Hello World, I am OBA and where the word of the king is there is power. My blog is called the king’soracle . I am a wife and mother to two great boys. I am addicted to Jesus. I used to wear a hooded T-shirt  with that slogan written all over it, in my teenage years.IMG_20150820_230604 My life’s calling is in 3 Dimensions –Sing It,Say It,Write It.

I am an Indie christian recording artiste with the mandate “Making a divine statement with an African signature”. With 2 Albums and the 3rd one on the way.  I am also an author,with 3 or more unpublished work. My first published book,”The trials of faith, my journey so far was written within 2-months  to my birthday,about 4 years ago. That was when I began to really think that my writing ability and grace could really make sense.

I also do a lot of speaking to young people especially about God, finding Purpose, and Leadership.

Why am I here? The purpose of this space is be able to communicate whatever  I feel inspired by God to write in which ever form they flow to me.  Poetry,Random thoughts,Music Matters,Christian living, Leadership, Family and more encore!  To share and care  with the love of Christ shed abroad in my heart, without being apologetic about my Faith.

Lest I forget, I love to dance a lot, I love adventures, and colors, I believe I have been given a voice to speak, and here I am ready to speak Life into my world,to anyone and everyone who will care to listen, to this petite woman on this side of the world.

Welcome to my palace of gracefulness and splendor of the Lord. 🙂 🙂

I am OBA! 

Where the word of the king is, there is power and who can say unto him,what are you doing? Eccl 8:4


74 Replies to “About”

  1. Thank you OBA for following Freedomborn, you seem very talented, I wish I could sing and so do those who sit next to me in Church but I love to sing anyway so I do, mostly in Church, on my Mobility Scooter and when I’m cooking. How long have you been singing professionally? and were you trained or did it come naturally?

    Thanks again Blessings – Anne.


  2. BEAUTIFUL! I love that you are speaking to the youth about purpose, God, and leadership. Three important things for them during these times. Poetry, random thoughts, and music! Yes yes yes!! We are on the same page. Your page is wonderful! Looking forward to more reads! (:


      1. No problem! I saw the post you did about the game with words. I did a similar post without the game theme. The game theme is a good idea. I clicked to take part but got kicked offline now when I went back to you blog I can’t find the post. If you drop me a link to it I will give your ideas a try and link you to my response…..I don’t write much poetry but I am learning. Thanks Annette


  3. It’s so nice to meet you (I found you at Jacqueline’s)–I’ll bet you know who Alec Boye is, don’t you? Powerful singer! I loved your comment on Jacqueline’s blog–“do it afraid”–I heard Joyce Meyer say that years ago. “Where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is Freedom”–God bless you abundantly.


    1. Wow, It’s a pleasure meeting you too. I found Alec Boye out last year, and indeed is a powerful singer! I like his fusion with that Africanness that also similar to my Music as well. I look forward to know you more. God bless real good.


  4. So i searched you out today, determined to surf through your posts, i didn’t know i missed reading this much..Wheew…i so love this wordpress blogging community, best thing that happened to me since i switched. Errrr i wish i can dance too, i plan to make a video of I dancing in a week, i know i will roll in laughter watching myself dance. Keep up the good work my friend, Muuah.

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  5. Hi Oba! I want to say “Miss Oba” to convince myself it’s a woman who owns this blog. :). I don’t know why, but on seeing the name, I thought it belonged to a man. Silly me.
    You have a very beautiful blog here! I look forward to reading more and more of the things you are inspired to write.
    Thanks for liking my poem! I appreciate it. Oh, and by the way, your hair is beautiful!


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