Why I Write.


I write because it is in my DNA.

I write because,there is a voice beckoning on me to scibble things down.

I write because I love to put my thoughts into paper.

I write because I see me in my writing.

I write because  it is a calling,a divine assignment from above.

I write because The FATHER has trained my hands for war and my fingers for battle,so everytime I put pen on paper,I release myself to be a writing soldier and begin to wage war on anything contrary to my Father’s counsel.

I write because on the paper ,’No holds bar!, I can write how I feel ,The pen and the paper have become my

greatest companion because we share secrets I may not share with Humans.

I write because,sometimes I don’t feel like doing it but I get to do it,and when I do it,I just keep on doing it.

I write because I was born to be a WRITER


In Fulfilment of Writing 101: DAY1.

Quote credit: Anna Dobritt.

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