Running for cover.

run into thwoods

I stare,

I glare.

Here I am in the thick of the forest.

The tall trees shades from the piercing of the sun.

My abode in the woods, waiting for the still small voice.

Hush! Be quiet,

Hey!! Be aware,

Holla !! We are here.

Who are we?  Me, Myself and I.

That’s not all, Father,Son and Spirit.

Also here in my company.

You guessed right,I’m in safe arms,

So I’ll be here for a while,

Running away from there, o my!

Into His arms for Cover.

©OBA 2016

All rights reserved.


6 Replies to “Running for cover.”

  1. What a blessed place to dwell. Thanks for this reminder with picture and poem. Very nice. Psalm 91:4 “He will cover you with his feathers, and under his and under his wings you will find safety.”


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