The Potent Power of a Woman# 1

God has designed the woman to function on love.

Women need to be loved and have love continually expressed to through the show of affections and kind gestures. Women are natural born receivers.

Most men believe they are expressing proper love to their wives by showering on them expensive gifts and the essentials in life, these gestures though awesome in themselves do not true express proper love.

The role of the woman as a reflector of God,the man and the home is a powerful tool for revealing God’s great love for humanity.

The woman is a reflector of God’s unconditional love expressed through man’s glory visible to the world.

I appreciate and celebrate all the women all over.



OBA 2016@The kingsoracle.


6 Replies to “The Potent Power of a Woman# 1”

  1. Definitely undisputable…women are very powerful agents. Regardless of prevailing socio-cultural limitations, they still tower high like Mount Everest! Take a sincere peep into families in Africa, a candid assessment of the western world or perhaps, a thorough survey of the middle east countries. You’d find that women are directly or indirectly running the affairs of the states. To all women and ‘women-to-be’ out there – my mum, wife, sisters & daughter inclusive – on behalf of the men, I doff my hat! 🙂


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