work with God.

Isa 43:5

Do not be afraid, for I am with You……


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Wisdom Wednesday.

08-03-2016 11-01-05.PNG

Loving others is the only way to fully live the God kind of life.

As we love and show love to others by our words and action, we join forces with our Heavenly Father to make His intents a reality in the earth realm.

Let the ZOE of God flow through you today,as you meet the needs of others with that gentle touch, a smile at a stranger, a wink.

Go the extra mile with a kind word, a kind act, be an extension of  God’s life  Today!

Let this mind be in you as it was in Christ Jesus!

Have a wonderful Wednesday.


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The Pictures breaking me!

I had found this amazing photographer who happened to be the younger brother of a dear friend, on Instagram. I just imagined what it would be like to have him to do my album photoshoot.

Then on one occasion I was invited to come perform for a group of women fighting against rape and domestic violence, and this photographer was also invited to cover the event, he did a great job. I knew he would be the one to do my shoot. After the event at the British Council in Lagos, I called my friend and told her I wanted her to help me to talk to her brother.

Well, maybe she did, I wouldn’t know , so I called another friend, by now you may be wondering why I am calling friends and not the person himself- I was trying to use  friendship platform to reduce cost, At the end of the day I had to take the Bull by the horn!

I called the photographer himself and we discussed, the date was fixed, and OMG! I was so excited about it, the photo shoot for my third album, it’s all coming together.

On the day of the shoot, I had woken up quite early, it was as if I was an important appointment, and yes it was very important for me. There was a slight change in the timing but, we still made it. I went with husbandman and my second son.

We got to the venue, a very Porsche studio in Lekki, after going through all the costume I brought, Abu, the photographer, and bossman ,called on his guys to start putting things in order for the shoot while we waited for the Make-up artist who was yet to show up, as it, this time, it was around 4pm and the sons of men were now hungry, we stepped out into a restaurant to grab a bite, and got back to the studio.

I was astonished when I saw a dark-skinned young man, tall coming towards me,he was introduced to as the makeup artist. for real? A man, apparently that was the first time I would see a Man as a makeup artist, I had seen a couple of them on Videofashion,but to have one standing right in my face.

As he was about to start decorating my face I asked him to let us pray, I’m sure he was taken aback, Pray? Just because of Makeup? Yes! pray. I prayed for about 60 seconds and he was on.As he made me up, we engaged in discussion,as I wanted to find out more about him. I found out he is a creative art major in one of the prestigious college of technology in Lagos. He finished the makeup and it was time to get into the business of the day- The shoot proper!

“Take a comfortable position, chin up smile,and the sound of the camera shutter,clicking away per second, he must have taken a zillion shots, then I had to take another shot with the guitar,now that one was quite tedious, because he wanted me to sing and play the guitar at the same time, he wanted me in my natural state, and I just wanted to pose.

After several attempts, the guitar episode ended and I was to change to another costume, on and on we went, and then the final shot by the pool.

By the next day, He sent me two pictures and OMG! I was blown away by what I saw,it was absolutely beautiful before I could respond to him I saw what he wrote on his Instagram page about me and the photo session I couldn’t help the chills and the tears as it flowed down my eyes.


some of the comments made by the photographer that got me tearing up, 


I decided to put up the picture on my facebook wall,and that was it. The comments have just been pouring in like crazy! excuse my language. Little did I know that there will be so much response, not just any response, in those feedbacks, I have able to clearly hear God’s thoughts towards me.


I have never had such reactions in all my “social media” life and even though I am much of someone who pay particular attention to the social media frenzies, This one has been overwhelming and it like a sign for me. I am just too grateful to God.


I am beautiful, saith the Lord.


An incident occurred yesterday which confirmed to me, that the photo sessions and everything taking place at the moment in my life, God is involved. I was at a women’s conference on Saturday( a story for another post), and yesterday evening I felt a nudge in my spirit to write an appreciation note via text, to the convener of the conference. I was struggling with doing it, but I am learning gradually to respond to the nudging of the Holy Spirit without debate.

So I sent a text, a long one indeed, and just a few seconds later,The woman  responded and told me, about how she had seen my picture on facebook earlier yesterday,and the Spirit of God asked her to tell me,” You are beautiful” That was no coincidence at all , It was God ordained .

I became more aware of myself, and the beauty of the Lord that overwhelm me inside and outside.  Thank you, Lord, for loving me and for making me aware that your thoughts towards me,goes beyond what my mind can fathom.

He is thinking great thoughts about you as well!



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The Word!

The Word is life and light

It brings healing and health

The Word is true and right

Undeniably true

It renews, it rekindles

The Word revives

like fire shut up in my bones

It refreshes when staleness lurks around

It reinvigorates my soul

Deep calling to my deep

His Words are  “Yea and Amen”

Refreshingly refreshes me.


This book of Law shall not depart from your mouth…meditate on it day and night

It renews and also refresh.


