Yellow Pops out, on the menu tonight!

Welcome to my Kitchen. I made something sumptuous for dinner tonight. We love Boli- Roasted Plantain, In my house. Boli is a common street food/snack in Nigeria. It is so delicious and really filling. Most times it is eaten with nuts(Groundnuts).  This evening,I added a twist to my roasted plantain dish.

I made vegetable soup along with it. I was fascinated by the yellow popping that I had to capture it.

Here is my second entry on Pop and Color!

Join my dinner table 😉

Popping  yellow roasted plantain boat stuffed with vegetables.
The mixed vegetables garnished with Ponmo and Diced Chicken.


Ponmo- Cow or Goatskin ( A delicacy common in the Nigerian Cuisine.)


OBA2016@Thekingsoracle. All rights reserved.

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