To The Cross I Run..

Tears tricked softly,

My chest locked

The pain weighs down

In the midst of mine,yet it feels so alone.

My head is in many places

My heart overwhelmed

How do I handle this pain?

My silence is mistaken for “not caring enough”

If you only knew, if only you knew.


Here I come to the one place, I know

Here I am before the ONLY ONE, who knows

Why does it hurt so bad,Lord!!

I shed the tears in silence

and I cried out in that secret place

Please hold me in your arms

Let me feel your warmth

My love,My life ,my all.


If it is possible let this cup pass over

Just like my savior I muttered

There and then I felt His warmth

As He whispers

My grace is enough.


To the cross I run

Heavy burden I lay

At my Lover’s feet

I die daily

Dying to self

But it hurt so bad

In this world ,you will face my tribulations

Cheer up,I have overcome.

So in my pain I delight

In the victory of Calvary.



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