What are your 3 words?

As I  was going through the neighbourhood on WordPress Reader. It has become my practice to say Hi, to my neighbours(Blogily) as Ritu calls this family of bloggers. My first contact was Nicia I was drawn to read by the header which is the same as what I used here.

As I read her post further, It got me thinking. I started to ponder on the question again.

What are your 3 words?


What came to mind was  Sing It, SayIt, WriteIt, These are more like my Mantra for Life, the whole essence of my being and doing on this side of  eternity. I have been given a mandate to Sing, Speak and Write for the purpose of Impact, Impart, Influence.

In as much as I am working in the consciousness of this assignment, I also know that I like to Inspire, Encourage, Motivate.

I love to Create beautiful moments that makes me and others Laugh and Live in the moment, by Sing it, SayIt, Write It for the greater good of all thereby making Impact, through Impart For positive Influence.

Quite a handful of 3 words you’ll agree. 😉

Tell me, what are your 3 words?

Let’s hear it.

OBA 2016@Thekingsoracle.



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