DailyPost One word ResponseRefresh


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S.O.S…… Still on Solitude.

I have been thinking about that word,” Solitude”, from the day 5 prompt of the course Photo101 from Blogging University, as I kept pondering on it, this scripture just keeps jumping at me. Psalm 46:10.

Solitude is one of the most Important spiritual disciplines. It is the ability to unhook from life’s daily stress and experience true restoration of one’s soul in God. Solitude is for being alone with God, and being alone with oneself to get in tune and in touch with the heart of the matter, and the matter of the heart.

alone time.

Solitude is the creation of an open empty space in one’s life to purposely and intentionally abstain from the noisy experience of living, abstaining consciously from interactions with others s o that by being free from competing loyalties we can find ourselves in God.

I have personally found this to be true and more often than not, I practiced this art of “aloneness with God”  and it has helped my growth as a spiritual person.

Isa 30:15,

In repentance and rest is your salvation,In quietness and trust is your strength.


Solitude was one of the essentials of Jesus’ Rythm of Life, and all through his earthly assignment he showed us we also ought to value the practice of Solitude and Silence! Mark 6:31-32. In this scenario, we saw how Jesus and his disciples went to a solitary place because the clamoring of the people was becoming too much that they could hardly eat.

Mark 6:31-32. In this scenario, we saw how Jesus and his disciples went to a solitary place because the clamoring of the people was becoming too much that they could hardly eat. There are other bible passages that further expound on Jesus’s solitude style.

Paul, the apostle was another great man, that knew the significance of solitude and silence with God and In God. He experienced times of profound revelations from God some of which must have been received in the place of solitude.

Paul meditated in God on Nature- Romans 1:20. John the beloved was in solitude and silence for years on the Island of Patmos where he was exiled, and there received divine revelations of that which is to come.

Now, it is rather difficult to stay away for years in solitude, especially in this fast-paced world that we live in, but I believe that taking time out in the midst of busy schedule to just be quiet will help you and I a great deal.


As a Christian, I know that it is not enough to hear God speak to me from the pulpit alone, that’s why I make a conscious effort to be in solitude to seek for God and know him personally, face-to-face just like Moses experienced in the Old testament.

Sometimes it is easier said than done,but I have found that if you are alone with God in solitude you are making yourself available to what He want to say to you. You are opening yourself up for direction, a gentle nudging, or conviction of sin or an all-out life revision, which we all need from time to time to get back in balance in life and in our specific calling!

So in the words of Isaiah the prophet, let me reiterate…..

In quietness and in trust is your strength!



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Dear God! What do you want from me?

More often than not, men have spoken about divine expectation from the angle of man’s perspectives, that it usually rare and scarce to hear people discuss this same “Divine expectations” from God’s perspectives.

Sometimes we make it seem as if God does not have expectations, or that he doesn’t need anything from us. Especially in this age of the Church when the focus is always on ‘gimme this, gimme that’.  we tend to forget that God also has needs!

Every relationship is two-way or better put, To every covenant relationships, there are rights and responsibilities. 

Instead of always going to ask Him to do this, or do that for us, can we just take a moment and switch gears, and just imagine that the Almighty God is now in your place. What do you think God will be asking from you?

These are my thought line, as I tried to switch gear and view divine expectations… from God’s viewpoint;

Dear God, what do you want from me?

*Intimacy with God- God desires to have intimacy with us. He wants to be more intimate with each and every one of his children because that’s one of the primary purposes of creation-Intimacy. we saw that played out in Genesis as the scripture recalls that God will go and meet Adam and Eve in the cool of the day to fellowship with them. Another example is Abraham- who was regarded as the friend of God.  Can you imagine God trying to execute a plan, and he couldn’t carry it, not until He and Abraham had discussed it. Amos 3:7 states it like this,

Surely the Sovereign does nothing without revealing his plan to his servant.

That the Kind of intimacy, I long for with God. Wouldn’t it be awesome having that kind of intimacy and friendship with the Lord where he tells you deep things and simple things, where you both rub minds together of matters!  God desires that from you and I as well.

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The Word of King David in Psalms 18:29, Keep ringing in my heart as we enter a new month. Wow, I can’t believe it’s the 3rd Month already. Time indeed is ticking away.

Thanks be to God who always cause us to triumph in his name. It’s been a wonderful journey so far, and I am thankful to God for the grace to leap in every sense of the word.


As time keep passing, and as it gradually ticks away, I am leaping into a new realm and scaling through troops.  My prayers for you as well is that you will into all that God in his infinite mercies has programmed for your advancement and by His strength you will scale through every wall and any wall that may want to stand between your here and there.


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Welcome to a new day

Welcome to the beginning of another 31 days

To live with purpose and Intentionality

To bless and be a blessing

To let your life be an expression of God’s grace

To let your hands be an extension of His Love

To seize every moment and make everything count

Whatsoever your hands find to do, Do it as unto the Lord.

Welcome to March, marching through, and leaping, to advancement and success on all sides.


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