A-Z Challenge L(Laugh).

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She laughed at the thought expressed by the men from divine yonder.How possible is that? How?

Laugh-To show that you are happy or that you think something is funny by smiling and making a sound from your throat.

Sarah,laughed at God because she thought that what God wanted to do,was an impossible mission. Tell me how can a 90+ woman give birth. Must God be kidding right? Yes God must be really kidding, that He actually give her a kid- Isaac.

Then she laughed again, but this time, it wasn’t a laughter of doubt, it was a divine laughter for the actualization of God’s intent ,even when all odds were against!

Sarah said,

God has made  laughter for me, everyone who hears will laugh with me.

I pray for you today, that God who made Sarah laughed even in an impossible situation, will  cause you also to laugh, no matter what you may be going through. I encourage you, that it is not over yet until you laugh and everyone else laugh with you at the faithfulness of God in your life.

It will end in praise, and You will laugh last!


Now that’s a real good laughter, laughing at the days ahead because I know it will alright.



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A to Z Blogging Challenge.

I signed up for the AtoZ Blogging challenge a few days before we travelled,and due to the deliberate attempt of not blogging while on holiday,I have missed out on some of the letters. Well better late than never, I might as well join in now 🙂

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Today ‘s Letter K;


Kibbutz Ramat Rachel. Kibbutz is a communal settlement in Israel.  A  collective community in Israel that was traditionally based on agriculture. My Husband and I had the opportunity to visit the kibbutz at Ramat Rachel during our visit to Israel.

Ramat Rachel is a kibbutz located south of Jerusalem in Israel. It is enclaved within Jerusalem’s municipal boundaries.

In response to  Blogging from A to Z Challenge.